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24. Oct, 2020

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Looking forward to the Remote Forever Summit 2020, did get my FREE ACCESS PASS today.


884 views so far for my SHIFTUP certificate post on LinkedIn yesterday, not bad for one day.

Have fun with some interesting material:


23. Oct, 2020

I am happy to present my 2nd level certificate of the SHIFTUP Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional program. You can access more details and insights into the available content at 

Will be interesting to see, how many views this post will get on LinkedIn? My 1st level certificate was seen by 1,845 people 🤔.

In the certificate ceremony today we did play a TRIVIA game around AGILE topics. Interested to prepare one on your own, see 

Time to celebrate, have fun and a nice weekend 🤪🤩🙃


22. Oct, 2020

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One day left to finish the week and still a lot of stuff will be happening. Tomorrow morning is the last Stakeholder meeting of my current project. Not everybody will be there due to autumn holidays, but we plan to meet at the facility F2F with some people, to have lunch together afterwards. The 100% home office possibility has been extended until Mar-2021, but there are opportunities now to meet in the office, as long as the COVID-19 hygiene and health regulations are strictly applied. Good stuff.

In the afternoon we have the SHIFTUP certificate ceremony again. I will get my certificate for the Advancer level that I finished end Sep-20. I am 30% done with the Professional level in the meantime, still some weeks to go 😎. Cool qualification.

Today I did collect the first feedback about our new "Tea for two and Coffee for three" meeting/networking series. Participants are really happy and appreciate the format to get to know new colleagues and to share some business and private stories. Early Nov-20 I will present an initial summary of the collected feeback and findings so far. What a positive attitude and mindset can make happen? 🙃👍.

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." -- Captain Jack Sparrow,, 


21. Oct, 2020

This topic was my key take away from the Shiftup Webinar "Communication - storytelling; advocacy; stakeholder management" today.
You can find more details at and a much more detailed video at, with good story telling and background information about the model.

"Great leaders give everyone something to believe in, not something to do." -- Simon Sinek,

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20. Oct, 2020

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I found a very detailed 40 page explanation about the different DISC profiles - DISC Self, An Evaluation of Behavioral Styles - see and lock for your style. You can/should even match the Leadership styles on the left with the Behavioral Styles described 😉.

“There’s a hidden, inner strength that you cannot find unless you push yourself through adversity.” -- Phil Stutz, 

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