2. Aug, 2022

Keeping cool ...

Picture provided by Management 3.0

In the next two days the temperatures will be above 30 degrees celsius, so keeping cool is the right idea and different strategies might be helpful?

My next working day is 15-Aug-22 as my holidays start tomorrow 😎👍. I had an interesting discussion at work today about the planning of vacation destinations. There is the longterm planning approach (e.g. you come back from your summer vacation and plan already the next one a year later) or a much shorter term way of doing it. Last Saturday I did check online, what is available in the time we plan to travel and then we decided between two options and leave Thursday this week for 7 days. Too much options are not helpful for the decision making process 🤔. Starting to search less than a week before you start leaves just a few options, enough for us this time. Sounds like an agile approach ...

"I work to plan long-term and try to earn results short-term." -- Ole Gunnar Solskjaer,  Norwegian - Coach Born: February 26, 1973

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