12. Jun, 2022

The week 23-2022 highlights

Picture taken from Rebels at Work newsletter referencing a Justin Balaski quote, who is the founder of idealeap

My nephew just managed to get a successful 10th grade graduation, after a very difficult and struggling time before. His - resistance to change - the school and well known environment of class mates did create enough positive drive and flow, to turn around and come to a very positive end. A different kind of change agent, but results count 😎👍.

Will be a busy next week, two workshops Monday and Tuesday and the graduation ceremony and party of my youngest daughter tomorrow afternoon. Then all kids finally finished school 🤔. A "normal" working day on Wednesday, the last public holiday until 03-Oct-22 on Thursday and a bridge day Friday. Will be another quiet Friday as most colleagues take a day off for a long weekend.  

Tomorrow is Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals schedule. if you want to check your NBA knowledge, here a NBA BASKETBALL TRIVIA, check it out ...

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