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29. Mar, 2020

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In the 5th week of the climate lenting - fasting for climate protection and climate justice initiative, the focus area is mobility and sustainable travel

Interesting to see, how quickly topics can change. With the Coronavirus lockdown around the world, the majority of the planes on the ground, #StayHome, public transport reduced to a minimum and nobody thinking about the next holidays - mobility and travel is nothing to worry about in the moment.  


Today I signed up for the Shiftup - Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional qualification, a good way to use free time at home, to do something new and forward looking, and to get in contact with other people remotely. Will be fun.

This afternoon we had a family video conference, bringing family members between 16 and 84 years virtually together for one hour. The technology we used had some issues to show 6 video and audio streams at the same time, but it definitely was good for some funny moments and to see that everybody was doing fine. For the next time we will try another video conference provider, there are enough free offerings available in the market.

Besides that the 3rd Homeoffice week starts tomorrow and the Germany lockdown will be unchanged until 19-Apr-20 at least. The number of new infections per day have to go down dramatically before any relief is possible.

Finally an offer I did get yesterday as response to one of my BLOG posts mentioning "Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking", thanks to Kevin Abdulrahman and see           


28. Mar, 2020

Since 20-Mar-20 the World Happiness Report 2020 with data from 2017 - 2019 is available at 

During our family breakfast this morning we heard a radio feature about The First Viking attack on Paris – 845. We quickly came to the topic that the Nordic countries are always at the top of the World Happiness Report and did ask us why this is the case? 

I did check my BLOG post from 08-Feb-20 - really great when you have all previous posts as eBook, makes searching much easier 🙂 - and found the new report from 2020. Besides a detailed explanation, how the happiness is measured, Chapter 7 is providing the answer to the question we had this morning --> The Nordic Exceptionalism: What Explains Why the Nordic Countries are Constantly Among the Happiest in the World.

Check it out in all details. Here a quick conclusion (page 188 in the PDF): The Nordic countries are characterized by a virtuous cycle in which various key institutional and cultural indicators of good society feed into each other including well-functioning democracy, generous and effective social welfare benefits, low levels of crime and corruption, and satisfied citizens who feel free and trust each other and governmental institutions.

Sounds like a good blue print for companies and their employees. Happiness is always very helpful and can smoothen the bumpy road during a change management process towards a new mindset for example.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. -- Mahatma Gandhi, Indian - Leader October 2, 1869 - January 30, 1948, 

P.S.: JOIN US ON SATURDAY MARCH 28, 2020, 8:30 PM YOUR LOCAL TIME! - Earth Hour 2020 


27. Mar, 2020

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Stick to the rules and break the rules, the 29 ways to stay creative.

In tough times creative approaches and ideas can help to stay motivated and positive. If it is difficult for you, think about adjusting or even changing your mindset. In the near future I will be part of a task force that will be looking into changing the mindset of two different teams that are coming together as OneTeam. Will be a lot of Change Management, understanding the past and current mindset, selecting best practices of both teams, introducing new ideas and market trends, and finally bringing all together under a common spirit for the future.


When entire companies embrace a growth mindset, their employees report feeling far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organizational support for collaboration and innovation. -- Carol S. Dweck, American - Educator Born: October 17, 1946, 


26. Mar, 2020

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As this post 😉.

UDACITY offers Free Access for one month 

SHIFTUP: Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional 

#BuildforCOVID19 Global Online Hackathon 

Learn from the best, in this case Albert Einstein 


25. Mar, 2020

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Looking at the picture, talking to international colleagues and reading the news from different countries, the current situation was not to be anticipated by the politicians and markets. There are different approaches to react to it with different results in every country. #StayHome and #KeepDistance as adviced by the WHO and RKI   

As the majority of the people was forced to change from physical to virtual interaction in basically no time, experience with this situation is missing everywhere. Here some helpful tools, not only software applications 😉, to look at:

As my colleagues and I are forced to stay in the Homeoffice as well, we did review the Management 3.0 Practices today in our bi-weekly one hour break, to see which of them could be useful for our new way of working remotely. We did create a 1st Top 3 list, but will ask colleagues who could not make it today for their opinion as well.

P.S.:  A FREE remote conference on remote work - 07-Apr-20