29. Jul, 2022

There is still a race to win ...

Strong message and good story telling -- https://sebastianvettel.de/en/start/

The First 20 Hours of Sketchnoting -- https://youtu.be/yZ7f4lG_MwM
9 Inspirational Lessons from Steve Jobs -- https://www.lifehack.org/articles/work/9-inspirational-lessons-from-steve-jobs.html

Just another 33,367 readers to go for my BIG milestone to path #1,000k overall readers and to make the counter 7-digit the 1st time. We are getting closer - keep reading and stay tuned !!

"The value of our lives cannot be determined by us. The value of our lives can only be determined by others." -- Simon Sinek (always has a quote that supports my story :-) )