23. Jul, 2022

About Learning and more ...

Picture provided by European Leadership on LinkedIn

When you do blogging a longer period of time you will realize that your way of thinking is changing a little bit 🤔. During taking a shower in the morning or brushing my teeth I have time to think about new blog posts, bringing different topics together and already imagining the structure and the picture that would fit best. Here the result of this morning 😎.

The cyber security team at work is currently in the process to prepare a drastic firewall change for Sep-22. This will also impact well known and often used webpages. Since the beginning of the week a pop-up window is showing up with the information that the access will be blocked in the near future and why. You have three otions: Accept the blocked access, connect anyway until Sep-22 or even request an exception for the future usage. Exception only works when you follow a lengthy request process, you can proof that the webpage is necessary for your daily business work, and you get your supervisor approval for this business need 😉.

I wanted to share a TED Playlist for my "5-minute-learning" posts at work, for our department and all interested customers. For me personally this is clearly business related as regular and lifelong learning will be key for our company success, to keep talent and to be attractive for talent still being outside of the company. Next week Wednesday we will have our 3rd #SPIRIT day, one full day free for the whole company fully dedicated to personal, team or department learning/training and nothing else. We have 4 days per year, what is a huge investment in personal development. Knowing this my argument for the blocked webpage should be easy to follow and the exception should be approved, but we will see. 

The TED Playlist I wanted to share was - Talks by brilliant kids and teens - I especially liked the Adora Svitak talk - What adults can learn from kids - worth looking, we all haven been kids 👍. It was a TED2010 talk and I asked myself, what happened to Adora in the last 12 years? As you can see on her homepage, she is still burning for the topics from 2010 - Adora is a writer, speaker, and advocate for causes including feminism, youth empowerment, and literacy - she is a Yale PhD student in sociology & women, gender & sexuality studies now, RESPECT.

"Students read for tests and because their parents ask them to, but I think it's very important to tell children that you can read for fun, too, and to understand human spirit. It builds empathy." -- Adora Svitak - American - Author Born: October 15, 1997, see more quotes here

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