19. Nov, 2022

About Business Value ...

Pictures provided by Management 3.0 and Art of Poets

Business Value results from the intersection of three dimensions

  1. What you can implement successfully and sustainably
  2. What your customers want and will buy (even if they don’t know it yet)
  3. What your team is excited about creating

In the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) the usage and evaluation of a business value is a hot topic. Customers are only interested in solutions that help to make progress or to get better. And the Teams see reaching or exceeding the previously estimated/agreed business value as recognition and appreciation of their work.

Knowing this, assume that several teams are working together to finish a new customer solution? Some are in the frontline with full visibility and a lot are in the background preparing and enabling subsequent steps. Giving business value only for the visible steps would make no difference from a customer perspective, but could impact the motivation and delivery of the background teams a lot. No preparation work and enablement, no final solution for the customer. Managing dependencies and expectations is the key to success. 

We are currently evaluating different ideas, how to approach this dilemma, but did not come to a final conclusion yet 🤔. Still checking the pros and cons. One simple solution could be to change the name just to value and allow the awarding at all levels 😎, we will see.

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