6. Nov, 2022

My week 44-2022 summary

Picture provided by brain coach Nawal Mustafa

The past week was more or less dominated by the 60th birthday, the first time a 6 in front of the age. Was more a concern for the other people than for me, because for me it was just another day. I was feeling the same way as before and did feel much younger anyway, but this seems to be a mental and motivational topic?

Next Sunday is the first-ever regular-season NFL game in Germany during the 2022 season. I wanted to write something about Tom Brady, as his team is playing there. The greatest of all times (GOAT) did win the 7th Super Bowl last season and did retire quickly after the game to fully focus on his family 🤔. In the meantime he is back in the game, divorced from his wife and having a really hard time to catch up to his level of the previous seasons.

Tom is struggling between two "rules" -  never lose faith in Tom Brady before the game is finally over - be smart enough to finish your career at the right point, preferably at the top. We will see how it goes on in the season until Super Bowl LVII, on Sunday, February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. Have a great week ...

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