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25. Sep, 2022

Picture provided by Sketchplanations

What a great week, starting with the 2-Day offsite workshop, some preparation for our Meetup in Oct-22 and the next Sprint Demo tomorrow. The Demo will be groundbreaking for our Agile Release Train (ART), as we will show some new functionality for our automated end-to-end process flow for the first time after several month of preparation work 😎👍, what a great success.

The new COVID-19 workplace rules of the German government are out and my company did already translate it into guidelines for the employees. Safety first is the general direction for the Autumn and Winter period. Do voluntary testing at home, keep your distance and wear a face mask when the distance is getting too low or cannot be kept properly. These rules together with the reduction of the room and water temperatures (to reduce the general energy consumption due to the consequences out of the Ukraine war) in the office will not really increase the motivation of the majority of people, to get back to the office more often. We will see in the coming weeks.

"I don't see myself as a hero because what I'm doing is self-interested: I don't want to live in a world where there's no privacy and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity." -- Edward Snowden, American - Activist Born: June 21, 1983

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24. Sep, 2022

7-38-55 Communication Rule --

Things I can control (picture) --

The state of the world's economies and markets in 2022 - in charts

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23. Sep, 2022

Picture provided by TeacherGoals. It is not really confirmed, if the quote is from Bruce Lee, but it is a great statement anyway. 

"Selfish is easy. It's sharing that takes courage." -- Simon Sinek

One of the ideas and motivation for my BLOG is to share information that not everybody might be seeing, does not use for learning, or get taught by people with more experience. And it seems to be making an impact after 6 years 😎. I had more than 8,400 clicks last week and in a Google image search for the real source of a picture I wanted to use yesterday, I found my article at #8 on the list of results 👍. Cool stuff ...

As I wanted to take some days off during the upcoming autumn school holidays (starting 03-Oct-22 for 2 weeks in my region of Germany), I had to review my calendar and the planned activities or assignments for the coming weeks. October is already starting next week, what happened to the 9 month before 🤔, and it will be really busy with the next PI Planning (including Pre- and Post activities), our Data & Analytics Meetup and some other tasks that cannot be moved out. In the end I found two bank holidays and two additional days to take off until 02-Nov-22. Have a great weekend.

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22. Sep, 2022

Great sketchnote by Tanmay Vora --

Emotional Energy Zones --

21. Sep, 2022

On the left the King Charles III calendar created on

"The average human lifespan nowadays is 80 years. That means, your life is made up of (hopefully) 4,160 weeks. So the  Memento Mori Calendar has 4,160 dots, each dot representing a week of your life and each row representing 2 years of your life."

For King Charles III I used his birth day and assumed he will be 98 years old in the end (his mother was 96 and his father 99) 🤔. He got the crown with age 73 and has some dots left to make a change and to show his perspective and influence. Try it as well ...

The content of today was not my idea, I reused it from Sahil Bloom's newsletter.

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"Memento mori-remember death! These are important words. If we kept in mind that we will soon inevitably die, our lives would be completely different. If a person knows that he will die in a half hour, he certainly will not bother doing trivial, stupid, or, especially, bad things during this half hour. Perhaps you have half a century before you die-what makes this any different from a half hour?" -- Leo Tolstoy taken from Quotes about Memento Mori