29. May, 2022

The week 21-2022 highlights

Quote provided by Robert John Meehan

A very diverse collection of topics during the week and we have the German Diversity Day on Tuesday, 31st of May 2022. A good match 👍.

The same day when my youngest daughter gets her marks of the final school exam. Everything will be over next week after 13 school years, a really long time to go 🤔. Well done and congratulations. 

Next week I will have the Agile Kitchen – When agility meets reality – Comic Agilé on 01-Jun-22 and the next day 02-Jun-22 APPortunity 2022 as panelist, see Reconciling Priorities and Actions Across Diverse Pursuits Toward a Truly Global Economy - and Improving Each by Leveraging the Others at 11.00 AM New York time. Looking forward to both 😎.

Besides that the Sprint 1 end of my activity as Scrum Master after 4 weeks and the preparation of the Sprint 2 Demo in my assignment as Release Train Engineer. Both activities are a lot of fun and a daily learning experience.

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