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19. Oct, 2021

Grant Snider again with another great COMIC - Teaching Creativity/Critical Thinking

There are these days, when everything fits perfectly together for a BLOG post 🤩. The picture from Grant Snider in my Inbox, tomorrow we do have our 1st company wide Learning day and today we had a discussion about Mentoring versus Coaching in our Culture Team, where we want to be role models for behavioral changes so that colleagues realize it and ask us why? 🤔.

As I did already mention in my 18-Sep-21 post, "students retain nearly 90% of what they learn through teaching others". One more article about it here

So teaching creativity is a great way to learn about it. Becoming a Mentor for others - "A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and/or experience, to help another to develop and grow." - will also help you personally to get better in the topic or skill. More details in "Mentoring vs Coaching: The Key Differences and Benefits" for you to check out.

I will do the same mentoring/teaching tomorrow, hosting a brainstorming session around Innovation during our Learning day. To make learning stick better and to collect the results in a smart way, I will be using the new Jurgen Appelo Jobs-to-be-Done Canvas and  25 Drives Grid. I heard about it in the Versatile Organization Workshop two weeks ago and will apply it in practice tomorrow, for the participants and my benefit 😎👍. Looking forward to it a lot.

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18. Oct, 2021

Great Sketchnote taken from "How to Recognise Emotional Intelligence (in 7 Attributes)" at

Another great book summary - FINISH WHAT YOU START by Peter Hollins

And the TED Playlist: A healthy, just future starts with you

Have a great start of your week ...

17. Oct, 2021

Picture taken from My Journey as a Scrum Master

We did another garden workout today 🤨. Great sunny weather and a new saw that needed some branches to cut. Some form cuts on the fruit and walnut tree, and we had to cut down a hazelnut tree planted by a squirrel. It did take away too much space and light.

Another Intern will start tomorrow and I will take care of the onboarding. Besides the ID-card and a laptop he will get a short introduction into our organization and how we are working, still mainly in the home-office. For lunch I will meet a former Intern, who did finish his Master studies in the meantime and is now working for EY as a consultant. Always good to stay in contact for future opportunities 🤔. 

Besides that nothing special planned for the coming week so far. Only the Innovation brainstorming on Wednesday on our 1st #SPIRIT Day - a full day dedicated for personal learning for everybody in the company. The idea is to fill in Jurgen Appelo's new Job-to-Be-Done Canvas around the Innovation topic to find out, what are the blocking factors in the current processes and ways of working, especially for small Innovation ideas.

"Collaboration is important not just because it's a better way to learn. The spirit of collaboration is penetrating every institution and all of our lives. So learning to collaborate is part of equipping yourself for effectiveness, problem solving, innovation and life-long learning in an ever-changing networked economy." -- Don Tapscott, taken from 30 Of Our Favorite Quotes On Innovation

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16. Oct, 2021

Another great Grant Snider picture - Autumn Abecedarian

Sunny and blue sky outside, but autumn cold, as you can see on the picture 🤩.

I mentioned my Mind Factory presentation yesterday and one Simon Sinek quote I used in the slides was - "You Don't Hire For Skills, You Hire For Attitude. You Can Always Teach Skills." Two quick examples to support this statement.

In the last week I was reading the Master Thesis of one of our Interns, as I have to evaluate it and assign a final mark together with the Professor in the end. Like in Agile we had several iterations and did come to a pretty good result in the end. The attitude of the Intern to deliver the best possible result to finish his studies and for the benefit of our company was really great, he was just lacking some thesis writing skills. As You Can Always Teach Skills, he did improve over time with my mentorship 🤔.

Second example is personality tests. I will be hosting a workshop at the end of Oct-21 to find the Team USP (Unique Selling Point) for a department at work. Part of their preparation team building session was the 16-Personalities Test. In order to openly talk about the results I did take the test yesterday as well, my result was CONSUL. Funny enough the same result that I had back in Aug-17, when I did take the test for the 1st time. These kind of tests are more testing for attitude than for skill. Attitude will stay unchanged over time and skill can be adjusted or changed with additional training.

Enjoy the autumn weather 😉.

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15. Oct, 2021

Picture taken from LinkedIn invitation

When you are interested in the topic and want to go beyond the article collection from Jurgen Appelo, participate in the Webinar next week Tuesday. From my experience in the 2 day workshop with Jurgen last week I can say that this is really interesting content and the Webinar will be a good opportunity to look closer into it.

Today I had a big surprise when I got a nice package from the Mind Factory (my keynote speech on 27-Sep-21) organization team. A sketch that was taken from the picture I provided for the program booklet of the event, presented in a photo frame as small gift. In addition a thank you note that mentioned the positive reaction and feedback of the audience about my session. A great way to start the weekend 😎. Have fun ...

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"Belief If You Do Not Believe In Yourself Chances Are That Nobody Else Will Either."
By Unknown Author, taken from 37 FAMOUS BELIEF QUOTES & SAYINGS