19. Apr, 2022

Good to remember some communication basics ...

Picture taken from 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Self-Awareness

"Before you can begin increasing your self-awareness, it’s helpful to understand the differences in how you see yourself vs. how others see you. The Johari Window is a constructive tool that helps you organize your self-awareness into a 2-by-2 grid, with the 4 parts representing what is known and unknown about you to other people, and what is known and unknown about you to yourself"

You might remember the Blind Spot topic from a former communication training or seminar? Sounds easy and seems to be simple to use, but a lot of people forget about it the day after the heard about it. Too simple and common sense to remember? 🤔

I had a Blind Spot moment today, first working day after holiday, when I was remembering the project team members to send their next 3 month availability before the next planning phase starts. As Scrum Master I don't care about the content of the user stories, just that we have enough capacity available to cover the planned or some story points. No capacity, no story points, no progress - easy to understand for me, but really difficult for the involved people in the team, as far as I can judge. Everybody wants to see progress, but only a few make their capacity available or see the need to really get involved. The due date for the capacity delivery is next Tuesday, we will see, what happens until then 😎.

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"At best, people are open to scrutinizing themselves and considering their blind spots; at worst, they become defensive and angry." — Sheryl Sandberg taken from Top 100 famous quotes about Self Awareness