18. Oct, 2022

Learning Day ...

Picture taken from Simon Sinek's Notes to inspire

Today was our 4th #SpiritDay in 2022. A full free day for the whole company to learn new stuff individually or as team.

As I was preparing the 2-day PI Planning starting tomorrow and the 2nd Data & Analytics Meetup next week Tuesday, there was not a lot of time for learning. The only learning was how to do regular tasks smarter and simpler, there are still a lot of opportunities 🤔. Just ask unexpected questions or propose obvious, but a little bit inconvenient ideas, to start a thinking and later on learning process. Everything for the team spirit and success.

  • How exercise breaks can help you learn better
  • Turn your meetings into jam sessions
  • Spain could be the latest to offer digital nomad visas: What you need to know about this growing trend
  • How Africa is leading the way in dealing with 'e-waste'
  • This is the next hurdle in the construction industry's race to net-zero
  • Comic Agile: #207 – The DevOps Engineer