29. Apr, 2022

Keep planting seeds of character

Picture provided by TeacherGoals on LinkedIn

I did visit our Campus today as one Intern had the last day and experienced two different situations related to the quote on the picture.

We have regular OneTeam Blind Coffees Friday morning, where interested people have the chance to discuss in small groups based on a random selection by Microsoft Teams. I was in a group with our newest Intern and a Trainee, who is just working in our department for three month. Interesting topics to discuss, from school systems in different areas of Germany, last school day anniversaries, how to find the right university and first job in a company, and many more ... These seeds of character will be blooming shortly.

Then I had a discussion with a colleague, who is planning to apply for a higher management position, as it is just the right time now and the opportunity came along. We reviewed several Pros and Cons and thought about some arguments and a strategy for the interview. As the Senior Management level is still short of women this would have been a good argument for her, BUT she was strictly against this direction, as she wanted to be selected because she is the best for the position and not a woman applying. Respect and even a stronger argumentation, when you are well aware of your diversity advantages, but are not trying to make use of it 👍. And even when the application will not be successful in the end, she had the opportunity to participate in the selection process and to show her capabilities for later. Another seed of character on the way to bloom again.

Have a great weekend. we already passed #879k overall readers!!

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