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10. Aug, 2022

Picture taken in Hellendoorn today

Today was a really successful day 😎. Nice weather and breakfast. Afterwards we did drive to Hellendoorn, what is just 11 km away from our holiday park - and surprise, surprise - the wool shop was open, had some good stuff to offer and my wife could buy something great 👍. 1st step taken.

After the wool shop we found an ice cream shop, with the Italian style ice cream we were looking for, and enjoyed it in front of the shop at a nice and shady place. 2nd step taken as well 👍👍. The last step was to buy some local food in an ALDI close by. ALDI from Germany is offering a standard assortment of low price and good quality products in a lot of international countries, extended with some local specialities.

We are going back to Germany tomorrow and will enjoy the rest of my holidays at home, weather is there dry and hot as well 😎. 

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9. Aug, 2022

Picture taken in Deventer yesterday ...

"Deventer is a centuries-old Hanseatic town by the banks of the river IJssel. The city embodies its long and rich history, with magnificent monuments, handsome squares and old museums, with a very pleasant atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for those who like to experience a city through its shopping streets, cafes and restaurants."

The picture has been taken from the tower of the Lebuinus Church, 220 steps to get up there. Worth the effort as you have a great view over the city with a lot of different churches and the river IJssel. If you are near by, have a look and enjoy the Hanseatic Town flair.

Today we have been to Rijssen-Holten (Google will translate the webpage for you) looking for a wool-shop. It was closed as the opening hours had been changed over the summer weeks 🤒.  Next plan was to look for a good Italian ice cream store, to take a nice ice outside in the sun. But we could only find places selling soft ice cream, what was not our expectation, but seems to be very common in this area of the Netherlands? We will try another wool-shop in another small town tomorrow, hopefully it is open and somebody sells Italian ice cream there?

"Regardless of technology or the speed of innovation, people are still people. And all the rules of humanity still apply." -- Simon Sinek

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7. Aug, 2022

Picture taken in Zwolle yesterday.

"Zwolle is a Hanseatic city and a university town. This is evident: the historic and hip city on the IJssel is bursting with vibrancy. Walk through the bustling centre and discover inspiring boutiques, great shops, fascinating museums, like Museum de Fundatie, the best restaurants and much more."

The HANSE had 192 Hanseatic cities in 16 countries in their history and is still active. "The new HANSE was founded in 1980 in the Dutch town of Zwolle and since then it has become the world's largest voluntary association of towns and cities. Current membership is shown in the list of towns and cities under HANSE Cities."

So Zwolle is a really nice town, surrounded by water with a combination of old, renovated and new buildings. A large market in the city center on a Saturday and a Church that became a book shop and restaurant in the meantime. Only two of several examples, worth seeing, if you are near by 😎.

Besides that the weather is still great, sunny and not so hot today, but much too less rain for the vegetation and the channels that are nearly everywhere in the Netherlands. The general climate change and the current drought is becoming a serious problem here, causing first government actions lately. No rain expected next week, what is good for the tourists, but not for the country.

Have a great week, I will be enjoying my holidays 🙂.

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5. Aug, 2022

Greetings from the Netherlands, where I am with my wife on holiday for a week.

We are in one of the several Holiday Parks that you can find here, seems to be a cultural thing? The Netherlands is a pretty small country so holiday parks seem to be a speciality? Short travel from anywhere in the Netherlands and a lot of different offers in one place. You do not need to go somewhere else 😎. 

Our small appartment house includes a little sauna in the bathroom, what is pretty cool as you do not have to worry about any Sauna Etiquette. When I was thinking about this topic today, I did search all my eBook entries for previous posts about Sauna Etiquette. I did find exactly one from 17-Oct-2019, what covers all you need to know 👍. 

Another cultural topic is the behavior of our Interns at work. We currently have Interns from China, Taiwan and South Korea. Somebody from Vietnam will start in 11 days. Calling somebody who was born in Taiwan a Chinese is not okay and it happened once to me, but as we are in Germany not into all the details in the Asian world, it can happen, but should not!! 🤨 Cultural awareness is key and pretty helpful to better understand the differences. Our Intern from China, already with us for 3 month, became the Mentor of the new joiner from South Korea. Two very different countries from a political and industrial/economical perspective, but both had a very good relationship after one hour already. Being young and together in Germany, far away from their home country and cultural guidelines and controls, helps a lot to quickly find a common ground of interests.

"Be able to define yourself at all times. Do not wait for someone else to come and define you. Accept and embrace your individuality. Be inspired to be the BEST YOU and never let no one get your self esteem down." -- Unknown, taken from Inspiring Cultural Awareness Quotes & Sayings

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3. Aug, 2022

“Stay hungry” means stay driven and keep desiring more. Stay eager, excitable, and ambitious. “Stay foolish” means don’t be practical about your ambitions, and don’t qualify and overthink your ideas. Don’t allow learned rationality to stop you pursuing what you are “hungry” for.

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