20. Aug, 2022

Dream or Nightmare cars

Picture taken in the Classic Remise Duesseldorf today

This is how a more than 1,000k EURO car looks like 😎, a Ford GT Supercar. Perfect fit to my next counter milestone at #1,000k overall readers. Nearly 11k readers to go, getting closer quickly, just 11 days left until end of Aug-22, my stretch goal 👍.

After 2 years COVID-19 break the Duesseldorf Investor Day, a Finance Fair, did happen again in person at the great Classic Remise location with a lot of Dream or Nightmare cars. Rich people can park their cars there, New ones or Oldtimer. Some people sell or buy cars there, private individuals as well as professional companies. So a large hall full of cars - a Dream when you like to look at cars in several rows with any kind of luxury brands, or a "Nightmare" when you look at the price tags and cannot believe the numbers you see 🤔 (Here a 8 minute video from 2021 for a 1st impression). Really great besides the talks during the Investor Day.

"We only live once right? Wrong we only die once. We live every day" -- By Cancer Saga Editors

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