3. Jun, 2022

One add-on to the post from yesterday ...

Thanks a lot to Leadership Freak Dan Rockwell for selecting this great picture in his article from today - 5 WAYS TO BUILD THE TEAM YOU WANT

One theme yesterday was the drive for personal change, to be successful in hiring during the "War for Talent". What about this, assuming you are working in an AGILE environment? And when you do not like the word AGILE - self-managed and self-organized teams working in simplified processes and applying as much as possible common sense. TEAM is the key here, a good and diverse combination of different attitudes, skill sets and motivation

In order to make a real change, we need to go away from the old-fashioned job descriptions / postings and drive towards an interesting pitch of the environment that sounds attractive for the target audience. Our customer of the hiring process - the talents we are desperately looking for. In the end we need to find out, which team is the best fit for the attitudes, skill sets and motivation that the talent is bringing into the company. Making good teams even greater or closing well known gaps with the support of the newcomers. Why not?

YES this will be a challenge for hierarchical organizations that tend to drive the hiring processes top down and never want to loose their control and influence. BUT I was talking about personal change at the beginning, so here is the opportunity to make it happen 😎🤔👍.

In our department we are approaching the hiring of Interns already like the proposed process above and it is really going great. Starting with small steps and spreading the good news.

Elon Musk has a very special and personal approach to the War for Talent 🙃:

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What else is of interest at the begin of the long weekend? Monday is Whit Monday a public holiday in Germany:

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"Average companies give their people something to work on. Great companies give their people something to work toward." -- Simon Sinek