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24. Jan, 2021

More tribute for Bernie pictures. Left from Joseph Wu Origami, right from Stevens Point, Wisconsin

To reach the #500k overall readers by 29-Jan-21, as mentioned yesterday, we need to speed up and go much more viral as we do in the moment 🤔. 500 more readers since yesterday, but it should be 10x the number, so we have to work on it a little bit more. Just joking ...

Looking forward to an interesting week. With the start of my 1st project in a Scrum Master role, doing some coaching around communication improvements, discussing the Beyond Budgeting concept with a colleague and preparing our next OneTeam break on Wednesday. 

The plan for Wednesday is to cover some more creativity and remote team building topics, as we did 2 weeks ago already. Below some references that might be useful for you as well?

  • Build Your Creative Confidence: 30 Circles Exercise
  • ACTIVITY: Folding Paper and Communicating Effectively
  • Remote Team Building: 15 Virtual Games & Activities to Build Team Cohesion
  • 22 Best Team-Building Exercises for Remote Team
  • 21 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities
  • 51 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities, Games & Ideas in 2021

Tonight the NFL Conference Championships with the last game of Tom Brady 😮 - either to reach the Super Bowl with a new team after 20 years OR maybe in his career, you never know with the age of 43. Anyway will be interesting to see the two teams and their Quarterbacks making it to the final - Super Bowl LV will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on February 7, 2021.

"Weak leaders have the luxury of looking after themselves. Great leaders have the honor of looking after others." -- Simon Sinek, Notes to Inspire 

  • The World’s Top Car Manufacturers by Market Capitalization
  • The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week (22-Jan-21)
  • Top Tips of How to Build Organizational Culture in Remote Teams
  • Artificial Intelligence In Germany
  • International Day of Education on 24-Jan-21


23. Jan, 2021

Thanks to Tobey King for providing the picture and Bernie’s Mittens Pattern, really great handcraft and available so fast. 

I have seen in my calendar lately that the 2nd anniversary of my BLOG passing the #100k overall reader for the 1st time is on 29-Jan-21. Would be GREAT to pass #500k reader just 2 years later, but with 6 days left and another 30,610 readers to go to reach this goal, this seems to be impossible 😠. 

The only chance is to go VIRAL 😉 - "On the internet, however, a piece of content can spread just like a virus if people become “infected” when they see it. The infection usually comes from evoked emotions that spur the viewer to share it, so they can relate with other people and discuss how they feel."


The two latest examples are Bernie Sanders and Amanda Gorman, both have been at the historic inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:

  • Bernie Sanders due to his clothing and mittens, with a photo that did go viral like crazy: 
    • Bernie Sanders Reacts to Going Viral -- Mittened Look Launches Inauguration's Funniest Memes
    • "Good environmental policy is good economic policy." -- Bernie Sanders,  American - Politician Born: September 8, 1941
  • Amanda Gorman due to reciting her poem "The Hill We Climb":
    • "The Hill We Climb" poem
    • TED Talk: Using your voice is a political choice
    • "Poetry is a weapon. It is an instrument of social change...and poetry is one of the most political arts out there because it demands that you rupture and destabilize the language in which you're working with. Inherently, you are pushing against the status quo. And so for me, it's always existed in that tradition of truth-telling." -- Amanda Gorman

Enjoy your weekend, we are expecting some more snow tonight:

  • Writing Agnostic Agile Stories
  • TED Playlist: Why art is essential to democracy
  • TED Playlist: Personal tales from the edge of life
  • What Kamala Harris Means For The Next Generation Of Leaders
  • We Need To Rethink Strategic Leadership
  • Story Behind Viral Photo of Kamala Harris and Shadow


22. Jan, 2021

Picture provided by The Home of Scrum

I did start my 1st project as Scrum Master today, a small one with a small team and an MVP to be delivered by the end of Mar-21, but good to get practice. Great that I found this article - 5 Values of Scrum and how can Scrum Masters work with them!! - today as well 🙂.

Even more interesting that Scrum Values is also the main topic of week 3 of the Scrum Master: Grow Online course that I am currently taking. All no coincidences 🤔 ...

Below some randomly selected quotes for each of the 5 values:

  • "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." -- Andre Gide, French - Novelist November 22, 1869 - February 19, 1951
  • "What we can control is our performance and our execution, and that's what we're going to focus on." -- Bill Belichick, American - Coach Born: April 16, 1952
  • "You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear." -- Sammy Davis, Jr., American - Entertainer December 8, 1925 - May 16, 1990
  • "We should all consider each other as human beings, and we should respect each other." -- Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani - Activist Born: July 12, 1997
  • "It's not the style that motivates me, as much as an attitude of openness that I have when I go into a project." -- Herbie Hancock, American - Musician Born: April 12, 1940


21. Jan, 2021

"Giving direction is not the same thing as giving directions.

Directions are instructions how. Direction is the reason why.

Simon Sinek
20. Jan, 2021

Another great Grant Snider picture for INCIDENTAL COMICS

This post is for two of my colleagues, who are really fighting hard to properly balance childcare and a full time job. A mother with two ill kids (gastrointestinal problems since the weekend) not getting a lot of sleep in the moment, and a father with a 3 year old son at home as the kindergarten visit is not allowed with cold and cough these days. My deepest respect for handling this double load, still delivering good work and keeping a positive mood 👍👍👍!!

In contrast to this the current hype around Clubhouse. The voice chat-based social media app is still in BETA, you need an invitation to get in, and it is just on top of all the social media pressure people are feeling already. Besides their 9-5 job in the Home Office with Teams or Zoom calls. Sounds like the opposite of Digital Detox for me 🤩.

I got positive feedback about the Change as a Product video from yesterday, worth checking 😎.

Another Simon Sinek quote that perfectly fits to the two colleague examples I shared above. "When leaders are willing to prioritize trust over performance, performance almost always follows."

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  • How EQRx Uses Professional Superpowers to Pair Candidates with the Right Jobs — and Win Their Hearts
  • TED Playlist: 8 ways to fuel innovation (always good to remember)
  • A Placeless Mindset: The Foundation to Successful Remote Teams (check out the Workplaceless homepage, offering a lot of useful information)
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