10. Jun, 2022

A good fit to the story today ...

Picture by Lindsay Braman, check her Art !!

One of the topics during the 2-day workshop this week was to agree some objectives for the current fiscal year. We quickly learned that taking a too short-term view is blocking the process, due to the negative coping skills. Because of the every day experience of their ways of working, people quickly jump to conclusions, why new ideas will not be working out.

The solution was to ask the participants to "dream" about the year 2025 and, what should already be established and in the pipeline by then? An easy trick that is kind of the healing process 😎 here, because 2025 is still far away and there is enough time to get things going and done. It was pretty easy for the team to put ideas together for the future.

In a next round we did discuss the status quo, what means today. On the one side to appreciate the work that has been done already (we always forget about this and do not spend enough time just to celebrate) and to review, what did go well/bad, what is missing and should be added shortly.  

The final step is to close the GAP between today and 2025. When I know, what I want to see in 2025, what does this mean for 2024 and 2023? Get clarity about dependencies, prerequisites and milestones that make sense to be successful. With the long-term goal in mind, the short- and mid-term objectives become clearer quickly 👍. 

This approach did work out really well during the workshop and was very much appreciated by the participants. 

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