16. Jun, 2022

Different perspectives ...


You might sometimes realize that your Self-image and the image of others about you are different? This is called the The Blind Area in the Johari Window.

"The Johari Window is a tool which helps build trust amongst a team, and at the same time helps you to understand yourself and your peers better." One of the basic Communication practices, always good to remember once in a while.

A first step in the right direction is to regularly ask trusted people for their feedback about how you are doing, because very often "you can no longer see the forest due to all the trees around you", as we say in Germany. An outside perspective will help us to get some clarity!! 👍

It will help a lot with respect to e.g. time management, priority setting and the necessity of lifelong learning. Give it a try. I always appreciate some feedback, even when it is not positive, because it can trigger a necessary personal change 🤔. 

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