22. Apr, 2022

More illusion than reality ...

Laundrosaurus artwork from Helga Stentzel, one great example of a larger portfolio

One of the basic ideas of working Agile is to improve over time in incremental steps, consistently Inspect and Adapt. As the current Program Increment (PI) is coming to an end shortly, we now have to prioritize Innovation, Training and Skill improvement versus a Retrospective with Problem solving workshop for the past 12 weeks.

One of our learnings from a previous agile transformation initative was that Innovation needs a higher priority during the 12 weeks Program Increment. In my RTE role I used the opportunity and proposed to make 5 full working days available for all project team members, to innovate, experiment, learn and be creative in the last two weeks of the 12 weeks period. We have to prioritize this higher than the RETRO, as both will not be possible in the required quality in the remaining time. Maybe next PI? SAFe is a Framework, so we have some interpretation space 😎, and we use it.

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