22. Nov, 2022

Socratic Dialog?

Thanks to the Management 3.0 Blog and Socrates for giving the name and the idea

"Socrates wanted to inspire his students to seek real truths through logic instead of defending mere opinions through rhetoric. In our knowledge and innovation-driven society, this has become a critical skill set."

Perfect fit to the Team Building workshop from yesterday (the next one is already scheduled for late Jan-23 👍) and a discussion we had today about maintaining our Strategy. Achieving new dimensions of communication - a topic where any improvement is helpful - to get the necessary basics right. Even more in a diverse, self-managed and self-organized environment. Experiment and Learn fast, as it has been written in our #Spirit statement, on Thursday we will present our first Strategy Framework MVP. Looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

Crazy times at the FIFA Worldcup in Qatar, the tournament that nobody wants to watch and talk about, with the ‘OneLove’ armband decision of the FIFA yesterday. The German Soccer Federation reacted with a really flimsy excuse why the stopped their strong attitude from before 👎, but one of their sponsors did react very clear today. They immediately stopped their sponsorship due to the mindset change of the federation, respect and a good role model approach. Do not use a supposedly sporting excuse, when it's only politics 😎.

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P.S.: Just another 7,400 readers to go for the next milestone, see headline 🤔