24. Nov, 2022

Great respect to the Japanese fans and team !!

The FIFA World Cup is still not really a topic for me, from a pure Sports perspective the tournament can already be over for the German team on Sunday, and from a political perspective everything, what could go wrong goes wrong. Now some European teams even think about leaving the FIFA, when the FIFA boss will be elected again, he is the only candidate by the way 😥.

Late insight, why was he elected the last time. With all this pain, let's have a look at the positive side. The Japanese fans are cleaning the stadium after the game against Germany and the Japanese team did leave their dressing room as if it had not been used before. 

"This isn't just a clean dressing room, it's a clear demonstration of values. It's a statement about respect, gratitude and attention to detail. The small things are the biggest indicator of the big things - your values. Huge respect for the Japanese national team and their wonderful culture, values and people." -- Steven Bartlett

Happy Thanksgiving Day, if you celebrate and/or have a long weekend. I am fed up with all the Black Friday or Black Week advertisement, nearly everybody has a discount this week or tomorrow, even when you did not even know that they are selling anything, crazy 👎.