5. Apr, 2022

Cultural Transformation

Picture taken from Cultural Transformation in a Nutshell - MARCH 25, 2022 MICHAEL K SAHOTA, ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE  TRANSFORMATION

A lot of more really good stuff is available from SHIFT314 besides their Blog. Have a look at their SELF Framework for example, the interactive Infographics as a starting point 😉.


  • TED Playlist: The art (and science) of craftsmanship
  • Download a free PDF of the charts from The Changing World Order, by Ray Dalio
  • Eight Steps to Successfully Democratise People Analytics Data
  • 9 Things to do to achieve your goals - sketchnote

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." --  Albert Einstein taken from 100 PEACE QUOTES TO INSPIRE A BETTER WORLD

P.S.: A great video that fits well to the peace topic ...