25. May, 2022

Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022

Picture taken from PWC survey with today's headline name, see page 23

Interesting insights collected by PWC on 26 pages. And a good fit to the situation in my company, as of tomorrow all COVID-19 restrictions have been relieved. Now the leadership team is challenged to balance the Full Flex Office guideline that is in place since last October with the interest to have as much of a team as possible back at the Campus to spend some quality time together.

We will see in the coming weeks or month, how many people will be using the opportunity to come back to the office for one or several days per week. One direction is clear already, dedicated office space will be reduced and flexible project areas will be getting much more place.

A public holiday in Germany tomorrow, what is also Father's Day so something to celebrate 😎. Will be some fun.

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