1. Nov, 2022

A change is coming ...

Picture by Maria Luisa Engels

Sometimes you experience stories that you cannot dream up in the same way 🤩, today was the day.

Shortly after noon time the phone was ringing. I tried to pick it up, but the phone battery was empty and we could listen to the caller talking to the answering machine 😎. The text as a very short summary: "Congratulations for your birthday and please let us know your new address". With another phone I called back and got more details and an explanation. The caller was from our local sports club and visited people having their birthday today. I assume you have to be 60+, because it was the 1st time for me 🤔. 

First I explained that my birthday is on the 2nd of November, as noted in my passport and because I am always celebrating it on this day, so a wrong database entry on their side. The background for the request to tell the new address was related to the fact that the visitor did not find the right doorbell with my name. Maybe the wrong house number? Would fit to the other mistake in their data. Anyway the visit will be happening again tomorrow, so we can clarify the rest 👍.

"I think there is always going to be inspired music and there are always going to be inspired listeners and there is always going to be an inspired method of getting it from A to B." -- Anthony Kiedis, American - Musician Born: November 1, 1962

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