22. Jun, 2022

About comparison ...

Picture provided by European Leadership on LinkedIn, coming from the following source, I assume?

If you want to compare yourself to somebody else at all, select the right one. Look for the opportunity to grow and do not underestimate your capabilities and status quo. 

When companies want to change their direction and technology focus into more software development capabilities, a lot of the times the reference point is Google. Nothing to say against setting a stretch goal, but be a little bit realistic and try to reach it in a defined period of time. Google has nearly endless money available, a special culture and mindset established in 20+ years. Nobody will be able to copy this, just because it is now the new reference point 🤔.

See a really helpful article from Liz Fosslien + Mollie West Duffy:

  • Comparing yourself to others is a sure route to misery — 5 ways to turn it into action instead

And if you need a reference/comparison for a role model - you can only be a role model if somebody else accepts you as it, my personal believe - here a really great example 👍:

  • What Lizzo's Reaction to Being Called Out for Ableist Song Lyrics Can Teach Us About Allyship

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." -- Bob Dylan, taken from 21 Bob Dylan Quotes to Help You Mold Your Own Way of Thinking