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26. Jan, 2022

Picture taken from Over the Fence, you can download the manifesto in your language ...

People tend to “think fast”*. This can lead to undesirable effects. The items on the left side facilitate “slow thinking”. They improve the quality of the right side and should therefore be applied consciously and intensively. Apply the items on the left side one time more than your intuition tells you to!

The headline today was used in an article about Tom Brady - Reporters Asked Tom Brady If He's Retiring. His Response Is a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence - does fit well to the Manifesto 😎, what do you think?

And one more - How to Make Servant Leadership More Sustainable by Balancing Self & Others - works well with Brady's role in the team, the manifesto and my new assignment as Release Train Engineer (RTE). These are the days, when all topics and content I planned to share fit perfectly together and it even gets better during writing 🤔. Just my subjective view.

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25. Jan, 2022

Picture taken of my overall reader counter today 09.00 AM CET.

😎 just 111,111 more readers to go until we pass the next milestone and on a good way to reach my 2022 stretch goal of 1 million overall readers by 30-Apr-22. Thanks in advance for further supporting me, very much appreciated 👍. And I am doing something important in any case for me, possibly also for others? 🤔 One more success note into the 2022 JAR today.

And with respect to the headline today, it is related to an Oliver Emberton quote - "If you’re not pissing someone off, you probably aren’t doing anything important". Thanks to Jurgen Appelo, who did use this quote in one of his unFIX model emails. The unFIX model as such is causing a lot of noise in the agile coaches world on social media in the moment and on top of it Jurgen is comparing some of the well known agile models and frameworks with it. See e.g. Holacracy, Team Topologies, the Spotify Model, Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) on his blog page.

Some helpful links below:

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"If I do a job in 30 minutes it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes."​ -- Davy Greenberg


24. Jan, 2022

Picture taken from NFL page

When I joined the Divisional Round game with Tom Brady yesterday 12 minutes before the end his team was 14 points behind 13:27. The GOAT is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback the first player in NFL history to win seven Super Bowl championships. The 44 year old player has so much routine in the NFL that anything can happen before the game is finished.

And it did happen once more. Until one minute before the end he and his team did manage to catch up to 27:27, already unbelievable again. But this time not close enough to finish successfully. The Los Angeles Rams did get the ball again with 42 seconds left on the clock and could make another field goal to win the game and possibly finish the career of Tom Brady, what will be confirmed or denied in the coming days or weeks. 

Super Bowl LVI will be played at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, February 13, 2022. Looking forward to it, even without Tom Brady 🤔.

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23. Jan, 2022

Picture found on Dreamstime

Closing down the week of smile 🤩 topics. 

Another fun week with a lot of positive activities and opportunities. One workshop was finished on Friday and two more are already planned for Mar-22. The company talent program did ask me to support their initiative with two workshops. The USP  (Unique Selling Point) one for individuals and the Elevator Pitch one as follow up 2 weeks later.

Just a quick break for the dinner. We had no motivation for cooking so we ordered some nice burger. All organic and even vegetarian, if required. Just lately they are offering a deposit system for the required packaging. Going green ...

2 weeks and 2 days left before my 1st main task as new Release Train Engineer is coming up, the next PI planning. There are still a lot of preparation and learning tasks to be done, but I am looking forward to it. A new challenge that will broaden my agile experience and expertise.

Next Saturday is the 3rd anniversary of reaching 100,000 overall readers in my BLOG for the 1st time. Great to remember, when you are at 776k overall readers in the meantime.  

"Always keep in your mind that you will always find your life a worthwhile one, just if you keep a beautiful smile on your face every time." -- Charlie Chaplin

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22. Jan, 2022

Pictures taken from the SCRIBERIA webpage -- and their Workplace archive --

I was in the mood for some interesting sketchnotes today and found the ones above besides many others in the Scriberia archive. Worth checking.

The Youtube video - AI Robots Date Humans. Beyond Atlas And Ameca - goes well with the pictures -- -- same as - The World in 2030 Top 20 Future Technologies - have a look --

"Communication is not about saying what we think. Communication is about ensuring others hear what we mean." --