1. May, 2022

The week 17-2022 highlights

Picture with quote from John C. Maxwell, #1 Leadership Expert and Best-Selling Author

Just 8k readers to go, to reach the next milestone at #888,888 overall readers. Keep reading and watching to take a snaphot of the counter at the right time, in order to win a price with it. Should be just another 6 - 8 days, we will see shortly 😎.

Today is World Laughter Day - "It boosts your mood, and even lengthens your life. Watch your favorite comedy, read a funny book, or gather some friends to tell jokes and get your diaphragm working". On the same day as the International Workers’ Day. As we have Sunday today and the majority of the people is not working due to weekend, one more argument to be positive and have a laugh. On the other side a lot of people are complaing that they are losing a free day, as the public holiday is on the weekend 🤔. And Germany does not move a public holiday from the weekend to a Monday or Friday, as you can see it in the UK for example.

The 1st official planning session with the Senior Management Team last Thursday was really an experience 🙃 in my role as Scrum Master. In the moment people realize that the theoretical discussion becomes reality the behavior and the questions are changing. Was a really great learning experience for all involved parties and I am looking forward to the coming weeks and the progress we are making together 👍.

"From 30 to 60 years it is just as long as from 60 to 90." -- GRETA SILVER (Homepage only in German). Greta is 70+ and started her career with 48, she is successful as an entrepreneur and best-ager model. She has two "international" videos:

  • TEDxWHU: Greta Silver - It´s age that rocks | Greta Silver (in English)
  • United Nations: Greta Silver and Lena Bruke, two women examples of positive aging : Challenge 2030

"I had to find happiness in the small, everyday things, otherwise the ceiling would have fallen on my head. I then caught myself doing that: I actually checked off my life. And then the biggest shock for my children was when I started working at 48." -- Greta Silver

Another successful best-ager is Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, she celebrated her 96th birthday on Thursday 21-Apr-22, in the same year that marks her 70 years on the throne.

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