11. Nov, 2022

Keep the balls in the air

Picture by Alex Maese Juárez

Leaving your comfort zone is not easy, but worth it in the end. New opportunities lead to new opportunities and so on ...

You start with a large rock in front of you and in the end, you juggle several balls in the air at the same time 😎. Just two examples:

  • Earlier this year I did prepare a one day team building workshop. For a three hour workshop in two weeks from now I could reuse main parts and was quickly ready with the concept and content. Maximize REUSE with "copy and transfer" 🤔.
  • The more workshops you host or visibility you get, the more offers come your way. Just today a new request to support an internal company event with two breakout session about the trusted partner topic that is part of our adjusted strategic direction 👍.

My opening slide will be about the TRUST Equation, more to come I will keep you posted.

"If you're sorry, say, "I'm sorry." If you say, "I'm sorry but..." then you're not really sorry." -- Simon Sinek

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