28. Jul, 2022

Be a good example ...

For more details about the pictures see Naishadh Gadani on LinkedIn and The Mom Brain Therapist

On the left side we are struggling with our weaknesses and on the right side you become the example or role model for your kids, if you like it or not.

I often have the discussion about somebody being a role model. Great if they think it about themselves, but without anybody else thinking the same way, this is just a selfish perspective and nobody else cares. In the moment you change your behavior and somebody else realizes an improvement and mentions it, you are on the way to become a role model and not earlier 😎.

Today the first planning day did go smoothly all teams know, what to do and we are on a good track to go into the weekend early tomorrow. We finish the planning period on Monday and close it with a retrospective of the 3 days, and the team building session in the afternoon. The topic will be Personal Maps as we have two new teams and some new team members in the already existing teams. Learning a little bit more about the team members will definitely help, but it is all voluntary, because we are talking about personal insights and we have different cultures in the team. Will keep you posted ...

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