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16. Jun, 2022


You might sometimes realize that your Self-image and the image of others about you are different? This is called the The Blind Area in the Johari Window.

"The Johari Window is a tool which helps build trust amongst a team, and at the same time helps you to understand yourself and your peers better." One of the basic Communication practices, always good to remember once in a while.

A first step in the right direction is to regularly ask trusted people for their feedback about how you are doing, because very often "you can no longer see the forest due to all the trees around you", as we say in Germany. An outside perspective will help us to get some clarity!! 👍

It will help a lot with respect to e.g. time management, priority setting and the necessity of lifelong learning. Give it a try. I always appreciate some feedback, even when it is not positive, because it can trigger a necessary personal change 🤔. 

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15. Jun, 2022

Once again a great collection of pictures provided by Teacher Goals --

Valid questions, thoughts and a remarkable KISS (keep it simple, stupid) tool --

A public holiday tomorrow and the weather is being great, summer start is coming closer. Some links for the free day:


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"The value of emotions comes from sharing them, not simply having them. " -- Simon Sinek

14. Jun, 2022

Another great picture provided by Teacher Goals 👍

We had the school closure event of my daughter yesterday. Great location, program and a successful end of 13 years in school. COVID-19 did not play any role anymore. No face masks and distance, a lot of hand shaking and hugs. What is fully understandable after two years.

Next day different situation. In the onsite workshop today one participant was missing as a kid was COVID-19 positive and the whole family had to stay at home. We do not see anything anymore of COVID-19 was the comment of a colleague from the Netherlands. Different countries different approaches and rules.

And as we are working in the Data & Analytics department we had a discussion about the reliability of the official COVID-19 numbers in Germany. For these numbers we are often missing the guidelines, how the data have been collected and how large the grey area really is? Making decisions on these kind of data quality is strange, but without alternative when you listen to the official government channels 🤔.

Let's be positive for the coming weeks and month 👍.

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12. Jun, 2022

Picture taken from Rebels at Work newsletter referencing a Justin Balaski quote, who is the founder of idealeap

My nephew just managed to get a successful 10th grade graduation, after a very difficult and struggling time before. His - resistance to change - the school and well known environment of class mates did create enough positive drive and flow, to turn around and come to a very positive end. A different kind of change agent, but results count 😎👍.

Will be a busy next week, two workshops Monday and Tuesday and the graduation ceremony and party of my youngest daughter tomorrow afternoon. Then all kids finally finished school 🤔. A "normal" working day on Wednesday, the last public holiday until 03-Oct-22 on Thursday and a bridge day Friday. Will be another quiet Friday as most colleagues take a day off for a long weekend.  

Tomorrow is Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals schedule. if you want to check your NBA knowledge, here a NBA BASKETBALL TRIVIA, check it out ...

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"Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave" -- Eliyahu M. Goldratt taken from Top 12 Eliyahu M. Goldratt Quotes


11. Jun, 2022

Picture by Zenger | Folkman --
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