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5. Dec, 2021

Picture provided by BrightVibes, with a Malcolm X quote

2 working weeks to go before my 3 weeks Christmas holidays 😎, looking forward to a break. The coming week will be full of interesting topics. We do have our year end meeting of the department, all teams had been asked to summarize their accomplishments in a short video. This will be fun to see the different interpretations of the guideline.

Besides that the REQUISITE AGILITY: UNLEASHED CONFERENCE from Tuesday until Thursday, have a look at the agenda, when you are interested? And Thursday morning a 90 minute KPMG event that has no supporting material in English, sorry for that.

Last week I finished the preparation for the 2nd part of the Team USP workshop. We just have to agree a date with the team, and to be aligned with the tightened COVID-19 guidelines in Germany, it would be even possible to do the workshop online. If you know, what you are looking for, you will find supporting tools nearly for everything 👍.

Last Friday was the Master Thesis colloquium of one of my Interns. A really great job done!! The presentation part was a little bit impacted by technical constraints, but the Q&A piece was authentic and a great opportunity to show the wide level of knowledge and fascination for the topic. This once again supported the quote from Simon Sinek -- “You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.” The attitude of the Intern was perfect, only the presentation skill needs some further improvement over time. Nothing to worry about, the final mark was very good 🤔.

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P.S.: On a good track record for the #750k overall reader milestone. 8,000+ readers last week and just another 22.5k readers to go. Let's keep going together 😉. Very much appreciated.


4. Dec, 2021

Picture provided by Tanmay Vora - Signs of a High-Trust  Environment

As the weekend will be rainy and cold, some interesting material to fill spare time:

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3. Dec, 2021

Pictures provided once again by TeacherGoals

Some basic "teacher" rules - one time is like none time - and - it is fine to get older. For me personally teacher do have a special access to time management and are a little bit disconnected from the reality, BUT this might just be my opinion and experience so far. Have been in school myself and had three daughters in school - a good basis for knowledge, but possibly not statistically significant yet 😎.

With respect to age, this is just a question of the perspective. When you are young or still a kid, you want to get older quickly so you can do more. When you are the new 40 or beyond, you get tired earlier 🤔.

“I had to wait 110 years to become famous. I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.” ∼ Jeanne Louise Calment (1875-1997), taken from 50 Age Quotes To Make You Rethink Time, Old Age, and Aging

  • How technology can promote inclusion for the world’s largest minority group
  • Ameca: The Future Face Of Robotics (really impressive videos)

"Don’t confuse having less with being less, having more with being more, what you have with who you are." -- Noah Benshea


2. Dec, 2021

Picture taken from Angela Merkel Teddy Bear by Hermann-Coburg - have a look at the creation video 🤔

Today was one of the few last appearances of Angela Merkel in public during the so called "Grosser Zapfenstreich", a military ceremony performed in Germany. She did select three songs that have been performed by a military band (all details in this article). Her selection caused a lot of discussion and interpretation 😎:

  • One supporting her East German origin
  • One about red roses for women
  • And finally a religious song as she is a priest's daughter

From my perspective a typical Merkel selection. You can really make a big story out of it and discuss the motivation and potential signals for weeks, or just accept it as three different songs. People will remember it anyway.

The new chancellor will be elected in the German parliament next week, then Angela Merkel's assignment as acting Chancellor will be over and she can finally go into her private life.

“Yes, now little girls in Germany know they can become a hairdresser, or chancellor. Let’s see.” -- Angela Merkel, taken from Angela Merkel Quotes on Leadership, Culture, and Climate Change


"We cannot control relationships. We can only contribute to them. All relationships, business and personal, are opportunities to serve others." -- Simon Sinek


1. Dec, 2021

Picture provided by TeacherGoals on LinkedIn

A good list of thoughts to remember for the final 31 days in 2021.

The last and 1st day of a month is the time when our community of Interns is changing. We had one guy leaving yesterday to start the next step on the business journey. And another Intern became an official employee today. The Internship is a good opportunity for both parties to get to know each other better and to have a much more detailed recruiting process.

Yesterday evening I had the Webinar - Master Class Keep It Simple: A Model for Scrum Masters to Navigate Complexity - an interesting and easy to use concept that can help as framework to manage complexity and to support agile roles in their daily activities. A 4-month program was offered to go into more details and a 1:1 coaching, but nothing for me in my current journey. I will try to use the framework once in a while.

Besides that we have #WorldAIDSDay today. "World AIDS Day was first observed in 1988. Each year, organizations and individuals across the world bring attention to the HIV epidemic, endeavor to increase HIV awareness and knowledge, speak out against HIV stigma, and call for an increased response to move toward Ending the HIV Epidemic." Awareness is still required as this virus has been pushed into the background with COVID-19 starting in 2019.

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