15. May, 2022

How to measure success?

Picture provided by Grant Snider for INCIDENTAL COMICS

Two posts today as I was busy yesterday  🤨. First on a Wool Festival together with my wife, moved out for two years due to COVID-19. And in the evening a great dinner with a friend of mine, who invited me for passing the #888,888 milestone last week 👍. No issues that I missed the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) 2022 Final in TurinUkraine did win as expected, congratulations.

But coming back to the topic of measuring success that came up in my mind last Friday, when I had the 1st alignment and preparation call for my participation in APPortunity 2022 as panelist on 02-Jun-22. Besides the coordinator there was a former Apple Education Director and a former Ubuntu Manager of Software Services, both with several Advisory Board positions in the meantime and really impressive CV's. I got a similar feeling when I did check the other panelists and the guy who will be hosting the session. Big names in the industry with high up positions in their companies. 

For a short moment of time I was questioning, how on earth I became part of this panel discussion, but then I thought about, what really counts here and how do you measure your success, if you plan to? I am in the panel discussion, because I managed to get there due to my very diverse network and being proactve and asking for the opportunity, taking and just doing it. I am driven by intrinsic motivation and just the position in an organization chart does not count for me any longer. Might be an age thing?

My understanding of success is not coming from topics like - position, title, salary, number of companies you did work for - today, now the list below counts for me much more:

  • Number of people you influenced and developed on your way
  • An authentic way of working
  • Fun and Happiness at work and a good work-life collaboration, especially when working from home
  • The number of changes and transformation you have done for yourself, how often did you reinvent yourself?
  • How often did you help colleagues without asking for anything in return? Sharing knowledge or expertise is caring
  • Being an accepted role model or leader in the organization, without having an official title for it
  • Owning a feel good manager position --> I need to be feeling good with, what I am doing and this is exactly my status quo 👍😎

So looking forward to the panel discussion and I will do my best to bring my personal flavor into it.