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30. Jul, 2021

Interested in a great example for the quote, see - World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs) - at

"There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience." -- Archibald MacLeish,

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29. Jul, 2021

Insight picture by Grant Snider

You might remember my 20-May-21 BLOG post where I mentioned my interview with Eve Simon for the MOMS WHO LEAD - SUMMIT that is now scheduled for 23-Sep-21. Their new webpage is now online, check out for details. My interview will be streamed on the 23rd at 12.00 PM and later in the evening at 07.00 PM I will be part of a Father panel discussion about - how moms can influence the workforce positively and what needs to change - with two guys from SAP and Oxford Leadership. Looking forward to this opportunity 🤔.

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28. Jul, 2021

Picture provided by European Leadership on LinkedIn

Had an interesting discussion at work today. The organizing team of an internal conference was looking for a key note speaker for September this year. A colleague of mine, who knows my Unique Selling Point workshop, did recommend me. The idea of the 90 minutes session is to have 3 parts. 30 minutes to give an introduction to the topic, the next 30 minutes for a practical session and the rest of the time for Q&A.

As my portfolio of available workshops and presentations did not fit the requirement and expectations, we did brainstorm a new topic. After a view at the preliminary agenda I did see the title of the speech before my slot. "How millennials are driving the cultural change in companies". My immediate idea was - Views of a baby boomer: Doing the right things right 🤔. Perfect fit to my age of 58 and a lot of potential to cover the 1st 30 minutes. Doing some story telling, sharing some experiences from my past 32 years in business environments and reusing some content from my Unique Selling Point workshop will be a good mixture. I will keep you posted about the progress.

"Good friends make us better people. They cheer us on when we hit bottom and keep us humble when we reach the top." -- Simon Sinek

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P.S.: Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. In 2021, it falls on July 29. That is tomorrow!!


27. Jul, 2021

Picture taken from Comic Agile'. These guys are really providing a lot of great and funny material, have a look 😉. 

The Scrum Master is the first example for my topic today and how different perspectives can be, depending on where you are.

Next one is the current shit storm around the Norwegian women's beach handball team and the required dress code by the European handball federation. Pink offers to cover the team fine. No flexibility versus women power.

Finally a short Simon Sinek video "Liking" Your Job vs. LOVING Your Job, featuring the same employee working for two different hotels. Really interesting storyline 👍🤔.

"Profit comes as a result of being good at what we do. Trust comes as a result of being good at why we do it." -- Simon Sinek

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P.S.: The new 5 week average of my weekly reader number is now 6,285. 77 more than in the previous 5 weeks 😎.


26. Jul, 2021

Have a great start of your week with the video Monday :-)

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