27. Aug, 2022

The Golden Circle Part xx

Picture provided by Sketchplanations

By accident I did find the picture on LinkedIn today. Sketchplanations is offering a wide variety of different sketches and topics. Fun fact, we used the Golden Circle (as I covered this topic in my Blog several times already, the headline is Part xx today) for our 1st Data and Analytics Meetup in 2021 to explain our strategy. The 2nd Meetup is scheduled for end of Oct-22 and we just started to think about the general story telling theme and the user experiences to be shown.

Building a house structure and offering the customers enough space to decorate the rooms according to their individual requirements, was the idea we promoted the last time. This time we are ready to do it. Offering a central platform with common logistics, connectivity, power supply and, what else is required to be successful 🤔. EMPA in Switzerland is offering a similar model called NEST – Exploring the Future of Buildings. 

"At NEST, new technologies, materials and systems are tested, researched, further developed and validated under real conditions. Close cooperation with partners from research, industry and the public sector ensures that innovative construction and energy technologies are put onto the market faster. NEST contributes to making the use of resources and energy more sustainable and circular."

I will keep you posted about the final story we will be telling end of Oct-22, I do have a lot of good ideas already. Just need to know the final user experience we will be presenting, to be decided by the senior management team shortly. Have a great Sunday 🤩.

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