11. Sep, 2022

My week 36-2022 summary

The picture is the result when you use starryai with the sentence "Leadership and Learning" and use on of the pictures from yesterday as starting point. Guess which one?

A great week is over with a successful 1st time Team Building workshop and a lot of interest in my BLOG. 10 days after passing the #1,000k overall reader milestone for the first time we did already add another 12k on the counter 👍, good stuff. But also necessary as I would like to pass the 2nd 1,000k readers in 50% of the time, what would mean 3 years. We will see how this works out 🤔. Ler's think positive.

Sprint-3 Demo is tomorrow and we will hopefully pass a technical milestone for the 1st time in our project. To show a fully automated load of files into our Cloud environment. 2 weeks back we were still facing some technical issues, but all looks fine for tomorrow. Fingers crossed. With passing the milestone we just need to scale and professionalize the solution at hand. Much more files in a very short period of time.

Besides that the last week before the 2 day offsite of my whole team. The majority is already organized, just need do some finetuning and minor adjustments with the learnings from the workshop last week. Looking forward to it as hosting workshops is a lot of fun.

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