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15. Jan, 2022

My Avengers and Marvel Character Test results

As my kids are Marvel and Avengers fans I took the tests today, just to have some fun. In common personality tests it is sometimes difficult to understand the result and relate it to yourself. In the two tests above the well known characters are helping to see how you compare to them and their description that is provided as well. Give it a try, IDRlabs offers a very long list of available tests.

I did follow a discussion on LinkedIn today that was related to the topic - is it appropriate to say NO - a good opportunity to check my eBOOKs for articles around the topic. Here some results I have found:

  • Say NO and people will appreciate your time more ...
  • How To Nicely Say "No" (With 50 Examples)
  • 31 Important Things You Should Say ‘No’ to for a Happier Life
  • Learn, how to say NO again ...

Saying NO is more difficult and requires much more courage than saying YES, something to be aware of 🤔.


14. Jan, 2022

Picture taken from Explaining Software Development Methods By Flying to Mars [Comic]

In my every Friday - Weekly mail from - I could read the following today: "Last week the webpages and photo albums on your website were viewed 9,001 times in total." What a great achievement, the first time ever to have a "9" in front of the 4-digit number 🤩👍. This weekly amount did also increase the 5 weeks average of weekly readers even further, now to 6,783

Thanks once again to every one-, some-, several-, and any-time reader of my BLOG. Very much appreciated and one additional success note into my 2022 JAR 👍.

I used the picture on the left in my 5-minute learning posts on our company department page, to have a funny start into the weekend. Comic Agilé did post a similar comic on LinkedIn today.

Enjoy your weekend 🤔: 

  • Tanmay Vora: Nine Roles of Great Leadership
  • From Blowing Down Doors to Healing Minds and Bodies: A Navy SEAL’s Journey to Mindfulness

"Authenticity is more than speaking. Authenticity is also about doing. Every decision we make says something about who we are." -- Simon Sinek


13. Jan, 2022

Picture found on Pixabay

Instead of doing a team Christmas event during the packed December timeframe, we all decided to do a much more relaxed after New Year Fireplace Talk. This talk was today and covered a lot of topics - horses, motorcycles, holiday trips, different cities in our area and finally age. Participants were between 38 and 59. One women is becoming 60 next week and another one 40 in early February.

Interesting, what numbers do with people and their surrounding environment. With 40 the family pressure to get kids is nearly over and people with 60+ are already preparing for their retirement, are some of the more common biases 🙃. Here a statistic about the average life expectation by country and region for example.

If you are meeting the average is difficult to forecast and mostly out of your influence anyway. If you want to be conform to the preconception is up to you!! I did cover some of these topics in my 29-Feb-20 post about "The child that lives within you" already. With a growth mindset, lifelong learning and openness to change, you are well prepared 👍.

  • Elder Wisdom Isn’t What You Think It Is (Podcast with Achim Nowak and guests)
  • TED Talk: 3 ways to practice civility | Steven Petrow
  • Marjorie Schiller biography
  • Let’s Unfix Team Topologies
  • Do sweat the small stuff when it comes to inclusion
  • How to jump-start innovation and organizational change
  • How to Think about Skill Building

"Whether we're conscious of it or not, our work and personal lives are made up of daily rituals, including when we eat our meals, how we shower or groom, or how we approach our daily descent into the digital world of email communication." -- Chip Conley, American - Businessman Born: October 31, 1960


12. Jan, 2022

Picture taken from a collection of 25 Wimmelbilder

"Ali Mitgutsch was born in Munich on August 21, 1935. He began his career as a graphic designer, as Ravensburger announced. In 1968 his first Wimmel book “All around in my city” was published by the publisher. More than 70 books, posters and puzzles have appeared with his figures and drawings. ... Almost every child and probably most adults in Germany should be familiar with his Wimmel Books: Ali Mitgutsch has created his own genre with his works. Now the artist died in Munich at the age of 86 (on 11-Jan-22)."

Great art work and pictures by Ali, known by grand parents, parents and kids, not only in Germany I hope.  

  • TED Playlist: A simple guide to forming healthy habits
  • Can’t seem to meditate? 7 joyful activities for you to try instead


11. Jan, 2022

Picture taken from Comic Agile#85 – Conway’s Law

The good thing is you can directly go to the Comic Agile website and search for any kind of topic related to the "secret" world of AGILE 🤔. The more old-school and haptical approach is to get their 1st book and turn every page until you find, what you are looking for. Both approaches still have their justification.

I found #85 and #58 – Agile Island today, both fit well to the agile transformation we are in today. On the one side the old organization and management are still in place, on the other side the new organization and agile ways of working are building up slowly. Conflicts in a mixed environment are to be expected and happening. Conway's law might also impact an agile reorganization, management in position will not be happy to change and loose responsibility.

  • Funny Customer Demo video, more manual than automated 😎 
  • 7 Ways HR Will Look Different in 2022
  • 4 Subtle Blindspots Holding You Back in Your Career (and What To Do About Them)
  • Progress and peril on the road to net zero
  • Closing the agile achievement gap