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1. Mar, 2021

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Compliment = an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration, by  MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARIES

Does not only work in private life, can also be used in the work environment. Everybody appreciates a positive message, if it is honestly meant and provided seriously.

"Assign tasks and people will work for you. Assign responsibility and people will work for themselves." -- Simon Sinek, see also his Leader verus manager video


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28. Feb, 2021

Another picture and quote provided by Leadership First on LinkedIn

A busy week with another Unique Selling Point (USP) workshop that was well received and got a lot of positive feedback. In the meantime I have done this workshop for 100+ participants. Next workshop will be around a 30 - 60 second Elevator Pitch at the end of Mar-21.

Starting tomorrow I have been promoted to the position of a Senior Program Manager, overseeing several different projects, supporting our journey to become fully Agile and helping to establish the required culture and mindset change for our OneTeam organization. Looking forward to the new role and the appreciation of my work and involvement so far.

My learning of the week is in alignment with a quote of my former German Teacher - "A look into the text creates unexpected possibilities" - it is disappointing to see that more and more people are not reading the invitation to a meeting properly or not at all 👎. We should avoid meetings as much as possible. For the remaining ones that are still required, we should provide enough details, an agenda and the expectation for the outcome. When details are provided, but nobody is reading it, this leads to surprises and sometimes frustration. Another area to lead by example and to initiate a necessary change 🤔.

"Get your education, and if you see small opportunities, take them. Each one could be a stepping stone to something bigger." -- Trisha Yearwood, American - Musician Born: September 19, 1964

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P.S.: Just another 9,790 readers to go, to pass the #500k overall reader milestone. Will be another 2 - 3 weeks, stay tuned 👍 😉 🤩!!


26. Feb, 2021

Question raised by Scaled Agile

What do you think, any guess? The right answer is here 😎.

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25. Feb, 2021

Picture provided by Leadership First on LinkedIn

Dan Price, Founder & CEO of Gravity Payments did take this quote from Simon Sinek more than serious and made it reality, as you can read in this article.

"Price made headlines in 2015 after announcing he would pay every employee at his company at least $70,000 a year. In the early months of the pandemic, Gravity, a credit-card payment processor that works mainly with small businesses, saw its revenue plummet by 50%. Price said he avoided layoffs by asking his employees to take pay cuts. The company later paid back those employees."

“If you can't afford to pay your workers, you don't deserve their work.” — Dan Price 😉, a real role model.

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"No great thing is created suddenly." — Epictetus


24. Feb, 2021

Estonia map taken from WorldAtlas

Facts: Estonia connects the dots between Scandinavia, Central Europe and what lies to the east. Estonia's capital Tallinn is the best-preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. Estonia speaks well as English, Russian, Finnish and German. Estonia is about 50% forest.  Estonia has a population of just 1.3 million but is larger than Denmark and Holland. Estonia is one of the least religious countries in the world. Estonia is a digital society. Estonia is #5 on the global PISA 2018 Results Web Report and #1 for Europe.

During our bi-weekly OneTeam break we had a presentation from one of our Interns today, he did study in Estonia for several month and shared some insights and learning. Really interesting to get some first hand information. Below three videos for you to dig deeper into the Estonian specifics:

  • X-Road introduction - X-Road® software based solution X-tee  is the backbone of e-Estonia. Invisible yet crucial, it allows the nation’s various public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.
  • Starship Completes One Million Autonomous Deliveries - Introducing the world’s first robot delivery service for corporate and academic campuses
  • Smart learning in Estonian Schools - Estonia Ministry of Education and Research

A small country with a manageable number of inhabitants provides the opportunity to try a lot of new stuff.

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