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19. Aug, 2022

Picture taken from Attitude Iceberg Slideshare (page 8)

As mentioned earlier I will be hosting a 1-day Team Building workshop for one of the teams in our department early Sep-22. I finished the agenda and slides yesterday, only some fine-tuning left for the coming weeks.

"Team building is the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team—a group of people organized to work together to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing their purpose and goals." The Herb Kelleher  quote from two days ago, also fits perfectly to the picture today - "You don't hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills."

The workshop has two ideas:

  1. To clarify, what team building means and to initiate this process between the team members
  2. To explain the differences between e.g. Behavior, attitude, values, beliefs, mindsets, knowledge, etc. What is visible to others, and what is hidden "below sea level"

I will see how this goes and if we can succesfully implement the ideas for the team. The outcome is definitely depending on the willingness of the team members to share information that is hidden in the moment, but might be useful a lot for their team members 😎. Will keep you posted. 

This will be my first workshop for this topic, but I do already have a 2nd request in the pipeline for another team. The word-of-mouth recommendation is working pretty well in the moment 👍. Have a great weekend ...

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18. Aug, 2022

Yesterday two quotes, today 3 short videos from Simon Sinek. Check it out!!

Achieving psychological safety --
Mentor-Mentor Relationships --

12 Ways to Become the Person You Are Meant to Be --

17. Aug, 2022

Both quotes by Simon Sinek

Always good to have some Simon quotes, I used the picture today as part of my "5-minute learning" posts at work 👍. The idea behind is to offer a diverse portfolio of topics that the colleagues can search in and select from for some short learning slots during a break. As not all topics work for everybody the current portfolio offers 1,400+ different posts already.

Are you interested in the 15 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read or  Bestselling Author Susan Cain on 5 Books Everyone Should Read, just have a look 🤔.

During our holiday in The Netherlands we have seen the painting of a 3D street artist. I did look into some details around Kerim Mušanović today, as I wanted to use one of his pictures. Really cool stuff 😎:

  • About Kerim Mušanović
  • His Youtube channel and a video - Painting a SURFING w/a SHARK Street Art | EP 1 | Street Art Tour 2021
  • ‘‘SHARK ATTACK’’ Den Helder / Netherlands, July 2021

Overall reader wise we are having a good momentum and need to keep going, #986k is already close!!

Some more interesting links to look at today:

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  • Our World in Data - Longtermism: The future is vast – what does this mean for our own life?
  • Our World in Data: COVID-19 Data Explorer
  • Learning How to Learn: An Infographic
  • unFIX -- Tip 13: Understand the four basic team types
  • The Top Reason People Fall Short of Their Goals


15. Aug, 2022

See the 10 full razors at "Sharpen Your Thinking with These 10 Powerful Cognitive Razors" --
And more details about Sahil Bloom at

The Scrum Framework (Scrum Academy explains Agile) | 2021 Edition | Scrum in less than 15 Minutes --

TED Playlist: How to be a great leader --

8 Do’s and Don’ts for Hybrid Working --

How Smart People Work Less and Get More Done --

Have a great and productive week ...

14. Aug, 2022

Picture found on LinkedIn supporting the UN SDG Action Campaign, more details at FlipTheScript and ACT4SDGs

Great holidays in the Netherlands, perfect weather at the end of the week and the possibility for the urgently required rain starting Monday and maybe even Wednesday and Thursday as well? Looking forward to some water from above and a little bit lower temperatures in the mid 20's next week.

Holiday is over Monday and a lot of work is waiting. We have a public holiday in Portugal and India tomorrow, so our Sprint 1 Demo had been moved to Tuesday. The same day when 3 new Interns are starting. As the summer holiday period is over shortly, we are already looking forward to the late Summer and Autumn activities. I was asked to host a team building day for one of our Business Partner teams early September, the two days with my own team are scheduled 19/20-Sep-22 and the content is nearly finished already. And the highlight of the year, the 2nd Data & Analytics Meetup on 25-Oct-22. 

We still need to agree the main topic and customer experience for the Meetup, plus the story we want to tell this time 🤨. As the 1st Meetup was a big success and surprise for a lot of the people in the audience, we have some pressure now to beat the last performance. As you grow with your challenges, it is a positive pressure so far 👍.

In between will be my school workshop about Digital Transformation this time (in the week of 26 - 30-Sep-22), it will be before the Autumn school holidays. The school workshop will be after the two September workshops at work, so I will have enough content to keep the students busy for 2 - 3 hours.

Just now we are close to #982k overall readers on the counter, what means just 18k readers left to go for the large milestone at #1,000k overall readers - a 7-digit number for the 1st time  🤔👍. If everything goes well and we stay at or above the current weekly average, it should still be possible in Aug-22. My mother is already thinking about buying an evening dress for the celebration party that still has to be planned 🤩. So keep reading, as always the winner of the counter screenshot competition can win a price.

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