24. Jul, 2022

The week 29-2022 highlights

The author on the picture today is unknown and the webpage not reachable anymore, anyway good content

The German team is now in the Semi-finals of the Women's Euro 2022 👍. Next game against France on Wednesday. Will be fun.

One topic I missed yesterday was a discussion about the quality of the goalkeeper during this tournament. In general it is better than before, but how do you measure this? A team with a really good defense - Defense wins championships - will get rid of most balls before they even come to the goalkeeper, so not a lot of visibility and only a few chances to stand out 🤔. Does this mean the weaker teams have the better goalkeepers? Possibly not 😎. These teams just need to make it to the quarter-, semi-final and final so that the defense and goalkeeper will be challenged by the better performing teams. And today a goalkeeper needs to keep the goal clean and should be a good soccer player as well, as the game is much more integrated now. More to come next week.

As already mentioned we have our full learning day on Wednesday and will start another PI-Planning Thursday for 3 days. Busy days for me, to keep the train moving and to coordinate all the different activities in parallel. But it is also a lot of fun when everything works out fine and all particiants are happy.

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