5. Aug, 2022

Cultural differences ...

Greetings from the Netherlands, where I am with my wife on holiday for a week.

We are in one of the several Holiday Parks that you can find here, seems to be a cultural thing? The Netherlands is a pretty small country so holiday parks seem to be a speciality? Short travel from anywhere in the Netherlands and a lot of different offers in one place. You do not need to go somewhere else 😎. 

Our small appartment house includes a little sauna in the bathroom, what is pretty cool as you do not have to worry about any Sauna Etiquette. When I was thinking about this topic today, I did search all my eBook entries for previous posts about Sauna Etiquette. I did find exactly one from 17-Oct-2019, what covers all you need to know 👍. 

Another cultural topic is the behavior of our Interns at work. We currently have Interns from China, Taiwan and South Korea. Somebody from Vietnam will start in 11 days. Calling somebody who was born in Taiwan a Chinese is not okay and it happened once to me, but as we are in Germany not into all the details in the Asian world, it can happen, but should not!! 🤨 Cultural awareness is key and pretty helpful to better understand the differences. Our Intern from China, already with us for 3 month, became the Mentor of the new joiner from South Korea. Two very different countries from a political and industrial/economical perspective, but both had a very good relationship after one hour already. Being young and together in Germany, far away from their home country and cultural guidelines and controls, helps a lot to quickly find a common ground of interests.

"Be able to define yourself at all times. Do not wait for someone else to come and define you. Accept and embrace your individuality. Be inspired to be the BEST YOU and never let no one get your self esteem down." -- Unknown, taken from Inspiring Cultural Awareness Quotes & Sayings

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