17. Nov, 2022

Coincidence or Destiny

Picture provided by TeacherGoals

Just checked all my Blog posts back until the start on 04-Jul-16 to see, if I used the headline from today before. I did not.

As I do not believe in coincidences it must be somehow destiny and I had two examples today:

  1. With a colleague I did discuss about asking good questions to get even better answers, and one hour later I found this article - NEVER ANSWER THE QUESTION YOU’RE ASKED UNTIL YOU DO 3 THINGS - from Dan Rockwell
  2. I did cut down a tree in the garden last weekend and wanted to take out all roots as well. Hard work and not really successful in the end, but my back is still hurting from the unfamiliar workout 😎. So I informed my table tennis coach that I will not be joining the training today and found the following TED Talk - 5 things you should know about back pain - some minutes later in my Inbox. Interesting 🤔.

No coincidence or destiny: I met a friend yesterday evening for dinner and we had a discussion about one of my goals to become the "Feelgood Manager" at work. When I am feeling good everybody around me is feeling good as well. Maybe not the definition by the book, but who cares. Anyway, this morning I had a URL in my messenger, a company that is offering a Feelgood Manager education path. Thanks to my friend 👍.

Some more interesting material to look at:

  • TED Talk: How I became an entrepreneur at 66
  • The 4 levels of listening by Otto Scharmer
  • TED Talk: You have no idea where camels really come from
  • Animation: Berkshire Hathaway’s Holdings Since 1994
  • Which One of You Will Show Up Today?
  • Creativity: Jane Kenyon’s Wise Words to Live By (Sketchnote)
  • S.O.S. Slower, Older and Smarter. Dedicated to all my senior friends. It’s time to slow down and enjoy the rest of the trip.

2 Simon Sinek quotes to close for today:

  1. There's a difference between working together and working on the same team.
  2. Directions are instructions given to explain HOW. Direction is a vision offered to explain WHY.

P.S.: Just another 11k readers, to reach the #1,098,765 overall reader milestone and price 👍.