12. Jul, 2022

Emotional Equations ...

You can find this picture on Pinterest or in this Blog post, more details by Chip Conley

A great list, when you have a mathematical interest or background.

"I do interview senior candidates at the home office or many of our hotel or restaurant General Manager candidates. My two favorite questions are "Tell me about a failure in your career, what you learned from it, and how you've leveraged this lesson" and "All of us are misperceived at one time or another. What's the most common way you're misperceived in the workplace and why?" Both of these questions require a certain amount of self-awareness and a willingness to not give pat, normal answers that we offer experience in interviews." -- Chip Conley, taken from Top 25 Chip Conley Quotes

Had an emotional moment to remember yesterday in Eindhoven, when we passed the Philips Museum. I started my business career back in 1989 with a Philips subsidiary in Nuremberg, the circle was closed 33 years later at the museum 🤔.

I will start two new activities shortly, preparing our team 2-day-offsite meeting end of Sep-22 and to add data-quality, -security and -governance standards/guidelines and directions into the Definition of Done (DoD).

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