16. Apr, 2022

About Tulips ...

Picture taken in Alkmaar yesterday

When you are in the Netherlands in Spring time Tulips are everywhere. On the endless fields, in the city as decoration, in the shops and at a lot of festivals.

"In the 1630s, the first, and arguably the most remarkable example of a speculative bubble took place in present-day Holland.  Part of what makes this speculative episode so extraordinary, comes down to the asset that was driving the speculation – tulips. Tulipmania, the name of this particular speculative event, was a brief period in Dutch history where the price of tulip bulbs reached preposterous highs, before crashing back down to reality."

On a tour around the IJsselmeer, we did make a short stop in Alkmaar without detailed preparation yesterday 😎, so we missed the famous cheese market by one hour, what was not really an issue. Doing something in contrast to the other tourists means it is less crowded.

Since today we are back home, after some purchase in a local Dutch food store to get - Hagelslag, Krentenbollen, Vla and Honey Cake for example. All you need to have for the family and friends 🤪.

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