26. Apr, 2022

Adjusting Frameworks ...

Picture taken from the unFIX homepage, more details in The unFIX Model for Versatile Organization Design (presentation at Agile Breakfast)

Jurgen Appelo is a master in collecting information about different topics, deeply understanding the content, then copying the key messages and transferring this to his area of expertise and way of seeing the world. The latest example is the unFIX model that is now available in an updated version (see above). I can really recommend his work, when you are interested in adjusted frameworks. 

This copy and transfer approach of Frameworks might be a solution for us as well, as pure SAFe is still under a lot of discussion? Too heavy, too complex, too long, too many meetings, etc. 😎. I will get more insights in two days, when the new Scrum Master (it is me) meets the project/management team for the next planning phase. Sounds like a lot of fun ...

Getting closer to #876k overall readers, we are getting there, I am confident 🤔👍.

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