24. Apr, 2022

My week 16-2022 summary

Picture provided by Andrés J. Colmenares via Wawawiwa Design

Thinking positive, being creative and getting the right support is a key to success as you can see on the picture today. A flying penguin is not impossible, only the approaches taken so far did not work out yet 🤔.

Just another 15,168 readers to go to reach the next milestone for overall readers 👍. Keep reading, we are getting there shortly.

The coming week will be a three premieres week for me:

  1. On Monday morning the 1st Program Increment (PI) System Demo in my new role as Release Train Engineer (RTE). All teams presenting their results of the last 10 weeks of work to our customers and senior managers. Finally the reached business value is determined, a big day for everybody 😎.
  2. Monday afternoon we will kick-off the 1st fully dedicated Innovation and Planning Iteration (IP-Sprint), 5 days to improve. I am really looking forward to the feedback and results. And I think prioritizing the IP-Sprint higher than the Inspect and Adapt RETRO, is a more positive way to approach it. Innovation versus Problem solving ...
  3. And finally the 1st official planning session with the Senior Management Team on Thursday. A hands-on, learning-by-doing approach for the management team, to get a more agile mindset and better understand, what their agile teams are doing on a daily basis. As Scrum Master I am the facilitator of the activity, with focus on the event and not on the content. Will be interesting 🤔.

Have fun and enjoy the coming week, I will definitely do it:

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