14. Apr, 2022

Fiets = Bicycle

Picture taken in Sneek today

Another great and sunny day in the Netherlands today. We did go shopping and found a wool shop by surprise, but did not buy anything there 😎.

As shopping is not my #1 activity, I did wait outside in the sun watching the people around me. You see some people walking, mainly tourists, but the majority is on a bicycle or FIETS, as it is called here. A dedicated traffic infrastructure is in place for bicycles that are really using interesting equipment. A mobile window for example that is protecting the small kids, sitting in front of the parents on the bicycle. Then very powerful locks directly connected to the bikes that are all similar looking, the typical Netherlands style.

I have seen one guy with a TRICYCLE, who was playing loud music and only using two wheels, small show for the audience. And a mom on a bike with a very small baby in front of her in a backpack. Definitely a different paradigm here. When you are in a car, always watch for the bikes and do not kill anybody. When you are walking around in between all the bicycles, just try not to be killed by one of it. In the end we reached our Hotel again and all was safe, just some almost accidents, when walking around 🤪.

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