7. Jun, 2022

Do you like or love it?

Definitely the winner for the picture of the day trophy, by Teacher Goals again 😎

Tomorrow morning I will be heading off to our two day offsite workshop. Part III of the Team USP activity will be one of the topics. One audience task will be to decide between creating an elevator pitch, a mission statement or a slogan for their team. 

To staff the three groups I have the following idea. First thing in the morning will be a discussion about the homework of the participants. Everybody was asked to do the Orchestra Game test and we will share the results in the team. Every instrument has specific attitudes and capabilities that are more or less useful for the task of the three groups.

The choice will be to either let the best possible fit do the work on the Team's elevator pitch, mission statement and slogan OR to ask everybody to leave their comfort zone and work on their least fit task 🤩. Both ways will be a great learning experience, what is the idea here, and bring a great result for sure 👍. I will keep you posted.

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