18. Jun, 2022

Leadership types and styles ...

Pictures by Thorsten Kammer and 100pceffective.com

Nearly #930k overall readers already and 9k readers last week, so we are on a good way to reach my stretch goal of #1,000k readers by end Aug-22. 

Great pictures about different Leadership types and styles. My personal type is Servant Leader and the style Coaching I would say. A perfect fit to my current assignments as Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Scrum Master (SC). And without being in an official Leadership or Manager role (in the organization charts) life is much easier and the influence you can have, if you want to, is much better.

Just yesterday I got some positive feedback for an activity during the offsite workshop last week. A thank you note when you do not expect it, is a great appreciation and gives a good feeling 🤔. In the moment you are out of the "battle" for higher positions or promotions, because you decided to do so 😎, you are free to support colleagues and help them to grow further or higher. Really helpful whern you are 55+.

As I just mentioned my rough age, I will be 60 in Nov-22, a short side notice. When I had my 30th birthday I did get a bicycle that I am still using. But lately it is really struggling a lot, age takes its toll, so I decided to buy a new one for the next 30 years. Great plan 👍

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