10. Apr, 2022

My week 14-2022 summary

Picture provided by Comic Agile - #50 – Reunion in Snowbird - Growing people over certifying them

Mikkel Noe-Nygaard and Luxshan Ratnaravi are really doing a great job with their Comics!! Thanks for sharing your ideas 👍🤔.

A quick side note to the Ellen DeGeneres  quote from yesterday, as my mother was a little bit questioning the message related to her. "You are still attractive and collecting photos of you is much nicer than having your head on the wall" 🤩, hopefully this helps?

Last Friday my youngest daughter got her admission to the final exams, to finish her school career after 13 years. Three written and one oral test will finish school time and count for one third of the final mark. Nothing really changed in the last 40 years, as I do have my 40th anniversary of the same excam in Jul-22. No change in 40 years could mean this is the best possible way to measure knowledge, or the school system and the responsible people are pretty unflexible and could not come up with something better in the meantime? I think it is a little bit of both, as there are alternatives in other countries, but there are also pros and cons 😎. I keep my fingers crossed for her, as she is on a good track with the two thirds of the mark that she knows already 👍.

Coming to "Growing people over certifying them" - as a lot of people like to share their certificates e.g. on LinkedIn (I did it as well in the past). It is okay to be proud of something you accomplished, but some background information would be helpful for others, to be able to estimate the value a little bit better. How much time did you spend to gather the knowledge and how easy or difficult was the final exam to get the certificate? I am sure you agree that there are differences and we have a wide variety from super easy to really difficult and fairly complex!!

You could for example take the SAFe® Scrum Master training, pass the multiple choice test, get the certificate, post it on LinkedIn and renew it every year, without working any minute as Scrum Master in a real project. Yes I agree this would be a worse case, but it is definitely possible. For the SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE), it is not that easy anymore, because you have to do real RTE work first, before you can even participate in the training to get a certificate. 

Early April our new Fiscal Year started and besides agreeing the objectives of the coming year, some development goals should be on the list as well. For me the RTE training might be an option, but I am not sure about the certification yet. The Agile Release Train being on track, the customers being really satisifed with the outcome so far and the agile teams being fully motivated and happy with me, is definitely much better than having an additional certificate to show 😉. And it is a personal growth for me ...

Have a great next week. For me it will just be one working day, as I am off for a short Easter break starting Tuesday.

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