26. May, 2022

How to succeed ...

Picture coming from MARC CHERNOFF

I used the father's day today to work on the tax declaration for 2021. Not an easy task as Germany has some really complex tax guidelines that are difficult to follow, even when you are using a software program to fill in the necessary templates.

Luckily the program is reusing the data from the previous year, so the effort is manageable 😎. Should be done by the end of this week latest.

I will be working tomorrow to use the quiet time, as the majority of the team members did use the opportunity to take Friday off and have a long weekend 🤔. Quiet time means less meetings and some time to prepare future activities, like a two day off-site workshop in early June, where I will be supporting a colleague with her team. Part III of my Team USP workshop will be one topic during these 2 days. Face to face with a larger group of people in the same room, something to appreciate after nearly two years with COVID-19 restrictions in the workplace.

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