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30. Nov, 2022

Picture and article provided by Frank Sonnenberg

"Human motivation is an essential topic for product managers and change leaders. Without motivation, clients won’t consider trying out our products, and co-workers won’t be interested in changing their ways of working." see --

Gratitude Is More than a Platitude – The Leadership That Works Newsletter (30-Nov-22)


P.S.: Will be away for the department X-Mas party tomorrow, back Friday :-)

29. Nov, 2022

Picture provided by Great Transition Stories, content adjusted by Algorithmic Scale

Metamorphosis: "A complete change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation by magic or witchcraft. - Any complete change in appearance, character, circumstances, etc." Great analogy for a digital transformation, I like the witchcraft 😎 part a lot.

And it definitely makes clear, that just speeding up existing solutions or processes is not the right way to go!!

The management event about Trusted Partnership today did go pretty well, both sessions in time and with 15+ participants each. The two groups had pretty similar ideas, what Trusted Partnership is. Looking forward to some feedback from the organization team, as it was not provided directly during the sessions.

Today I have seen a report about Josh Cliffords, the FreeWater Founder & CEO. "FreeWater is an innovative advertising platform that utilizes premium spring water as a new type of advertising medium while prioritizing philanthropy and sustainability. Ten cents from each beverage is donated to charity to build water wells for people in need. We only need 10% of Americans to choose FreeWater so we can solve the global water crisis permanently." Just two minutes after seeing the report their webpage was blocked due to too much traffic I assume.

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28. Nov, 2022

Picture provided by BelievePerform

After the picture from yesterday today 10 ideas for managers, a good summary.

As preparation for the Trusted Partner event tomorrow I was thinking about potential questions from the audience today. Besides "why am I hosting the session", what would be an obvious one and is easy to answer, because I was asked by the organizer. The next one could be about my expertise and experience related to the topic - working in services and support.

I did start my support work in 1990 and can still remember one sentence from my 1st supervisor there - "working in support you have to get used to the following - when anything goes wrong the customers will complain immediately and not complaining is enough praise when everything is running smoothly". Until 2016 I stayed in this service and support area, from 1998 onwards in a managerial role in the Telecommunication and Automotive industry. Always for applications support, to do Mechanical, Hardware and Software development and engineering.

So enough customer support experience, business relationship and stakeholder management expertise, a good basis for tomorrow 😎 I would say. We will see ...

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And to go on with the more or less "funny" stories about the FIFA World Cup in Qatar - Ronaldo makes history as first male player to score at 5 World Cups; Portugal defeats Ghana - here two quotes from the article:

  • "This was a beautiful moment," Ronaldo said. "The world record, the only player to score in five World Cups, makes me very proud."
  • "I think Cristiano is a phenomenon, a legend," Portugal coach Fernando Santos said. "In 50 years, we will continue to talk about him."

Two women did beat this record already in 2019 and nearly nobody knows or heard about it!! Equal pay in sports is not everything:

  • Marta Vieira da Silva (Brasilien): 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019
  • Christine Sinclair (Kanada): 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019

P.S.: The overall reader counter did pass #1,100k today, 100k readers in less than 2 month 👍.


27. Nov, 2022

Picture provided by Alf | The Present Psychologist

It was a busy week and a lot has been done. Our small team of voluntary strategy enthusiasts had a successful presentation with our department head. He was happy about the work we had done so far and is looking forward to the next steps 🤔👍.

Then passing the latest milestone earlier today 😎, plus being prepared for the two breakout sessions (same topic and content) that I will be hosting on Tuesday for another department during their management event. Their main theme is around Trusted Partnership and they were interested how we are approaching this topic. We are definitely not there yet, but did a first big step in the right direction, to realize that we need to change and improve the status quo.

I will be sharing some ideas that we are working on, try to initiate some fresh thoughts or question existing thinking processes. The question number ONE is always, do you want to leave your Comfort Zone and take a risk, or stay where you are and feel comfortable. You have the choice, use it 🤨.

And one small comment about the picture today, when you are at the "Everything is under control!" point you need to strictly control your Work in Progress limits, to avoid going down on the curve again. Have a great week.

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27. Nov, 2022

Today 12:42 PM CET we passed the #1,098,765 overall reader milestone. Great success and thanks a lot for your support and regular checking, what I write 👍😎. After the slightly difficult idea behind the last milestone 10-9-8-7-6-5, I selected a more easy one for the next time.

We already have a winner for the price today, but YOU might be the next one at #1,250,000 - give it a try 🤩.