1. Jul, 2022

Positive ideas ...

Picture provided by Leadership First

In order to balance the impact of the increased inflation and the other consequences of the Ukraine war on the German public, the government did introduce a so called "9€ ticket" for all regional public transport systems. In June, July and August everybody can travel all over Germany for just 9€ per month, only restriction is that you cannot use the high- and fast-speed trains.

After one month the acceptance is really positive and the impact already measurable, e.g. less traffic jams and a much more sustainable approach, as we also save a lot of gasoline 👍. 

Besides crowded trains on the weekend, due to an imbalance of supply and demand in the different public transport systems, there is also a lot of costs involved that the government covers for now. How to proceed with the offer after the 3 month trial period is already under discussion?

Biggest advantage for me is the flexibility of the 9€ ticket, to cross all regional public transport service borders/barriers without understanding tariffs or complex pricing structures - a really great customer experience 👍. We should keep this flexibility and increase the price to a level that works for all involved parties.

And the flexibility brings creativity as in one funny example that was shared in a lot of newspapers lately. Sylt the famous island for the "rich and beautiful" became suddenly of interest for a Punk community from Hamburg, as it was cheap to go there, when you have some spare time to spend in a slow train 🤔. And as the island is also really expensive, the Punk community was smart enough to ask Amazon Prime to deliver their cheap beer from Hamburg to Sylt, smart move 😎. Have a great creative and positive weekend.

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