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24. Sep, 2021

Picture provided by @successpictures

Exactly what Eve Simon did yesterday with the MOMS WHO LEAD Summit. A great experience during a very intensive 12 hours, with a lot of great MOMS who have shared their situation, experiences, concerns, successes, challenges, dreams, perspectives and wishes with us. Worth listening and learning.

The father panel was fun as well. Here some quick answers to the three main questions. There is definitely much more to say, but we do not have enough space here 🤔:

  1. Why we need moms in leadership roles --> add a different perspective to the table, one way to approach the "war for talent", bring people together, mothers are servant leaders - the agile leadership model we need
  2. Why we don't see mothers on the top --> the glass ceiling of the old white men, the dual burden of work and family, missing self-confidence, resistance to change in companies, too much talking and too less doing, ....
  3. What needs to change to thrive for sustainable growth including mothers voices --> "be the change you want to see from others", select the right role models, be authentic and diverse, be a self-confident you with some luck, be the right person at the right place at the right time, ...

Looking forward to the next summit, maybe in person again after COVID-19. We will wait and see.


23. Sep, 2021

Just following the MOMS WHO LEAD Summit, really motivating stories and insights. 2 hours to go until the father panel. Looking forward to it. Will keep you posted, how it did go.

22. Sep, 2021

More details about the summit at Hopin (detailed agenda at the end of the page), picture taken from MOMs Lead Group on LinkedIn

07.00 - 08.00 PM CEST: A male perspective on 'Moms Who Lead' (Panel). Three high executive male professionals from Nestle, Vodafone and Marienhaus Group will share their perspective on why we need moms in leadership roles, why we don't see mothers on the top and what needs to change to thrive for sustainable growth including mothers voices.

As the summit tomorrow will be all about learning and sharing experiences and perspectives, a quick reference to my daily initiative at work, called the 5-minute learnings. Every day I am sharing interesting and diverse articles, infographics, sketchnotes, pictures and opinions, to give the consumers a 5 minute break and a good feeling afterwards. This has two advantages, some marketing for our Data & Analytics Meetup page and a reuse of the material I use in my BLOG as well. "I see, the lazy engineer again - smart reuse before starting new stuff 😎, yes why not".

"Creation always involves building upon something else. There is no art that doesn't reuse. And there will be less art if every reuse is taxed by the appropriator." -- Lawrence Lessig, taken from Top 25 Reuse Quotes

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21. Sep, 2021

It took some time to find the real source of the picture, but here we go --> The bosses we remember...

As mentioned in my 11-Feb-21 Post, "During my career I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with many women in CMO, CIO and CEO roles. In my current company I only had women supervisors so far, the first one even gave me a chance to start a new position with age 55. And in the senior management team I am working with a diverse group of remarkable women in department lead roles. A lot of fun and great opportunities to learn for all involved parties."

Based on this the advice to my younger self would be - Copy and Transfer the behavior of good bosses to your own environment and find smart alternatives for bad behavior, if you see it.

To find the right reference article today I did make use of the fact that I have all my BLOG Posts collected in eBooks by year. When you know, what to search for, it is easy in a PDF document 🤔. And less than 3,000 readers to go for the next #666,666 milestone, keep reading. Very much appreciated 👍.

"But it’s important, while we are supporting lessons in respecting others, to remember that many of our youngest kids need to learn to respect themselves. You learn your worth from the way you are treated." -- Anna Quindlen, taken from 50 Great Remember Quotes

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  • 2 days to go for the MOMS WHO LEAD Summit, my father panel is at 07.00 PM CEST


19. Sep, 2021

Picture of Chili peppers taken on our balcony today.

The picture was taken with intention today, because the "hot" phase is starting in the coming week.

I have to deliver the slides for my keynote speech (scheduled 27-Sep-21) tomorrow. The MOMS WHO LEAD Summit with the father panel, that I am participating in, is on Thursday (23-Sep-21). On Friday we have the 1st Dry-Run of our Data & Analytics Meetup (happening 04-Oct-21), to check slides, content and timing for the whole agenda. And yesterday I started to update the school workshop slides for their Theme week on 08-Oct-21.

Another week to go until the Germany government election on 26-Sep-21. The last TV-Triell (the 3 applicants for the Chancellor's Office plus two moderators) will be starting in 4 minutes. One of the last chances on TV to somehow influence the large group of undecided voters (1/3 what is around 20 million people). We will see how it goes, short reaction and answer to questions is a different way of communication than a prepared speech that is 45 minutes or more.

I had the chance today morning to see two speeches on TV, given on party conventions that were used to motivate the members for the final week of their election campaigns. Really interesting to follow, how the two candidates did structure their speech, covered their main topics and motivated the people in the room and on the screens watching. Will be an interesting final week, looking forward to the outcome next Sunday. And the final election result will just be the beginning for a long time of Coalition negotiations, as three parties will have to work together to get a majority in the parliament 🤔.

"So many people from your past know a version of you that no longer exists anymore. Growth is beautiful" -- Sign with quote provided by Vintage Vivids 

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