31. Jul, 2022

My week 30-2022 summary

Women's EURO 2022 final result

The final just finished and an English team did win the first international title (World or European Cup) after 56 years. Last time was 1966 when England did win the World Cup against Germany with a more than questionable goal in the old Wembley Stadium.

120 minutes with 87,192 visitors, two equal teams and England with a little bit more luck in the end. Germany as 2nd is a great result that nobody did expect before the tournament and England as winner will be great for the women soccer movement in the future. More money, more visibility, more attractive teams and much more visitors. They just have to use the momentum in the coming weeks and month. It was a good EURO 2022 with great games and high quality soccer 👍.

Tomorrow is the last day of our PI Planning. We did reach a really good result in the first two days already, so just have to finalize the work and finish the day with the team building session as planned. On Tuesday I will be at the Campus for an Intern onboarding and then I will be enjoying some days holiday until 12-Aug-22. Looking forward to it.

“Everyone speaks about the pressure being on us, but we’re embracing the atmosphere in the tournament so far (which) has been outstanding. Nothing gets in our bubble, nothing gets out, and we stay focused on what we need to do in the game.” -- Sarina Wiegman, England Women Soccer Coach

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