16. Jul, 2022

Saturday messages ...

Picture/quote collection by Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, Funders and Founders, and Teacher Goals this time

Before the big heat is coming to Germany starting tomorrow, we had a nice temperature day today. Not more than 25 degrees celsius, sunny and dry. Great to sit outside and to enjoy an icecream. Sitting there I could listen to a discussion at the table next to us, where a woman was telling about an application and interview process in her company.

One woman with 4 children did apply for a part-time job there and had all required qualifications, but seemed to be very stressed with her kids and would be a potential risk of being absent, when her kids become ill. This was the argument of the woman at the other table to her boss. No surprise that finding a job with kids is so difficult, when even other women are blocking the process, just to avoid more work for themselves in the future 🤔. She had no clue about the motivation and private situation of the applicant and was jumping to conclusions, before the case even happened. In the end it is not her responsibility to find a solution, the boss of the company has to cover it.

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"If I wanted to know what a certain future would feel like to me, I would find someone who is already living that future. If I wonder what it's like to become a lawyer or marry a busy executive or eat at a particular restaurant, my best bet is to find people who have actually done these things and see how happy they are." -- Daniel Gilbert