2. Sep, 2022

Some more details for the 7-digit counter

Picture provided by careerbliss

A collection of some hopefully interesting insights below:

  • It took 2,250 days from the 1st Blog post on 04-Jul-16 to reach the #1,000k milestone
  • This is 444 reader per day for all the 2,250 days
  • The #500k milestone was reached on 18-Mar-21 (after 57 month), the next 500k readers yesterday (after another 19 month)
  • So far I have written content for 2,124 pages with A4 size in 486k words
  • The word THE was used the most - 22,874 times
  • The word CHANGE was used 808 times, LEADERSHIP 560 times and AGILE 405 times

Cool stuff, thanks again for being part of this great journey!! 👍👍👍 Have a great weekend.

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"Pure pragmatism can't imagine a bold future. Pure idealism can't get anything done. It's when the two cooperate that magic happens." -- Simon Sinek, Notes to Inspire