17. Apr, 2022

The week 15-2022 highlights

Pictures taken in Oudemirdum during the holiday

It seemed to be a special way to celebrate the Easter period in the small town where we stayed during the 5 day trip last week. A lot of different Easter bunny faces painted on wooden stakes along the streets of Oudemirdum. Really interesting and nice to see and to take a photo. Just a small collection on the picture today 🤩.

Just another 21k to reach the next overall reader milestone of #888,888. Should take another 3 weeks based on the current number of weekly readers. This means we will not reach the milestone in Apr-22 anymore, as well as the #900k and #1,000k overall reader milestones 🤔. This means I will not reach my stretch goal that I did formulate back on 07-Aug-21, but this is not really an issue as I cannot predict the future anyway. It was a best guess and kind of a dream that now might come through in Aug-22? We will see ...

Today we had an all family meeting, my parents, my sisters, their husbands and kids. Just one was missing, who lives in the USA in the moment. All in one place at the same time, was possible a long time ago due to the COVID-19 guidelines.  A lot of fun and feels like normal again. Similar to the holiday in the Netherlands, where all restrictions are gone. No face masks, no restrictions in restaurants, hotels or shops 👍.

Have a great Easter Monday, a bank holiday in Germany 😎.

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