[27-Sep-23] Get into doing quickly ...

Do not wait for things to happen by magic ...

Two of the ten factors of the Frank Sonnenberg What’s Holding You Back? article above.

The 3rd Data & Analytics Meetup yesterday did go really well, besides two unplanable impacts. A short power outage of 3 seconds that did shutdown all audio and video equipment including our live stream for 5 minutes. And a change in the order of our agenda, as two participants had to leave earlier than initially planned. 

The feedback yesterday and today was very positive about content, the mix of topics in the agenda and the way of presentation. We collected good data for the next Meetup in 2024, assuming it will happen after a retrospective we are planning for end of October-23.

Also the 11 BreakOut session in the afternoon had been visited by a lot of people. 36 on average and 71 in the session with the most people. Really interesting topics and good insights into the work we are doing in our department.

Another topic is CHATGPT AS CEO: STARTUP'S €400K PROFIT & RAPID SUCCESS WITH AI - ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, takes the reins as CEO of a Portuguese startup, AIsthetic Apparel, turning it profitable within a week. The AI-driven company focuses on selling T-shirts with AI-generated designs, and with its innovative approach, projects a promising €400,000 annual profit.

An interesting idea as a lot of companies are looking for young people with a lot of work experience. ChatGPT is definitely young and the 3.5 version has a lot of "CEO" experience until 2021. The missing two years until today should be easily covered by all the available knowledge and expertise taken from a nearly endless database. Have a look.

  • 37 Ways to Be Happier at Work ASAP

  • ChatGPT Data Analysis Cheat Sheet
  • How to give feedback Cheat Sheet
  • 10 Things Smart People Never Say

  • Virtually Agile: 18 Templates / Canvases for building great teams
  • “What’s the best way for someone to grow professionally?” 70-20-10

[25-Sep-23] Quick Monday post

Tomorrow is event day and all is ready to go

Dr Hannah Ritchie is a Senior Researcher and the Head of Research at Our World in Data. She focuses on the long-term development of food supply, agriculture, energy, and environment, and their compatibility with global development.

Final alignment with the technical team, my co-host and supporting staff today. Looking forward to our Meetup tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

[24-Sep-23] My week 38-2023 highlights

"The culture and leadership of your business play a critical role in promoting or hindering effective communication." -- Monte Pedersen

A good picture for our Meetup event on Tuesday that is all about communication and story telling. We will do some small preparation work tomorrow and then we are good to go after more than 6 month preparation work. Two good links related to the communication topic below:

  • International Day of Sign Languages 23 September

  • Video: MOHAMMED QAHTANI: The Power Of Words (a Saudi Arabian engineer, won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking)

You potentially know already that I like Japanese frameworks and special ways to do things, here a new one that I heard about today - Furoshiki - a really sustainable way for e.g. gift wrapping

"The most popular modern day uses for Japanese furoshiki include: packing bento lunch boxes and protecting them from spilling open; wrapping gifts; transporting glass, ceramic or fragile goods. Particularly fine patterns can be hung on the wall as art, or worn over the shoulders as a shawl. Furoshiki bags can come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be easily used as a tablecloth, or a picnic hamper for your next hanami picnic. In an emergency a furoshiki also makes a great sling or temporary bandage! The uses of the furoshiki are limited by only your creativity."

For further communication purposes some interesting content to look at:

  • Happiness at work? A competitive advantage, indeed. Stay on the bus: the proven path to doing unique and meaningful work. Digital transformation KPI.

  • The 30 Questions Every Leader Must Ask to Stress-Proof Their Workplace Culture

  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (22-Sep-23)

  • McKinsey & Company: Top Ten Reports │ Third Quarter 2023
  • HOUSE of LEAN (Sketchnote)

  • Scaling the Leadership mountain
  • 7 Books to Help You Press Reset on Your Mindset

  • 8 ways to develop Metacognitive skills
  • Emotions and mindset. Fascinating combination. These can be paradoxical more often than not (image)

  • The Amazing Ways Snowflake Uses Generative AI For Synthetic Data And Natural Language Queries

[22-Sep-23] You are the sum ...

Of the 5 people around you or maybe A.I. soon? 

Quick summary of the last week. PI planning was finished successfully and the confidence vote delivered a 4.1/5, a pretty good result. The next 3-month project phase starts next week Tuesday, the same day when we have our 3rd Data & Analytics Meetup. For this event the slides are ready and everything is prepared. The short-notice surprises will be handled, when they come up, really agile.

Remaining on my ToDo list after the Tuesday event is the school workshop next week Friday, then I am ready for two weeks holiday. For sure well deserved.

Then I have seen a picture and article about the topic - AI systems perform better than humans in language and image recognition in some tests - let's see, what OpenAI thinks about this topic?

AI systems have proven their superior performance compared to humans in language and image recognition tests. With advancements in technology, AI algorithms have been fine-tuned to accurately understand and process vast amounts of written and visual data. Whether it's understanding natural language patterns or identifying objects and patterns in images, AI systems have shown remarkable capabilities in outperforming human counterparts. This breakthrough in AI has paved the way for significant advancements in various fields, such as healthcare, self-driving cars, and customer service.

The ability of AI systems to surpass human performance in language and image recognition tasks opens up endless possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. With AI, the speed and accuracy of processing large volumes of data have skyrocketed, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and gain competitive advantages. Moreover, these AI systems can learn and improve over time, constantly refining their abilities and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and patterns. The growth of AI technology is revolutionizing industries, empowering us to harness the potential of intelligent algorithms and achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in language and image recognition.

Not so bad I would say and A.I. found the bear on the chocolate packaging by the way :-) -- Have a great weekend.

  • Here are the top 10 mental models that will revolutionize your prioritization approach

  • The true 100% commitment at work😁

[20-Sep-23] Don't lower standards

Help others to improve standards for a common interest

The first day of our planning did go really well today. All team members get more and more used to doing a 3-day planning in two days, and the quality of the results is improving with the increased experience over time.

Today is the German World Children’s Day, two month before the UNICEF

World Children’s Day on 20-Nov-23.

"In 1925, International Children’s Day was first proclaimed during the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva, Switzerland. This day is still celebrated on June 1 in many countries. However, in 1954, the United Nations resolved that November 20 should be Universal Children’s Day, which later became known as World Children’s day; at the same time he UN suggested that each country should choose a date that was appropriate and met the needs of for their own people to celebrate."

Related to the headline today an article from Frank Sonnenberg -

Lowering Standards Is a Fool’s Errand - enjoy reading.

  • The only healthy and worthwhile comparison is you yesterday vs you today - Focus on that.

  • How much risk do you take?

  • Essential Data Terms for IT Pros in 2023


"Nobody likes me! I wish I could like you, Charlie Brown, but I can't ... If I were to like you, it would be admitting that I was lowering my standards! You wouldn't want me to do that, would you? Be reasonable! I have standards that I have set up for liking people, and you just don't meet those standards! It wouldn't be reasonable for me to like you! I hate myself for being so unreasonable! — Charles M. Schulz

[19-Sep-23] About Productivity ...

Some quick insights and links before the PI planning tomorrow

"Simply put, productivity measures the amount of value created for each hour that is worked in a society." -- McKinsey

The presentation for tomorrow is nearly finished, possibly some final changes are required between 07.30 and 08.30 AM in the morning, last minute. Better to do it then in time for the kick-off meeting.

Preparation for the 3rd Meetup is also making progress, I am just collecting the slides from all presenters.

  • 10 Most Common Leadership Styles and Their Pros and Cons in 2023

  • 2023 AI Maturity Model
  • 9 Bad Manager Mistakes That Make Good People Quit

  • "A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it." - Chinese proverb

  • 12 AI Profile Picture Generation Tools

  • Moms Who Lead: The Overlooked Impact of Closing the Talent Gap, Equal Pay, and DEI

  • Your personal brain lab (great sketchnote by Maria Luisa Engels)
  • Self-promotion done right: how to share your successes without sounding arrogant

  • Your Sprint length doesn't have to be two weeks!

  • The ultimate Leading Change cheat sheet
  • Do you need that meeting? Cheat sheet

Source Youtube: THE PRODUCTIVITY PROJECT by Chris Bailey | Animated Core Message

[17-Sep-23] The week 37-2023 summary

"A self-serving bias is one where we attribute our failures to external factors and our successes to our own admirable qualities and efforts."

Two weeks left until my Autumn holidays and the next week starts with a special System Demo only for the Senior Management team tomorrow. Less technical than last Monday and also to collect some benefit hypothesis, acceptance criteria and the definition of done for the coming project phase from a business and customer perspective.

Tuesday we have the 3rd #SpiritDay this year, a full day for team or personal training. We will start with a team session about Resilience.

Wednesday and Thursday we have our 2-day planning phase, with two new urgent projects to focus on. All available resources with the right expertise and skill set are taking care, the rest will proceed with other smaller tasks, to make some progress there as well.

On 26-Sep-23 finally the 3rd Data & Analytics Meetup. The event was close to be canceled due to a conflict with a higher management All-Hands meeting, but we could come to a compromise. Moving the start 30 minutes later and a little less room in the agenda will work for all involved parties.

Enjoy your next week.

  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (15-Sep-23)

  • Clearing the Fog: How to Stop Ambiguity from Frustrating Your Team

  • Video: Why a Morning Routine Will Make You More Successful
  • A Visual Guide to AI Adoption, by Industry

  • Embrace the Age of Generative AI: It's Already Here!

  • The productivity cheat sheet to save 20+ hours/per week

[16-Sep-23] Uncovering more potential

Found some more material about the topic

Besides the picture that covers a 9 step process, I also found another article about potential - The P-Word: 3 Actionable Tips to Reach Your Potential - with additional pictures and explanations.

Let's add some motivation and Non-violent communication content to further improve the potential. 

Finding or improving potential is also one driver in my school workshop on 29-Sep-23. I finished the presentation today with some additional slides and my notes for the workshop. The final result is already available for download on my Beratung & Coaching page. You can also find my 2018, 2019 and 2021 slides there. Have fun and a great weekend.

  • Speeding up green transition is cheaper than delaying, plus other top energy stories this week

  • For LINUX users or fans, interested in some TUX avatars?

    Marco Antonio Espinosa Kind has a lot of potential. 

[15-Sep-23] How to uncover potential?

The Pygmalion Effect: the powerful influence of shared expectations.

In order to come from a rock to statue you need some tools. It is the same when you want to uncover your potential. The right tools might be learning, personality tests, some mentoring/coaching, maybe just some feedback from an outside opinion or perspective? Up to you, and depending from where you are and where you want to be?

Another potential could be found in hidden champions - Hidden champions are companies that dominate their respective niches, but are largely unknown to the general public. These companies are typically small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with annual revenues of less than €5 billion - I did see a Peter Kreuz article about this topic today (only in German), but also found his series of English speaking videos on Youtube for the same topic, have a look. 

Finally a paradigm shift could help as well and unlock a lot of potential. See an example for leadership with a great Tanmay Vora sketchnote included.

“Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.” -- John Maxwell, taken from 40 Inspirational Quotes On Potential.

  • The secret to accelerating performance - What winning companies do differently


  • The Scrum Master as the Leader of the Future


  • Kotter's 8-Step Process for Leading Change
  • The 5 Biggest Risks of Generative AI: Steering the Behemoth Responsibly

  • The 5 Guiding Laws of Life!

  • 10 Sentences advice on what Scrum Master need (credit to Mike Cohn)

[13-Sep-23] Issue and improvement

Clarify the problem and find a solution

I found the picture yesterday and shared it in my team. The spillover joke came up immediately and I answered, when you want to keep a clean table, don't do any spillovers. Today I found an even better solution on Youtube, the 2023 answer - Robot Barista Making Latte Art!

Next issues is the baby-boomer generation retiring shortly and the current

shortage of skilled workers. Two trends going in opposite directions. A huge number of baby-boomers are leaving the workforce in the coming years and the current shortage of skilled workers will be getting worse. So re- or upskill your younger employees and develop what you need on your own. My project will be facing the same issues with respect to software development. A first idea is to do pair-programming or mentoring between older and young team members, maybe a coding autumn-school to upskill a larger group quickly. I will be thinking about this in more details after my October holiday.

Finally a new idea to avoid synchronization or undertitles in videos - just use AI for translation into other languages and to match the new words and mouth movements. Have a look at HeyGen or this example.

  • Redesigning your career path in a Skills-Driven world

  • Frank Sonnenberg: How to Work Smart and Achieve More
  • 10 metrics more valuable than velocity

  • Activating Growth Mindset (at scale)
  • Worrying is not at all bad if you have the right mindset.

[11-Sep-23] The Power of Habit

Habit: "Something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it"

The changed "habit" during our System Demo today, more focus on outcome and benefit for the customers and less technical details and language, did go really well. And the collected feedback afterwards did proof that we are on the right track. More to come the next time.

"Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you'll find that you have more of it." -- Ralph Marston, American - Writer

  • Dan Rockwell: WORDS FOR THE WISE
  • About Time Management

  • What gives me the most joy, as a coach?

  • McKinsey & Company have developed this simple matrix to assess your organisation’s #culture.

  • 10 Ways Smart People Neutralize Toxic People

  • Norman Vincent Peale wrote, “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

  • Agility can often look natural and even effortless from a distance

  • 36 AI Tools to Start Your Online Business in 2023

  • Python Data Structures Concept Map

  • Video: Simon Sinek's Thoughts on the Purpose of AI

[10-Sep-23] My week 36-2023 highlights

Basketball World Cup Final: Germany 83 : Serbia 77

The historical days did go on today, when the German Basketball team did win the World Cup for the 1st time. What a great day and very well deserved after winning all games during this tournament. And a perfect analogy to the picture today, as the great intersection of all player types and their experience in the past together made a winning team. Congratulations and Basketball will now get much more visibility with a broader audience, because only the final was shown on free TV in Germany.

Germany can be lucky to have Basketball now, as Soccer is a complete disaster in the moment. After losing against Japan yesterday the coach was fired today, much too late from my perspective, but better late than never. Next friendly game is against France on Tuesday already and an interim coach has been announced. Will be interesting to see, who gets this position long-term. 

I was busy the whole day yesterday to update and fine-tune my presentation for the school workshop on 29-Sep-23. A lot did happen in the technology and digitalization area in the last 2 years, what had influence on the content I plan to present. I asked ChatGPT to get 10 key topics to be covered during this workshop and 5 dangers I should warn the kids about. Really great results for easy questions, very helpful. And a good confirmation for the content I did share in previous workshops in the school already. Good to have this task finished now, only some additional notes will be required for my voice-over during the presentation. I plan to have two active sessions for the audience besides the slides I will show. 

The coming week starts with our System Demo on Monday, much more customer focused this time. Looking forward to the feedback of the audience afterwards, to see if our effort and change in direction was successful?

  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (08-Sep-23)

  • Why Shallow Leadership Principles Backfire: The Dangers of Simplistic Mantras

  • The 2023 MAD (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data) Landscape

  • Our VELUM system steps in to provide a solution. sewts VELUM feeds towels and other terrycloth into folding machines, closing this significant gap in automation of industrial laundries. Our inhouse developed AI analyzes the textile and translates these findings into robotic commands.

  • SQL in a Nutshell
  • What technology analysts are saying about the future of generative AI

  • Teach Your Children To Care Inspirational Video
  • The best example of “don’t try to change something that works”.

"I always thought of myself as a humanities person as a kid, but I liked electronics. Then I read something that one of my heroes, Edwin Land of Polaroid, said about the importance of people who could stand at the intersection of humanities and sciences, and I decided that's what I wanted to do." -- Steve Jobs

[08-Sep-23] A historical day ...

Basketball World Cup: Germany 113 : USA 111

The German team was the 1st time in the Semi-Finals after 21 years, did win against the favorites from the USA today and is now for the 1st time ever in theWorld Cup final on Sunday. Well done guys.

As well today is the 1st anniversary of the death of Elizabeth II, 70 years on the throne and now the 1st year without her, still a little bit unusual.

The picture today is another great Tanmay Vora sketchnote, always a good combination of content and related sketches.

12 more days to go until the next 2-day project planning starts, another 6 days for the 3rd Meetup and then finally the school workshop on 29-Sep-23, before 2 weeks holiday start, will be well deserved by then.

Next Monday we will have our System Demo with the main customers and stakeholders, as official finish for the last 3-month period. Then we start our 5-days of dedicated innovation, training and exploration phase before the next planning. As we want to be much more customer focused and less technical in language on Monday, we had a dry-run with all team members today. Some minor adjustments are required, but the rest will be working fine. Looking forward to it and the feedback of the audience afterwards.

  • The New Happy: Borrow it
  • The New Happy: Talking all day
  • Simon Sinek Video: Optimism Is NOT Blind Positivity
  • Video: Amphibious Velox robot uses undulating fins to swim and crawl
  • XEV YOYO MY23 is here! The full electric city car, which responds to a need for urban mobility with practicality, technology, and an unmistakable design, improves in every aspect

  • Generative Team Design: Innovation, Psychological Safety, and Empathy

  • DevOps Tools Stack Wheel

  • 11 Important Soft Skills

  • Mindsets, the unseen builders or wreckers of success, play a crucial role in teams and organisations

  • Intrinsic drive: from curiosity to mastery to achieve the impossible

  • The Power of Intrinsic Motivation: The most powerful habits are those that come completely from within.

"For artists, scientists, inventors, schoolchildren, and the rest of us, intrinsic motivation-the drive to do something because it is interesting, challenging, and absorbing-is essential for high levels of creativity." -- Daniel H. Pink

[06-Sep-23] The Bulldozer ...

Sometimes you just need to drive alternative ideas

In one of our strategic projects we have a "driver triangle" of Time - Resources - and Smartness. As the enddate is fixed and we cannot increase the number of skilled resources in the remaining time, we have to work smarter and push new, alternative and maybe crazy ideas, to get things done.

During a meeting today I took the Bulldozer role and shared some "fancy" ideas. Why should we spend a lot of effort to reduce the duration of an existing process from e.g. 11 to 8 days? Just tell the involved people that the new duration cannot be longer than 3 days and they should be coming up with smart ideas to make it happen. Discuss good pratices and combine what works well. If a competition between teams is required to be faster, why not - gamification can help as well.

Another proposal was to use the Pareto Principle - by just spending 20% team effort, we should come to a 80% quality and confidence level after testing. We will see soon, if this is possible?

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  • What is an Agile Release Tram?

  • 11 Habits of Ridiculously Likeable People

  • Eve Simon: Maternal Ingenuity: How Moms Drive Progressive Innovation
  • Sketchplanations: Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Frank Sonnenberg: Some People Have No Shame
  • 10 Time Management Tips for Talent Professionals

  • Beyond the Facade: Why a Strong Core Is Key to IT Success

  • How to stop - Taking Things Personally


[04-Sep-23] Meeting the requirements?

It is always good to have a plan B or version 2.0

I am just reading two new books from Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS):

  • The Coaching Habit (2016)

    • The Coaching Habit gives you 7 questions and the tools to make them an everyday habit. Master them, and you’ll be able to work less hard and have more impact.

  • How To Work With Almost Anyone (2023)

    • Every working relationship can be better.
      This book is your guide to creating relationships
      that are safe, vital, and repairable.

I started with the Coaching Habit and it is really easy to read and understand. Looking forward to the remaining content and then the latest book from MBS.

As promised I did select the Interns for the 2nd round of interviews today. Difficult to meet the requirements of the departments searching for Interns, and making it to the 2nd round is no guarantee to be invited for a 2nd interview. We will see.

"The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it." -- Ray Kroc, American - Businessman October 5, 1902 - January 14, 1984


  • Video: 100 WAYS TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF by Steve Chandler | Core Message
  • Video: Simon Sinek - Great Leaders INSPIRE Others To Do Great Things
  • TED Talk Mar-22: How "digital twins" could help us predict the future
  • Coaching questions are the most powerful tools in your arsenal as a coach

  • A collaborative communication framework

The A.I cartoon from Paul Noth as perfect fit to the Labor Day in the USA today.


[03-Sep-23] The week 35-2023 summary

A happy heart is good medicine ...

Above the text from my Fortune cookie that I took away from the Vietnam restaurant where we had our dinner today. Nice food for a happy heart.

We did book our October holiday today, nearly two weeks in the southern part of Germany, looking forward to it. Besides that I started to prepare my presentation for the School workshop end of Sep-23. Just 90 minutes this time, what is good as my 2nd hands-on activity will be changed and ites are necessarys much shorter than normal. As the last workshop was back in 2021, some updates are necessary. ChatGPT did not exist by then, definitely one topic to add. There might be more?

Next week some basic decisions are to be taken, as we enter the hot weeks before the next two day planning phase on 20-Sep-23. Have a great week 36:

  • TED Talk: Why I'm done trying to be "man enough" | Justin Baldoni
  • Video: After Learning to Code at 81, She Made a Game for Fellow Seniors
  • TED Talk: Now is the time to get your own wings | Masako Wakamiya 
  • Video: How to Stop Overthinking
  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (01-Sep-23)

  • 10 Agile Transformation Pitfalls - Old habits die hard

  • What Is a Blameless Culture – And Why Should You Care?

  • 99% dont know those 10 AI tools that will save you hundreds of hours of your work

  • Uncertainty. It's the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about

  • Write queries with Duet AI assistance

  • Good leadership requires you to think like a farmer!

  • 7 Keys To Human Leadership


[01-Sep-23] 1st 1,000k reader anniversary

One year can pass by pretty fast ...

Exactly one year ago I was celebrating the first time 1,000k readers on the counter of my BLOG. I am wearing my celebration jacket today that I did design for this occasion back then. As best possible assumption I did set the counter to 1,308,000 readers today, see the bottom of the Welcome page as reference. Just in case you are interested in more details about the celebration last year, see

[01-Sep-22] Blog post, see 2022 eBOOK page 121 for details.

Had a busy day today, starting in the morning with our monthly OneTeam coffee, a voluntary meeting that does not need to have any business context. Out of 450 potential participants only 4 showed up. Voluntary none business topics are not really attractive is my summary, but we had a great time. Did talk about Indian lunch, Vietnam as the 2nd largest coffee producer in the world and some really good Spanish wine. A promising start in the day.

After lunch a one hour Q&A session about our Cloud strategy with 100 people, seemed to be a more fancy topic, based on the pure numbers. People were invited to give feedback about the session and 9 did take the time to share some thoughts. The result was between 1 (complete waste of time) and 5 (cool stuff), difficult to make everybody happy. Anyway we provided some transparency and this is the idea.

In the afternoon two interviews with potential Interns, one 20 the other 36 years old. I will take the decision about next steps in the coming week.

Have a great weekend ...

  • Google Cloud Tech Blog
  • Challenge accepted: High-speed AI drone overtakes world-champion drone racers

  • Charted: Youth Unemployment in the OECD and China

  • Tracking Antarctica Sea Ice Loss in 2023

  • Adam Grant: The 12 New Fall Books to Enrich Your Thinking
  • TED Talk 2023: The AI-powered tools supercharging your imagination
  • The 8 Paths to Humility, How to Recover from Setbacks, & More

  • Tanmay Vora: How to Have an Effective Dialogue
  • The best HR & People Analytics articles of August 2023

  • India's $7 billion electric bus plan, and other city-focused stories you need to read

  • Why is the Moon's south pole so important?
  • 5 Team Practices that improve Agility and Focus


[30-Aug-23] Watermark AI

Making AI generated content visible ...

The AI capabilities are really impressive in the meantime, but how to find out who created the content you see or read? Some options below:

  • Identifying AI-generated images with SynthID

  • Breaking Barriers: Originality.AI's Multilanguage Release Supports 15 Languages (Most Accurate AI Content Checker & Plagiarism Checker for Content Marketers)

  • EU AI Act: first regulation on artificial intelligence

Just today I uploaded a new version of my 6th eBOOK with content until 29-Aug-23. You can get it via the Downloads page in the menu above.

On Friday 01-Sep-23 I will celebrate the 1st anniversary of having 1,000,000 visitors on the counter of my BLOG for the first time. Due to the change of my BLOG hosting company on 08-Dec-22 the visitors are counted differently in the meantime. Based on some earlier investigation my estimation for the counter status, according to the previous measurement logic, is 1,306,700 today.

  • TED Talk 2022: How to find joy in climate action by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
  • Gallup and Lumina Foundation are committed to studying perceptions around the most pressing issues facing higher education (FEATURED REPORT)

  • Dan Rockwell: TAKE THE NEXT STEP
  • The Fairphone 5 is finally here

  • Frank Sonnenberg: It’s Better Done Than Said
  • Are you working enough ON your business?

“We have seen AI providing conversation and comfort to the lonely; we have also seen AI engaging in racial discrimination. Yet the biggest harm that AI is likely to do to individuals in the short term is job displacement, as the amount of work we can automate with AI is vastly larger than before. As leaders, it is incumbent on all of us to make sure we are building a world in which every individual has an opportunity to thrive.”

Andrew Ng, taken from 40 Best Artificial Intelligence Quotes

[29-Aug-23] About multitasking ..

We roughly waste 10 years in 40 years working due to multitasking

I read the statement above in a LinkedIn article today. Not sure if it is really 10 years, but you definitely lose a lot of time. Just do a quick test, to get a first impression and to better understand differences:


  • Draw 3 columns on 2 sheets of paper
  • Column headings: 1-10 ; A-J; I-X (see picture)
  • Goal: Columns are filled with corresponding values
  • Round 1: according to rules see below
  • Turn over sheet of paper or take a new sheet and redraw & label columns
  • Round 2: according to rules see below


  • Round 1: It is filled row by row. Say: 1; A; I; (next line) 2; B; II; .... until you reach 10; J; X
  • Round 2: You fill in columns. First all numbers from 1-10, then all letters (A-J) and last all roman numerals (I-X).

Which round took longer? Surprised ...

After the workshops in the last two weeks I had a discussion with one of the participants today. The topic was to understand more details about the 16Personalities test and how to make best use of the results in a small team setup. I proposed two other tests - IKIGAI and DISC - and some ideas how to approach the next steps. Further discussion is necessary in the future. We will see, what comes next?

  • TED Talk from 2012: The power of introverts
  • 8 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

  • Coaching Models: STEPPA

[28-Aug-23] Setting priorities from different perspectives

It is all about YOU in the end

“To change your life, you need to change your priorities.” -- Mark Twain

  • The New Happy: It’s never too late
  • The longer you think about something, the less likely you are to do it

  • Build a positive Team Culture

  • Video: Is the World Ready For The Impacts Of AI?
  • The 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for AI is here

  • Increase Your Talent Pool Up to 10 Times by Doing This

  • The History of Innovation Cycles from 2021

[27-Aug-23] My week 34-2023 highlights

Preparing a busy September before holiday 

"To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are." -- Eric Hoffer

We start with the Sprint-4 demo tomorrow and afterwards plan the priorities for the next 3 month phase starting 26-Sep-23. Due to a lot of outside influences we are not free to choose our way forward, but we will try to find the best balance between short-term needs and long-term success.

Might not be always easy to create the right awareness of the capabilities in our team, but we will do our best. As we are short with skilled resources for the legacy environment we want to retire soon, any automation or possibilitiy to make use of machine learning will be helpful. To be scalable, faster and deliver with less people and high quality. We will start tomorrow.

Like the onion describes the awareness of problems in the organization, the same applies for knowledge about capabilities. The higher you come the lower the insights. So we have to improve our marketing activities and deliver on commitments more often, to build the trust needed.

  • AI vs. Humans: Which Performs Certain Skills Better?

  • The Definitive Guide to Scrum PDF

  • 10 Questions Every Leader Needs To Ask About AI

  • India's moon mission is a low-cost success story, here's why

  • When you grow up, do you want to become a public speaker?

[25-Aug-23] The Race is on ...

Ready for the weekend after 4 workshops in two weeks 

Nvidia has become an early winner of the generative AI boom.

The company reported record revenue in its second quarter earnings report, with sales of AI chips playing a large role. If we compare to other American competitors, what do the AI chip sales of Nvidia vs. AMD vs. Intel look like?

The well deserved weekend is coming up and I am looking forward to it. Next week back to standard business with our Sprint-4 Demo and the preparation of the next planning phase on 20/21-Sep-23. Alignment is required as well as dependency checks and a common priority setting across different projects.

Besides that I will be starting to prepare the school workshop tomorrow. Needs some updates with 2023 data and capabilities like ChatGPT.

Have a great weekend:

  • Video: Japan’s National Volleyball Team Has a Secret Weapon: A Blocking Robot | Mashable
  • Video: The True Story Behind LEADERS EAT LAST - Simon Sinek

  • Shokunin - The Japanese art of Work for work's sake
  • Don't limit yourself to ChatGPT. Here're 5 new AI tools that outshine ChatGPT

  • Good working relationships are essential for a positive and productive work environment

  • How stress improves us: the hidden power of antifragility

[24-Aug-23] Tools or Frameworks

Two sketches from Olina Glindevi, the Visual Agile Coach

I like her approach to capture rather difficult topics in easy pictures:

  • Left: The Agile Manifesto: Where it all began!
  • Right: Dysfunction Mapping; A tool for effective agile coaching

Just back from my two days with workshops, on Tuesday for 2 hours with my senior management team and Wednesday a whole day offsite with a small management team of another department. Both a great success and the basis for more assignments.

I am still working on my future position as the Feelgood Manager of my department and see two ways to get there. Either to be nominated by the HR department or via an election of all employees. The more workshops I host the higher is the probability for option two. I will go on with this approach, as it is a great experience and learning for me. The fun to see that the preparation work is leading to a smooth workshop is on top of this.

Now the focus will go back to the project and the 3rd Meetup coming up end of Sep-23. The next planned holiday is early Oct-23 for two weeks. One day before I will be hosting the school workshop this year, needs some preparation work as well, as the last one was 2021. The topic is Digital Transformation and this is changing really fast.

"The personal ego already has a strong element of dysfunction, but the collective ego is, frequently, even more dysfunctional, to the point of absolute insanity." -- Eckhart Tolle, German - Speaker Born: February 16, 1948

  • Grant Snider: Wanting More - On Happiness and Chasing Impossible Goals
  • Willem-Jan Ageling: 10 brilliant ways to fail by ignoring the Agile principles

  • How climate adaptation can both protect and grow your business

  • Frank Sonnenberg: The Danger Signs of an Inflated Ego
  • How to Retain Gen Z Employees? Provide Them the Learning Experiences They Want

  • Johari Window: a visual approach to conscious and hidden biases

  • Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you work and interact with others


[21-Aug-23] Asking more questions

Best advice for people of all age ...

Asking questions is the best and first advice for the Interns during their onboarding session. It also works for other people, independent of their age. And with ChatGPT there is now a new tool available that can answer basically any question with a pretty accurate answer.

I used it yesterday for my upcoming school workshop in September. The pupils are close to leaving school and will either start an apprenticeship or study. Some know already what they will be doing, others are struggling with the available offers or cannot take a final decision. In order to help I am collecting websites that support the decision making process. I did post 6 new sites today on my German Beratung & Coaching page. With the right question ChatGPT can add many more

pages, I stopped after 15 new ideas and will be using this way of generating valuable content during my workshop. Making best use of the available capabilities.

  • 13 Timeless Lessons from the Father of Advertising

  • TED Talk: The case for a 4-day work week
  • TED Talk: How to binge a college semester in one week | Steven Hayward
  • Video: I am blind, please help
  • Video: How to stop procrastinating | SOLVING THE PROCRASTINATION PUZZLE by Timothy Pychyl | Core Message
  • 11 Things Organized and Productive People Do Every Day

[20-Aug-23] The week 33-2023 summary

Handling fear and your comfort zone ...

No additional title for the England team as Spain did win the final today and did become now the 5th team to ever win the Women's World Cup. Congratulations.

This morning I had a discussion with my wife about leaving the Comfort Zone, as this was one of the workshop topics in the past week. Here what OpenAI thinks about the topic:

Leaving the comfort zone can be a daunting prospect, but it is essential for personal growth and development. Here are 10 compelling arguments why taking that leap of faith is worth it:

1. Self-discovery: Stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to explore new challenges and push your limits, leading to a better understanding of yourself and your capabilities.

2. Increased resilience: By confronting difficult situations outside of your comfort zone, you build resilience and learn to adapt to change more effectively.

3. Expanded horizons: Embracing the unknown opens doors to new experiences, opportunities, and perspectives that you may have never encountered otherwise.

4. Overcoming fears: Facing your fears head-on can be liberating and empowering, helping you to become more courageous and confident in all areas of life.

5. Enhanced creativity: By exploring new situations and environments, you stimulate your creativity and problem-solving skills, finding innovative solutions to challenges.

6. Personal growth: Leaving your comfort zone pushes you to learn and develop new skills, expanding your knowledge base and fostering personal growth.

7. Building resilience: By facing uncertainty and adversity outside of your comfort zone, you become more resilient and better equipped to handle life's challenges.

8. Boosted self-confidence: Each time you step out of your comfort zone and achieve success, your self-confidence grows, paving the way for greater accomplishments in the future.

9. Embracing change: Leaving your comfort zone prepares you to embrace change gracefully, ensuring you are not left behind in an ever-evolving world.

10. Increased opportunities: By venturing beyond what is familiar, you expose yourself to a broader range of opportunities and possibilities, both personally and professionally.

Not so bad, some minor adjustments and all is great. 

In The Mouse on TV today they explained why the track and field athletes run around the stadium to their left (counter-clockwise)? They did look at different possibilities like e.g. Historical Tradition, left-footed versus right footed people (bio-mechanics), Fairness, Comparability and Standardization. In the end it was a very short IAAF rules book entry from 1913 to standardize on a global basis. 

In the afternoon I did ask ChatGPT 3.5 the same question and got the same answer - "Ultimately, the combination of historical tradition and practical considerations, as defined by the IAAF rules, has led to the widespread practice of track and field athletes running in a counter-clockwise direction around the stadium.". Only when I asked for a combination of this story and leaving the comfort zone in the same article, the system was struggling a lot. More to come ...

  • Domestic chores could be done by robots 40% of the time within a decade - new study

  • TSMC, Bosch, Infineon, and NXP Establish Joint Venture to Bring Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing to Europe

  • Video: How to Consistently Enter Flow States
  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (18-Aug-23)

“It won’t be a surprise to see in the next 24 months, multiple billion-dollar companies built on top of OpenAI’s foundational models. The startups that will be the most successful won’t be the best at prompt engineering, which is the focus today, rather success will be found in what novel data and use case do they incorporate into OpenAI’s models. This novel data and application will be the moat that establishes the next set of AI unicorns.” -- David Shim, taken from

The Best ChatGPT Quotes

  • How Long it Took for Popular Apps to Reach 100 Million Users

  • Dan Rockwell: YES IS BETTER THAN NO
  • Which type of Strategist are you?
  • The 8 step practical problem-solving process is a methodical approach

  • The top 70 books for leaders (according to 70 high performers)

  • 6 Free Online Leadership Courses from Top Schools

  • Learn how to be a leader in an agile world with this free infographic

  • The ability to "multi task" is highly valued and often comes up in job descriptions

"We can struggle with what is. We can judge and blame others or ourselves. Or we can accept what cannot be changed. Peace comes from an honorable and open heart accepting what is true. Do we want to remain stuck? Or to release the fearful sense of self and rest kindly where we are?" -- Jack Kornfield

[19-Aug-23] Water some joy seeds

The weekend between the two workshop weeks

I could prepare both workshops for next week on Friday, just need to wait for the senior management team to deliver their homework, will see the results on Monday.

After lunch on Friday we had our bi-weekly BrownBag session, this time the topic was around Japanese culture and frameworks. Very well received by the audience and less technical than our previous topics. Interested in more details, see the two links below:

Finally the final of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 tomorrow morning - England versus Spain. Three European teams in the last four, Australia finished 4th against Sweden today. After winning the European Championship last year, this could be the 2nd title in 2 years for the team from England. The last and only international title for the Men's team is the World Cup win from 1966 against Germany.

[17-Aug-23] Getting luckier ...

Lifelong Learning, you have to practice, practice, ...

Today I delivered the final package to the participants of the workshop yesterday. The presentation and a summary of the results the teams did work out together. I did get more posititve feedback about the two days and even an offer to host another workshop next week. A little bit too short notice for me, as I had two other workshops scheduled already. Maybe next time?

Later today I delivered several appreciation certificates to team members of my project. This time to the silent heroes/performers. They do great work and deliver or over deliver on their commitments on a regular basis, are a backbone of their teams and do not talk about it a lot. As recognition is one of the top motivation drivers in our teams, we do these kind of appreciation regularly. Helps the recognized people a lot, and is a good signal to their supervisors as well for the next performance review for example.

  • Grant Snider: Fairy Tale After Jan Pieńkowski
  • This infographic identifies 6 principles underlying influence

  • Boston Dynamics wants to change the world with its state-of-the-art robots

  • What the Most Engaged Organisations in EMEA Do Differently

  • The CIGAR Coaching Model

[16-Aug-23] Passing the fear zone

Back from the 2-day offsite workshop

Besides the public transport that did really work well in both directions, I had to take two trains and two busses to get there and again on the way back, the workshop was a great success. It was the 1st time for me to host nearly 50 people in one room, so far the larger workshops with 50+ people were only online.

On the first day we did the Motivation workshop that works well with any kind of participant number, together in a room, online or in a hybrid setup. This morning the presentation of the Personality Type test results and to close the session the 2025/26 journey.

All three topics are related to leaving the personal Comfort Zone, by passing the Fear Zone on the way to the  Learning and Growth Zone. And the same happened on the evening before, when Karaoke was on the agenda.

Some people could really sing well, others did it just for fun or did not care that they still have room for improvement, and a lot did not sing at all. Too much fear to leave the comfort zone, so we potentially missed some good singers, who did not even know how good they are, because they never tried? Overall a lot of fun and good mood of the team, and a good preparation for my workshop today, as I could use the behavior as example for my story line.

The next two workshops are next week Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Frank Sonnenberg: Map Out Your Life’s Journey
  • Dr. Marcus Raitner: Practice Makes Perfect

  • Ten Signs You’re Burning Out (And How To Stop It)

  • Want to Be a Talent Leader? Here's How 600,000 Others Got There

  • 24 Cognitive Biases

  • Anders Indset: Leben ohne Leistung ist Sinnlos (German only)

  • The ‘Godfather of AI’ Has a Hopeful Plan for Keeping Future AI Friendly

  • Strategy in the Face of Complexity: Revisiting the Stacey Matrix

  • 5G-Nachfolger: Netzwerk-Analysen sind Voraussetzung für 6G-Forschung (German only)

[13-Aug-23] My week 32-2023 highlights

Agree to disagree, but support the way forward

Picture taken from a GUSTAVO RAZZETTI article - Disagree and Commit: A 5-Step Playbook to Make Faster, Smarter Decisions - check it out for more details.

Tomorrow is our Sprint-3 demo, but only for 30 minutes. Not much to present in the middle of the 3 month period. Gives me more time to prepare the 1st workshop in the afternoon. Just changing the order of some slides and copying the results of our online brainstorming into it. Then we are good to go, hopefully everybody will be happy with my interpretation of the HR directions.

Tuesday and Wednesday is the two day offsite workshop in our training location in Koenigswinter with 55+ participants. On the 1st day my slot is directly after lunch and before their outdoor team activity. On the 2nd day between breakfast and lunch. The content should be interesting enough, to keep the people motivated. Maybe on the 2nd day morning some will be struggling after a too short night, we will see - those who can party can also work afterwards. Due to the workshop hosting and preparation I might be too busy to write a BLOG post until Wednesday, you will find out :-)

  • 10 Principles of Kaizen..

  • It's time to lighten up and have some fun. About Internet Slangs

  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (11-Aug-23)

[12-Aug-23] Picture Saturday

Related to Leadership and similar topics ...

“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position.” — Brian Tracy

The preparation for my workshops in the coming two weeks is making good progress. Two mandatory workshops after the last employee survey next week Monday and on Tuesday in the week after next week. One offsite workshop about motivation, personality types and a virtual journey to 2025 next week Tuesday and Wednesday. The 4th workshop on 23-Aug-23, a full day teambuilding session for a smaller team. Will be a lot of fun and a good learning experience for me as host and hopefully a valuable time for all participants, in total around 100 people in the 4 workshops. Looking forward to it ...

The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 did proceed with the quarter finals today and the last former champion - Japan - has lost against Sweden. Good for the tournament to get a new champion in the final on 20-Aug-23, but bad luck for the Japanese fans, who did always clean up the stadiums after each game - real role model behavior.

And today: The 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop™ will be the most epic year in Hip Hop history! Celebrations will be held all around the world to uplift and honor every aspect of Hip Hop culture. From concerts and tours to battles, competitions and exhibitions, all of your favorite DJs, MCs, Breakdancers, Beatboxers, Graffiti artists and more will show up and show out to make this golden anniversary of Hip Hop culture the most extraordinary year yet.

[11-Aug-23] Personality types next level

Selective awareness to find more details ...

With the help of the Jobs per Personality Type picture and some Coaching questions we could come to a good solution on the next day (10-Aug-23). The personality type and the proposed jobs did fit pretty well and in the end we came up with an interesting idea for the subject of the planned Master study. The Personality Test was possibly not the solution, but a helpful start to trigger a thinking pocess.

On the same day I found an article on LinkedIn about - 7 Workplace Personality Tests That Can Help Improve Your Team - maybe a selective perception, but good to read.

The New Happy: You have to Look for the need

"Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values." -- Ellen DeGeneres,

American - Comedian Born: January 26, 1958

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  • A collection of 72 viral LinkedIn post examples from 72 favorite creators

  • How to develop an intrapreneurial culture

  • The unique challenges of developing R&D Leaders

  • The Future of Work: The Three Digital Challenges Every Company Must Address


  • Identify impediments impacting multiple teams using Impediment Bingo


  • Why team happiness is a sad target for Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches

[09-Aug-23] Learn from your personality

You just have to find the right details ...

Today was the last day to deliver the "homework" for the workshop next week. In order to avoid triggering bad vibes from their former school time, I called the homework preparation task lately. Maybe this will help. When I left the office today we had a return rate of 81%. As the participation is voluntary for all workshop participants a good result so far. Maybe we will see some more late deliveries in the coming days, I will keep the door open until Friday noon.

According to 16Personalities their test results are rated 91% accurate, what is a great starting point for further activities with the data. As you can see on the picture there are several JOB ideas for every of the 16 personality types. Definitely a hint and something to think about, but in the end everybody has to make the decision on their own.Maybe some helpful ideas for you as well?

At work we had a discussion about pros and cons for a Part-time Master study. A lot of additional stress and work for minimum 3 years on the one side, versus making a dream come true and the possibility to earn more money and reach higher positions in the organization. Besides the general Yes/No decision, what to do - there is also a discussion about the right content and topic for the Master study required. Especially in the current situation of the industry with an increase of AI, the baby boomer retirement coming up shortly and the already existing shortage of skilled workers.

Taking a Personality Test could be a good starting point, to understand yourself and what could be a good decision and content? Exactly my proposal: Go for the Master study, but spend some more quality time on the right subject and content to be selected.

  • Sahil Bloom: Career Advice That Doesn't Suck
  • Employee Resistance to Strategic Change

  • Frank Sonnenberg: Is There a Difference Between Right and Wrong?
  • 6 Soft Skills Recruiters Will Need in the Age of AI

  • Comic Agile: #138 – Dual Operating System
  • Comic Agile: #254 – The Psychological Safety Self-Assessment

[07-Aug-23] Back to work evening

Busy weeks are coming up, let's do it ...

Had a great last day off today, even the weather was supportive.

  • Video: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell | Core Message
  • The Power of Coaching: Why Mothers in Leadership Positions Need Guidance

  • 7 Small Things People Use To Judge Your Personality

  • Kacy Maxwell: Focus on the next step
  • Leadership Freak: THE POWER TO SAY NO

[06-Aug-23] The week 31-2023 summary

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 making progress

On 02-Aug-23 I did write about the four teams that did win the World Cups so far - USA, Germany, Norway and Japan - after 2 games of the last 16 teams today only one team is left - Japan.

The USA team did lose against Sweden after penalties. The end of the career for another great player - Megan Rapinoe. Possibly not the end she was looking for, but it was not in her hand today.

“Real change lies within all of us. It is in the choices we make every day. It’s in how we talk, who we hire, and what we permit others to say in our presence. It’s in reading more, thinking more, considering a different perspective. At its simplest, it’s in whether we’re willing to spend even five minutes a day thinking about how we can make the world better.” --

Megan Rapinoe

One more day of holiday tomorrow and the summer is coming back on Thursday, no rain anymore and temperatures above 25 degrees celsius again. Not so good for the kids in school as the summer holidays will be ending on Monday and for me as well, only rain during my days off. But do not get frustrated about stuff you cannot influence or change (in case of the weather possibly not yet, but anywehere soon) anyway!! 

First thing Tuesday will be to remind the two audiences of my workshops in the week after, to finish their homework in time. I am pretty sure people who are 20 - 40 years out of school did not change their attitude towards doing their homework. It is still the same, people who did do their homework in the bus or just shortly before the time they had to deliver it, will still do the same. Today they just need a final reminder and the consequence that their delivery will not count, will be my pleasure.

Have a great and productive week, maybe with some sun?

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[05-Aug-23] Think long-term ...

Tap into a personal passion, like Lebron James

Or just say "So what." as Andy Warhol. The best approach for the weekend.

"I hear my friends and my mom tell me I'm special, but honestly, I still don't get it." -- LeBron James

  • The 4 Pillars of Integrity in action

  • Here are 8 ways to keep your backlog clean and actionable

  • McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2023

  • The state of AI in 2023: Generative AI’s breakout year

[04-Aug-23] Back from a short day trip

We had been lucky to have some dry weather today

Trusting in the weather forcast we did visit Bad Muenstereifel today. The city was also badly impacted by the flood in 2021 and the rebuilding process is still in progress. A lot has been accomplished in the meantime, but there are still things to be done. Due to the worse situation after the flood a lot had to be build from scratch instead of repairing it. A good decision according to the local inhabitants, finally all is new.

Below a new OpenAI generated text about different types of stress:

Stress is an inevitable aspect of life that affects us all. However, it is important to recognize that there are different types of stress that we may experience. One type is acute stress, which is typically short-term and often caused by specific events or situations. This can include things like giving a presentation at work or dealing with a conflict in a relationship. Acute stress can be challenging in the moment, but it usually dissipates once the situation is resolved.

Another type of stress is chronic stress, which is ongoing and persistent. This can result from long-term issues such as financial problems, work-related pressures, or ongoing health concerns. Chronic stress can have a significant impact on our overall well-being, as it can lead to physical and mental health issues if not managed effectively. Understanding these different types of stress can help us develop appropriate coping strategies and seek the support we need to navigate life's challenges. So, let's take a moment to reflect on the stressors in our lives and find ways to minimize their impact on our overall well-being.

  • Video: A Thank You From Our CEO| Fairphone

  • MIT engineers create an energy-storing supercapacitor from ancient materials

One more AI generated text below:

At ReThinkandFocus, we understand the power of a positive team culture. Building a harmonious and thriving work environment is essential for productivity and employee satisfaction. We believe that a positive team culture starts with effective communication and open dialogue. By encouraging team members to express their thoughts and ideas freely, we foster a sense of belonging and teamwork. We also prioritize trust and respect, creating a safe space for collaboration and innovation. Together, we can create a positive team culture that inspires success and mutual support.

Creating a positive team culture also involves recognizing and celebrating individual strengths and achievements. At ReThinkandFocus, we believe in the power of appreciation and recognition. We encourage team members to acknowledge and celebrate each other's accomplishments, fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivation. By valuing and appreciating each team member's contributions, we build a positive team culture where everyone feels valued and motivated to give their best. Join us as we explore the strategies and techniques to build a positive team culture and enhance your organization's success. Together, we can transform the way we work and achieve greatness.

[03-Aug-23] Having the right skills

Knowing what you have and what you need ...

I have seen the Korea Republic v Germany | Group H | FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ game today and it was really painful. The difference between the potential outcome on paper (in theory) and what was visible on the field, really hard to understand.

The German team just had to win, but this was not possible today. So they have to go home now and the remaining 16 teams will find out the new World Cup champion on their own. Immediately after the game the discussion started about the WHY could this happen? "Not enough professionalism in Germany's women soccer and the mentality was not sufficient to handle the pressure situation and to adjust to changing circumstances during the game quickly". 

More and more mental coaches and psychologists are working in professional sports, but mentality problems are still used as argument when things go bad. What is going wrong there?

I think you need a good combination of basic skills, the right attitude, some experienced players and fresh minds, combined with good team spirit and the believe that your participation in the tournament is a one time opportunity. Main focus should be on the combination of the right attitudes in the different team members, because this is a given, you can just train skills.

For sure there are many different ways to handle this, doing a 16Personalities Team Assessments could be one of many? We just should give it a try.

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  • How To Set Your Goals

  • Smart people are assets, not threats

[02-Aug-23] Time for holidays

Some days to relax before the next busy phase

Yesterday we had a final dinner with my friends from Scotland. Some beers and Indian food, a good final for their Germany visit. Today my holiday started. The weather is still more rainy than dry and temperatures around 20 degrees celsius. The same weather is expected in the coming days in a 2 hour radius by car. So we decided to stay at home and to do daily tours in the area around us.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is making good progress, just one day to go until the round of the final 16 teams is complete. USA, Norway and Japan are already qualified - Germany has to win tomorrow, then all four former champions are under the last 16 again. Brasilia, Italy and Argentina are out, but two teams from Africa and Jamaica are qualified. Will be an interesting next round.

"Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds."

-- Marta, Brazilian - Athlete Born: February 19, 1986

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  • AI Content Detector Accuracy Review + Open Source Dataset and Research Tool

"I think my main objective is to watch as many players as I can and grab a little bit from each of them, especially the things they do well." -- Marta

[31-Jul-23] By the numbers ...

4 colors/categories to describe personality types

Besides the DISC model you can find many more personality test on My new business page, just scroll down a little bit.

For one of my Aug-23 workshops I am using the 16Personalities test, the return rate from 55+ participants is over 60% already. And a lot of people are surprised and in a positive mood about their results. Mission already accomplished.

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  • 1% better every day (Atomic Habits by James Clear)
  • How emotion influences B2B buying

"You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results." -- James Clear

[30-Jul-23] My week 30-2023 highlights

What is everybody thinking and no one is saying? What are the past issues that we can’t let go of?

Above 1 of the 50 Most Powerful Questions Smart Leaders Can Ask


Today Linda Caicedo from the Colombia women soccer team did play her third World Cup in the same year. 1st the under 17 tournament, then the under 21 tournament and now the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™. She did play against Germany with her team and did win 2:1 and is just 18 years old.

Still all fine for the German team, they did win the 1st game and the 3rd game is against the last team in the current league table. We will know more on Thursday.

Sprint-2 demo tomorrow and one of the Interns will be leaving in the afternoon, the Master Thesis is nearly finished. Two new Interns will be starting on Tuesday. From 02- until 07-Aug-23 I have another short holiday before the workshop season is starting on the 14th. Three workshops in 2 weeks.

The 30th Benrather Bierboerse was really nice today, after all the rainy days last week the first day with sun and dry most of the time. My friend from Scotland liked the concept a lot, you just put up some tents, offer beer from different countries around the world and the guests will come, no worries. Next is the 36th Opladener Bierboerse from 11- until 14-Aug-23 in Leverkusen. It is a four day event, as Opladen has a separate area available outside of the city center.

Have a great week, for me it is just two working days.

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  • How Tuvalu is using technology to adapt to rising sea levels

  • World’s most powerful radio telescope being built in outback Australia

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[29-Jul-23] How to decide faster?

Limit the options and your time is worth money

Both pictures fit pretty well together. Kids with not a lot of experience making decisions so far, get only limited options --> to stay inside the lines. Makes sense and is kind of the drawn line between good (between the lines) and bad (outside of the lines) choices as well :-)

The older you get and the more decisions you have taken in the meantime, the better will you be in handling the decision making process. And it can make a lot of sense to think outside of your box by then:

  • to find the right options and the good choices
  • to reduce the required time to decide
  • to make a decision at all

In order to have a proper company symbol in my LinkedIn profile for my own company, I created this page yesterday. Now all should be fine.

Besides that a 60th birthday party tonight and a visit to the Beer Boerse in Benrath tomorrow with my friends from Scotland. Even the weather seems to be getting better, no rain anymore and temperatures around 20 degrees celsius. People in Greece, Italy and Spain would be really happy about it.

Being the weather these days is not a lot of fun. You can offer what you want, people will start to complain after 2 or 3 days latest. If it is too sunny they ask for rain, is there too much rain they ask for sun. If it is too hot it should be colder, when it is just 20 degrees it should be 10 degrees higher. Just make the best out of the weather you get, there are a lot of regions with much worse conditions.

  • 10 Reasons Solitude Is The Most Effective Mood Regulator

  • Nuggets Coach Michael Malone Shared This Brilliant 26-Word Poem After Winning the NBA Finals. It's a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

  • Is there too much stress in your life?

[28-Jul-23] Getting unstuck ...

Small changes and different choices can help

17 Goals to Transform Our World: The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.

The Our World in Data team delivered a Measuring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals article on 18-Jul-23.

In order to make different choices and to break free, it would be good to know where you are and what do you want? With respect to skills and methodologies for example.

  • When To Use Which Project Management Methodology?


  • 3 Strategies To Overcome The Future Skills Shortage

  • Mastering Teamwork: Top 10 Strategies for Better Collaboration at Work

  • Global youth expect better access to skills. Here’s how businesses can respond

  • "I-shaped," "T-shaped," "Pi-shaped," and "Comb-shaped" refer to different skill profiles or competency models that individuals may possess in the context of a team or organization

  • Your productive power
  • The limits of our personal experience and the value of statistics

Getting stuck is reactive, getting unstuck is proactive. — Sherene McHenry, taken from Collection of top 28 famous quotes about Unstuck

[26-Jul-23] Problems and Anger

How to solve problems and manage anger ...

My standard public transport connection from home to the office is currently under construction, the whole summer holidays and beyond until the end of Aug-23. My plan B solution is to take a bus to come to the train station of another line. Normally no issue, but it did really go bad yesterday.

The train was late and did not go until the station where I get out to catch the bus. The option was to wait for the next train (20 minutes) or walk to another bus stop. Would have been no issue, but the city center is under construction as well and the bus stop had been moved somewhere else. So I looked for another one on my way home, what took some time but helped to go beyond my 7k steps per day. When I finally reached the bus stop I had to wait another 10 minutes for the bus. 

So good anger management and problem solving skills help a lot, to stay calm. I will be away to see my friend from Scotland tomorrow, he and his wife arrived today.

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  • How to make great things framework
  • The Most In-Demand Jobs on LinkedIn Right Now

[24-Jul-23] Different perspectives

About thinking, thoughts, experience and change

As the reverse mentoring meeting is coming up this week, the perspective is also driven by your age and especially the time you were born.


"This week, I read an apt comparison to our time full of crises—a breakdown of someone born in 1900. Imagine that when you turn fourteen, World War I engulfs the globe. Four years later, by your eighteenth birthday, 22 million people have died. At the same time, the Spanish flu breaks out. Until you’re twenty, the daily confrontation with death is part of your life: another 50 million people die. In your twenty-ninth year, the New York stock market crash (October 1929) begins the great economic crisis—the Great Depression, entailing a 25-percent unemployment rate and GDP collapse of 25–30 percent. When you’re thirty-three, things ease up a bit until World War II breaks out when you’re thirty-nine. In the prime of your professional and family life (age 39–45), 75 million people die in war worldwide. Then, when you’re fifty-two, comes the Korean War, which claims another 5 million lives. When you’re sixty-four, just before retirement, the Vietnam War begins, ultimately dragging on until 1975. Millions more die. The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War are all daily topics in old age. In your seventieth year of life, the first Earth Day is organized: 20 million people take to the streets and shout “climate crisis.”"


I was born 62 years later into a much better period of time, lucky me. This drives my perspective, thinking, experience and how to handle change. Looking at Generation Z (comprises people born between 1996 and 2010) who was born ~100 years later, the perspectives are different again, no surprise.


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  • Video: Be an infinite leader | THE INFINITE GAME by Simon Sinek | Core Message
  • Video: SMART HOUSE – ENGLISH VERSION – REMA 1000 (really funny)
  • How to Recruit Passive Candidates and Unveil Hidden Talent

  • Walking the Ethical Path: 12 Strategies to Enhance Your Personal and Professional Life

  • Understanding the Global Supply of Water

[23-Jul-23] The week 29-2023 summary

About quotes, values, experience and control ...

A lot of very different topics covered last week and even the OpenAI text generator did get a chance.

Next week is all about workshop preparation for August. Even one more, to talk about the results of the employee survey in the meantime. It is mandatory for all departments. We are still talking about the best approach for our whole team and how to fill in the requested action plan.

Besides that further alignment for our 3rd Data & Analytics Meetup in Sep-23, for the Agenda in the morning and the Break-Out sessions in the afternoon. And on Thursday another Reverse Mentoring session with my GenZ partner. The topic will be Employee Engagement, see

Finally my friend from Scotland is coming over for a Germany visit for 9 days. It was delayed some years due to the COVID-19 guidelines and travel restrictions, now it is possible again. Looking forward to it, I will see him the first time on Thursday after work.

  • As Master Yoda once said, 'Do or do not, there is no try.'

  • Video: 7 Habits Of Unsuccessful People You Don’t Want To Copy

  • These are the 8 things I have the most problems with from Scrum Guide

  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (21-Jul-23)

[22-Jul-23] Circle of Control

Control choices, thoughts and actions

Faster than expected the required document for my eSIM arrived today. Installation was working fine and now the new mobile phone is running smoothly. Just focus on, what you can control and do not worry about the rest.

Since some weeks ONE.com is offering a helping hand for writing text powered by OpenAI. Below a first example for Circle of Control in Orange color:

"In life, there are many things beyond our control. It is easy to get caught up in worrying about these external factors. However, it is important to recognize that focusing on what we can control, known as the circle of control, allows us to exert our power effectively. By directing our energy towards things like our mindset, actions, and reactions, we can improve our well-being and achieve our goals. Embracing the circle of control empowers us to navigate life's challenges with resilience and adaptability."

And an alternative by LifeHack:

"Focusing on the Circle of Control allows you to keep your psyche healthy. In other words, you can expect better mental wellness when your life is only focused on things that are within your control."

Have a great weekend.

[21-Jul-23] New Experiences ...

How to spend some money

After using my Fairphone 2 for four years I decided to buy a new Fairphone 4 this week. Initially the plan was to proceed using Ubuntu Touch as operating system, even when some constraints had to be accepted.  

But during the initial setup of the phone I updated the Android version from 11 to 12, what did not work with the current Ubuntu Touch installer anymore. Bad luck, but maybe an update of the installer in the future will help? One mistake done opens another opportunity, to use both SIM card slots of the new phone. One Nano-SIM and one eSIM.

"As the name suggests, this is a SIM card that’s built into your smartphone and can’t be removed. It performs the same function as a traditional SIM, except that it’s programmable and physically connected (soldered) to your smartphone’s motherboard.

From a sustainability perspective a good idea as well, no plastic SIM card required and no logistics effort, just an Internet connection. So far the theory :-)

I did go on the webpage of my service provider, selected new mobile phone and exchange SIM card, but this caused an error message. After some discussion with the service chat bot I called the help desk. Something you do not very often when the service is working as expected, so I did not remember my contract password. The guy did take some action on the phone to help, what was great. Today I learned that he will send all required details for the eSIM by mail, will arrive tomorrow or Monday. Painful and funny at the same time.

As I had to call the help desk from the right mobile phone number for identification purposes and no free SIM slot in a smart phone, I took out an old Nokia 6210 that was more than 10 years in my desk switched off. Loading the battery, increasing the size of the SIM card with an adapter and ready to go. Easy usage & look and feel, like coming home. Another fun fact of this story, until I get the eSIM it will be my backup for text messages.

  • How to become a true master at something?
  • Shuhari is a Japanese martial arts (Aikido) concept that describes the progression of training or learning.

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  • 9 reasons why Scrum is great for developers

  • The New Happy: Find your people

[18-Jul-23] About The Agile Triangle

The right priority for Quality, Constraints and Value

The traditional Iron Triangle is the Agile Triangle in the meantime. It is all about VALUE and we do not de-prioritize or give up on Quality. So the only area to balance/manage the progress is in the Constraints  (Cost, Schedule, Scope) area.

In one of our current activities the end date is fixed as well as the costs, in the number of available skilled resources this time. So we have to reduce the scope, to get the work done in time. Everything, what is not required anymore, can be stopped or solved differently, will help to better manage the remaining scope. In the mindset of transparency we should openly communicate the situation and our constraints to the customers, to solve the issues in partnership.

The faster we are 100% clear about the scope, the earlier we can plan the available resources in the remaining time. Let's go for it.

And according to the 10/90 rule - "The 10/90 rule states that the first 10% of the time you spend planning and organizing your work can turn into as much as 90% of the time that you save in execution." - getting the scope clear, before you start to work can save up to 90% of the required effort.

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  • Simon Sinek on how to best have uncomfortable (but important) conversations

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[17-Jul-23] About quotes ...

Great to reuse ideas of smart people

Assuming you are a several-times reader of my BLOG then you should be aware that I like quotes a lot? It is an appreciation to reuse the smart ideas or thoughts of well known or less known people. And it fits to my way of doing things - reuse, steal with pride, copy and transfer, keeping it simple and lifelong learning.

Just in case you want to try my self-paced Quotes Quiz see

https://ahaslides.com/TW0FO - will be fun ...

And as a surprise, there are many more people besides Mark Twain who have been quoted.

[16-Jul-23] My week 28-2023 highlights

Some very diverse topics and a day off

Did you ever hear about the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel - The underground cathedral protecting Tokyo from floods? I learned about it in a TV series today, initially planned and build to protect Tokyo from a once in 100 years flood, now used several times per year to handle the increasing number of heavy rain.

The so called cathedral was build because of Shikata Ga Nai - "The Japanese language has certain words and phrases that are so common, they actually become somewhat of a mindset or philosophy. One of those phrases is “shikata ga nai” and it’s common enough phrase to hear it used daily. What does shikata ga nai mean? - With that understanding of each part of the phrase, we can see that 仕方が無い means “there is no course of action (that one can take” or something like “there is nothing that one can do (in this situation).”" - you cannot avoid it, but it is good and smart to be prepared.

Tomorrow is our Sprint-1 Demo, normally not a lot to present just two weeks after the planning phase, but we have a good overview from all the teams prepared for our stakeholders. Will be interesting to see, also for me. As I am one of the reference points for understandable presentations in the customer language, because I do not really get in detail, what the teams are doing from a technical perspective. 

  • The Must-Read Articles for Talent Professionals This Week (14-Jul-23)

  • Can we build a people and nature-positive future with systematic land use?

  • A Skills Market exercise allows you to discover your team's skills, abilities, and goals, so you can support each other's development

[15-Jul-23] About artwork ...

You can paint on very different material or objects 

Sometimes it is difficult to find topics and content for my BLOG, as yesterday for example, and today it was not difficult at all.

I have seen a report on TV about the artist Guillaume Legros (Saype) yesterday. "Self-taught, Saype is known today for his paintings on grass, made with eco-responsible paint. Certainly one of the most publicized artists in 2019, he was notably named by the famous magazine Forbes as one of the thirty most influential personalities under the age of thirty in the world, in the field of art and Culture."

And I did read an article about the BMW Art Car number 20 that will be presented in 2024. "BMW Art Cars – three little words that stand for the legendary fusion of car icons such as the BMW M1 or the BMW Z1 and world-famous artists of the caliber of Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol. Since 1975, 19 BMW Art Cars have been created – each one a unique piece. Number 20 will soon follow in 2024, designed by Ethiopian painter Julie Mehretu." The other picture shows Andy Warhol's Art Car #4 from 1979, amazing.

Some more ART related links, have a look:

  • 25+ Works of Art Made Using Unusually Awesome Mediums


  • 10 Street Artists You Should Know

  • Vincent Bal Shadowology: Never judge a duck by its cover

  • Amy Cuddy • TEDGlobal 2012: Your body language may shape who you are

  • Community of practice explained. A very gentle introduction to large language models without the hype. Readers are leaders.

[14-Jul-23] Finishing a 4 day work week

You can get used to it faster than you think 

It is just a matter of Work-Life-Balance. Sometimes more Work and sometimes more Life. This week definitely more Life, not really bad. You can get used to it pretty quickly. As you do it today.


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  • The Poor Leadership BINGO
  • "The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” -- Kacy Maxwell

"The biggest emotion in creation is the bridge to optimism." -- Brian May, English - Musician Born: July 19, 1947

[12-Jul-23] Some more Optimism ...

Try to change how the situation feels 

In one of the upcoming offsite workshops in August we will be using the 16Personalities framework to look at some insights of the department, based on their aggregated data. In the moment all participants are sending me their personality type, assuming they are willing to share it as the process is all voluntary, a preparation homework.

With more than 849 million test taken they can offer a lot of supporting material and statistics, really helpful for the workshop. As one random example see the Nepal Personality Profile data.

Out of experience I can say that not a lot of people have been interested in their personality type before the homework assignment. Now they take the test and get a lot of valuable information and insights about themselves. See for example the CONSUL personality, what is my type by the way :-) - really cool stuff ...


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  • Green buildings can reduce city temperatures by up to 2°C, study shows

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  • Data Cleansing: Applying the 5 Whys To Get to the Root Cause

  • Global Risks Report 2023

[11-Jul-23] Back from the Ahr-valley

Quick status update after 1.5 days 

Two years after the huge flood in the Ahr-valley a lot is looking good again, some locations even better than before. Others are still struggling, waiting for money from their insurance company or the local government. 

As you can see on the picture, the water was standing in the streets

above cellar and first floor two years ago. Today the water in the Ahr creek was so low that a duck we have seen had issues to swim properly. 

The house on the picture is from 1761 and has possibly seen a lot in the last 260+ years, but the flood was special. And the repair process is still ongoing.

During the breakfast today a lot of politicians and mayors of the local villages arrived in the hotel where we stayed, to come togther for a status/progress update after two years and to give a press conference afterwards. Interesting to see all the activities behind the scenes and how many people are involved to prepare something, what looks pretty easy and straight forward on TV later.

Some guys were carrying a lot of paper around, the personal protection security guys of some politicians more muscles. You never know, what will happen.

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  • What Is Your Conflict Style? Using the THOMAS-KILMANN INSTRUMENT

"Awareness, even at a subconscious level, beats fancy checklists without it, track or you will fail." -- Tim Ferriss

[09-Jul-23] The week 27-2023 summary

Celebrating the 7th anniversary and more ...

A great success story and some new opportunities started last week.

Monday afternoon my wife and I will be leaving for a short holiday to the Ahr valley. The whole area was destroyed two years ago by a

catastrophic flood during one night. Now they are running a marketing campaign - We are open - to attract tourists again and get people back in the region. To show, what they have accomplished in the last two years and to get money back into the region. We are happy to support this idea and enjoy some nice time in a beautiful valley.

Back Tuesday afternoon for three more working days with one System Demo on Friday and a Sprint demo next week Monday. As we have a tough milestone planned for 18-Sep-23, every interaction with our stakeholders is an opportunity to get early feedback and to gather their opinion about the progress we are making. Will be valuable ...

Have a great week, I will :-)

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  • Ten visuals on the topic of happiness, illustrated by Roberto Ferraro

[08-Jul-23] Comic Saturday ...

Have fun with some good examples and references

  • 3 ways countries can invest to build next-generation mobility

  • Pejman (PJ) Milani: 10 Mental models illustrated to change the way you think

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  • The 6 shifts that can transform climate finance

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  • How to choose the right database?
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  • How are you building a positive team culture?
  • Originality Report for Google Docs Including AI Score and Ability to “Watch the Writers Write”

  • Sustainable Smartphone Arrives in United States: Murena Fairphone Comes to America

[07-Jul-23] Employee engagement

Gallup - State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report

According to the Gallup measurement - Employee engagement is the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in both their work and workplace.

For Germany 16% of the employees are engaged, 68% are not engaged and another 16% actively disengaged. Meaning 5 of 6 people are not engaged or disengaged, what is a really tough number from my perspective.

After the latest employee survey we are discussing why the index did go down 13%? It is still above 50%, what is much higher than the Germany average of 16% from Gallup, but the 13% decrease is the current concern. Looking at the details there are different explanations possible:

  • The employees did give an honest answer and no "greenwashing"?
  • The questions driving the index are more describing the mood than the engagement level?
  • Maybe more measurements are necessary to get a full and realistic picture?

More to be discussed ...

The reverse mentoring program did start this week. My new mentor is the same age as my oldest daughter, we will be discussing first business topics later in July. This will be a great opportunity and I am really looking forward to it. With my two Gen Z daughters we are discussing general and family topics, no work or business related stuff.

[05-Jul-23] Emotions and Motivation

Extending the scope of my motivation workshop

In one of my two offsite workshops in Aug-23, I will be hosting parts of my workshop portfolio during 2 days. Today I did get the request from my customer to extend the motivation workshop with an emotions part.

After clarifying that we are talking about the Kuebler-Ross curve, I came up with the following idea. To get over the depression phase in the curve you can spark the motivation, what is basically the content of the workshop - to be clear about your personal and team motivation drivers, and to propose different ideas, how to improve the current situation. Small changes can have real impact.

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  • How to Stay Open-Minded and Attractive as You Get Older


"We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind's greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear." -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, American - Psychologist July 8, 1926 - August 24, 2004

[04-Jul-23] 7th anniversary of my BLOG

Happy birthday www.rethinkandfocus.com ...

What a journey in the last 7 years? A lot of work, fun and appreciation that leads to valuable content, satisfaction and intrinsic motivation, to go on. Assuming an average of 5 posts per week, I have written 1,825 posts on 2,324 pages so far, stored in 6 eBOOKs.

Initially I wanted to find out the correct number of posts via a smart search in the eBOOK PDF files via a Linux terminal command, but several approaches did not lead to a sufficient result. In the end I decided to make a good estimate, better use of capabilities :-)

Interested in my 7 birthday posts so far, the the references below:

  1. [04-Jul-16] Blog post, see 2016 - 2018 eBOOK page 693

  2. [04-Jul-17] Blog post, see 2016 - 2018 eBOOK page 466
  3. [04-Jul-18] Blog post, see 2016 - 2018 eBOOK page 165
  4. [04-Jul-19] Blog post, see 2019 eBOOK page 193
  5. [04-Jul-20] Blog post, see 2020 eBOOK page 203
  6. [04-Jul-21] Blog post, see 2021 eBOOK page 186
  7. [04-Jul-22] Blog post, see 2022 eBOOK page 183

The Yeast plait on the picture with the red background was made by my wife for a small birthday party today, all celebrations are welcome!!

And just in case you need a quick translation of the text on an image, you can use Yandex for example. I had an urgent request from a contact in France today, who was asking for a translation of a document in German. As it was a PDF file and I could not select the text in the document, I just made a screenshot and used Yandex to translate the image in English and French, great functionality and result. Just double check the final result to be on the safe side.

  • Management 3.0: Remote & Hybrid Collaboration
  • TED Talk: How humans and AI can work together to create better businesses
  • Traditional versus Future Leadership
  • The Genuine Influencers: Mothers as Key Leaders and Influential Change Makers

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  • New Bioinspired Robot Flies, Rolls, Walks, and More

  • Ranking Industries by Their Potential for AI Automation

[02-Jul-23] My week 26-2023 highlights

Be different and focus on the right topics ...

A lot of good work done last week and a really diverse list of topics covered as well. Only two days to go until Tuesday, when my BLOG has the 7th anniversary on 04-Jul-23. What a great achievement and journey, it was definitely not expected like this, but I am really proud and satisfied about the content created during this time.

7 years = 84 month = 365 weeks = 2557 days

I initially started the BLOG when I left my previous company and was looking for a new job. I just wanted to document my approach and what happened to me on the way to a new assignment. I just realized that I am now working for my new company for 5 years already, I started      01-Jul-18.

Next week will be a little bit more quiet, as the new 3 month project phase will start Tuesday and a lot of people are starting their summer holiday now. On Thuesday will be the get-to-know-each-other session of the reverse mentoring program. Looking forward to it.

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  • The State of Organizations 2023: Ten shifts transforming organizations

  • This is how we can achieve harmony between capital markets and nature

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  • The best HR & People Analytics articles of June 2023

  • How Technology Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare

  • Your Team Probably Has No Clue What Alignment Really Means

  • If Prioritization is a puzzle, WSJF is an equation to solve it: WSJF = Cost of Delay / Job Duration

  • 4 Types of Data Analysis
  • Video: Simon Sinek - Human Skills and Employee Engagement
  • Video: Simon Sinek's Brutally Honest Opinion Of Gen-Z
  • Video: AUTOMATICA - Robots Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

[01-Jul-23] Engagement surveys

The act of engaging : the state of being engaged - emotional involvement or commitment

Employee engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward the work they do, their teams, and their organization.

Bad or lower than expected results in an engagement survey could be caused by the circumstances of a company, but do not have a direct impact on the work that gets delivered. We are all professionals and know, what is expected and has to be done, if we are in a bad mood or not. The engagement numbers go down immediately, when the employees are realistic and give honest answers, but the results will follow later. Possibly enough time for countermeasures to be taken by the company, if they take it serious.

[30-Jun-23] Teambuilding activities

Successful 90 minutes following a one day break

After the two day planning phase Tuesday and Wednesday, we had to pause for a day, as our Indian colleagues had a public holiday. Today we finished our planning with a 90 minutes Team Building session. 

We started with a Quotes Quiz. Just in case you are interested, here the link to a self-paced version of it - https://ahaslides.com/TW0FO - have fun :-) - and no need to use your real name ...

With 22 questions from very different categories of content, to give the participants from Brazil, Germany, India and Portugal a more or less equal chance to win. As we are all no experts in this area, in the end the fastest and luckiest respondent did win. You will see, what I mean when you take the Quiz.

We finished the Team Building session with a discussion about Personal and Team values. Closing task was a satisfaction survey about current roles in the project, with a result of 4.3 of 5 possible points, pretty good I would say, but still some room for improvement. Will be my task in the coming month.

The Sketchplanations picture is a great fit to my quote - Start simple, it always becomes complex over time!!

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  • The Emotional Roller Coaster of Change

“It’s very dramatic when two people come together to work something out. It’s easy to take a gun and annihilate your opposition, but what is really exciting to me is to see people with differing views come together and finally respect each other.” – Fred Rogers, Children’s Entertainer, taken from 61 Best Team Building Quotes for Bonding at Work in 2023

  • How to Inspire Greatness in Those Around You

  • 5 Talent Leaders Share Their Biggest Work or Career Mistake — and What They Learned From It

  • “How To Work With Me” templates (Notion, Miro)

  • unFIX Plotter by Gabor Daher #unFIX

  • Decision-making support with the Cynefin framework

  • TED Talk: A powerful new neurotech tool for augmenting your mind

[28-Jun-23] A job well done

Quick summary after 2 planning days

Our two day planning finished today at 02.30 PM. Due to the 3.5 hours time difference to India, a faster than expected delivery of the final 3 tasks and in preparation of a public holiday in India tomorrow, everybody was fine and happy.

Last step in the 2 days is the Confidence Vote, to verify with all participants, how confident they are with the outcome of the planning phase?  We made a 4.1 of 5 result, what is really great. Next week Tuesday we will start the next 3 month project phase, looks really promising, but we do have a lot of work to be done to keep the trust of our stakeholders. No pressure no fun.

[27-Jun-23] A magic moment


It was impressive to see the LIVE AID concert on TV back in 1985 and even more the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie from 2018, both magic moments. Great work as you will see in the Side by Side video, especially the acting of Rami Malek as Freddy Mercury. Enjoy the music and comparison.

  • The new sustainability mandate

  • Grant Snider: Tidying Up
  • The New Happy: You are not one thing

[26-Jun-23] About ratios ...

Fibonacci and Golden Ratio for example

"A Fibonacci spiral is made by creating a spiral of squares that increase in size by the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. So: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc." - what you see on the picture.

As the current number of daily, weekly, monthly and overall readers on the new BLOG hosting platform is very different to, what I was used at the previous one, I started to compare the numbers today. Putting it all together and looking at short-, medium- and long-term duration, I think a ratio of 7:1 (the previous platform did show 7-times more visitors than the current one) sounds like a good assumption to start from.

On 08-Dec-22 I wrote: "Until further notice or better information I assume that the counter was showing 1,109,000 with the final switch of my Blog hosting company." So in the meantime it should be at 1,267,452 sounds not so bad.

Today was the Reverse Mentoring kick-off meeting, a random match will be working together until Nov-23 and the younger person will mentor the older one, sounds interesting? A longer meeting is scheduled for Thursday this week, to get to know each other better. Looking forward to it..

  • Are we close to a green energy tipping point?

  • We can do much better - Agree?

[25-Jun-23] The week 25-2023 summary

Nearly half of the year 2023 and the longest day are gone already ...

Our three cross-team knowledge sharing events had been very much appreciated, we had over 120 participants. Our colleagues were really impressed by the level of automation we could accomplish in the meantime. More to come.

Tomorrow is the last clean-up and preparation day, before the next planning phase starts Tuesday for 2 days. Our Indian colleagues have a public holiday (Bakrid/Eid ul-Adha) on Thursday, so we will finish the planning phase with our regular Team Building session on Friday. This time we start with a quotes quiz, followed by a session about personal and team values - we will start with 400 and reduce the list to 5 in the end - we finish with a satisfaction survey and voting for the role model of the last 3 month period. A good program for 90 minutes.

As visible on the picture today, YOU are one of the wonders of the world. Exactly why I use the WE and ME picture as background of my Team Building presentations in workshops. A TEAM (WE) is made of many Individuals (ME) and the opportunity is to find a good combination of the skills, experience and attitude they bring to the table. You just need to go through the team stages afterwards.

"An educational psychologist named Bruce Tuckman discovered a five-stage development process that most teams adhere to in order to achieve high performance. Forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning were the stages he identified and studied."

Enjoy the coming week, mine will start with the personal kick-off of the reverse mentoring program with our Gen Z colleagues. Looking forward to it.

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  • Video: The Engineer Comedian - Don McMillan Comedy
  • The Essential of Leadership in Government

  • The future of Data Engineering. Is this role going to vanish? Tech Recruiters must also read

  • Roberto Ferraro: Ten visuals on the topic of relationships and trust

"Nothing can be more certain than this: that we are just beginning to learn something of the wonders of the world on which we live and move and have our being." -- William Ramsay

[24-Jun-23] Power skills ...

Meaningful collaboration and Cultivating joy

Interesting to see that Windows (my first PC had version 3.11) is still dominating the Operating Systems market with more than 70%, but the Microsoft browser (also based on Chrome technology) is below 10% market share in 2022. This was different in the past, as you can see in the data behind the picture.

My favorite Operating System is Linux (Mint & Ubuntu) and ChromeOS (also Linux based), both together have roughly 6% of the market, what is difficult to understand, as Windows (I use Win 11 at work) is not so much better according to my personal experience.

  • Video: When will AI be smarter than all humans combined? | Dr. Pero Mićić

  • Video: Drone show at the Dragon Boat Festival in Shenzhen, China.
  • Video: Vivid Sydney 2023 Drone Show Written in the Stars
  • Video: Agile Songs by Chad Beier - Runaway Sprint
  • Video: 3 Signs a Team Is Struggling with Sprint Planning & How to Fix It

"Microsoft isn't evil, they just make really crappy operating systems." -- Linus Torvalds, Finnish - Businessman Born: December 28, 1969

[23-Jun-23] Experiment, learn faster

Make mistakes and learn out of it

"Since the brain doesn’t distinguish between good and bad habits, and it’s difficult for the brain to unlearn them, it can take an average of 30 to 60 days to actually break a habit, according to Shelton.

Some research has found that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit, with individual timeframes varying widely, from 18 to 254 days, and dependent on factors such as the complexity of the behavior."

This week we had several opportunities to break a habit and learn faster out of a mistake, but the motivation to keep the status quo was much higher than to make the smallest change to choose to get better.

  • A large migration project has several month time to happen, but a technical issues is blocking the progress. We could either fix the technical problem with a lot of effort or find a new way of doing things in the available time. As we are not really willing to take enough risk for the required change (breaking a habit), we will keep the status quo (not learning out of mistakes from the past).
  • In order to get into a better position to handle the well known

    skilled labor shortage, it could be a good idea to think more international, but this also requires to be aware of legal differences. Same as above, you can either defend the status quo or choose to change or get better everyday.

My motivation is change, as I see good results everyday, but I am a minority as most people want to stay inside their Comfort Zone. What is perfectly fine, but against the idea of "Experiment, learn fast". I keep pushing.

  • TED talk: A 3-step guide to believing in yourself
  • Free Python Developer Course !

  • Portugal just launched a ‘government-funded’ 4-day workweek trial

  • This Emerging Role Can Help Companies Boost Retention — and Keep Top Talent

  • unFIX: Behavioral Values - Core, Wish, Emergent, Expected
  • Tanmay Vora: How to Create a Culture of Change Acceptance

[21-Jun-23] About perspective ...

A way of looking at or thinking about something

The MOTIVATION workshop yesterday was a great success and very much appreciated by the participants, even during the workshop already. 3 hours that did pass quickly and in the end the teams did work out some really good ideas, how to improve the motivation level even further.

For a future offsite workshop in August we had the first alignment with the management team today, to discuss timing and possible topics to be covered during the 2 days. The MOTIVATION part and a detailed personality test using 16Personalities are some of the building blocks we selected already, more to be agreed.

Yesterday was the Kick-off meeting of the Reverse Mentoring program, initiated by our Gen Z (NextGenLab) community. 10 teams-of-two will be working together for several month and discuss different topics of interest. Due to the workshop yesterday I will have my Kick-off next week Monday, looking forward to it.

Enjoy the Summer start today, with the longest day and shortest night.

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  • Why do large projects go over budget?

  • Comic Agile: #247 – When is the Agile Transformation Done?

"Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better." -- Harvey Mackay, taken from 100 Best Perspective Quotes To Get A Different Outlook On Life

[19-Jun-23] Pictures Monday

Two with Elon Musk, but not for marketing ...

  • McKinsey & Company: The A to Z on Gen Z
  • The 15 Biggest Risks Of Artificial Intelligence


  • marketoonist: Impact of ChatGPT

“Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself the following question: What fault of mine most nearly resembles the one I am about to criticize?” — Marcus Aurelius, taken from 71 Powerful Empathy Quotes to Foster Understanding and Connection

[18-Jun-23] My week 24-2023 highlights

Good fit of the picture today with the topic from yesterday

A busy week this time with the one day offsite workshop as my personal highlight. The self-brewed beer and the white wine that I did get as gift was really great. The weekend was a good opportunity to taste, enjoy and relax.

The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday morning with 24 people. During the next week I will have some clarification meetings for the two workshops planned for August. Besides that we have our System Demo tomorrow, to officially finish the last 3 month project period. Next Tuesday we start with our 5 days Innovation and Planning Iteration.

Always an opportunity to do some Innovation, Exploration, Training and Knowledge Sharing tasks. One idea is to repeat our cross-team presentations planned for tomorrow for a larger community and the other Agile Release Train (ART). These guys will not have time tomorrow, as they do their Sprint-5 demo at the same time.

The knowledge sharing with the other colleagues will be a good opportunity to reuse the preparation work we have done anyway and to get into detailed discussion with them about the progress and development we are making.

Have fun and a great next week.

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  • There are several skills that can contribute to success in various aspects of life

  • #EMPATHY— a vital leadership competency though it has always been a critical skill for leaders

  • Empathy in the Workplace: A Tool for Effective Leadership - White Paper

[17-Jun-23] Japanese frameworks ...

I did a short investigation today

In some of our next BrownBag sessions we are planning to invite our department head for motivational purposes for the team and to give him the chance to stay connected with the working level. A WIN-WIN situation. Another session will be around Japanese Methods and Frameworks, the country has a lot of great ideas to offer, some are already known a lot of others are still hidden.

I did put some interesting links and references together on a Wordpress page today, to make it directly accessible for you. Have fun ...

  • TED Talk: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manipulate our emotions
  • Brian Bacon: Whole Brain Model
  • How to get structure from unstructured data

  • Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker sketchnote

  • Our World in Data: Time Use
  • What's your Leadership-to-Management ratio?

[16-Jun-23] Interesting correlation?

Making an assumption based on different data

When you compare the birth rates - Birth rates are commonly measured using a metric called the “crude birth rate” (CBR), which represents the number of live births per 1,000 individuals in a given population during a specific period—usually one year. - with the - 2023 ranking to highlight the top cities in the world that encourage work-life balance. The ranking compares data from 128 cities to form the Work-Life Balance Score, which is marked on a scale of 100. - you could come to an interesting assumption about Spain?

It is #4 on the list with the lowest birth rate in 2021 and holds the 21st, 23rd and 24th place on the list of cities with the best work-life-balance. What does this mean? Is extending the family and taking care of the next generation not part of work-life-balance anymore? I am sure there are different perspective and it is just a matter, how you read and interpret the available data. 

The team building workshop yesterday was very well received and did get a positive feedback in the end. Besides the personal appreciated by the participants I did get a white wine and two bottles of self-brewed beer as present. A nice surprise.

Next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday with 24 participants, nearly double the size of yesterday, but only for 3 hours. Besides some team building or getting to know each other better, we will be focusing on Motivation drivers.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw, taken from 105 Motivational Quotes by Famous People


  • The five new foundational qualities of effective leadership

[14-Jun-23] Customer experience

Some individual use cases to check ...

We are just in the process to think about solar panels for our roof and maybe a heat pump for the future, to replace the current gas based heating system. Lately a Unicorn did come up in the German market offering these kind of systems for rent or to purchase. They do a lot of their initial investigation, inventory of the status quo and clarification of questions online or App based.

One guy did a video conference with me and we used this connection to show him around and to collect necessary details and measurements. For another product two guys visited me yesterday and did clarify all open topics by following a questionnaire on their mobile phone. Two offers and/or feasibility studies will be coming shortly, based on the collected data and worked out by their technical experts.

An interesting customer experience that possibly does not work for everybody. Based on age, interest and technical expertise, but this process helps to reduce cost and to focus on the product in the center of their business model. In order to do this, you have to spend a lot of quality time upfront, to be clear about the end-to-end process to follow and the data to be collected. Looking forward to the quality of the offer.

Next customer experience was an iNSIDER: Customer Lab meeting today. All employees are supposed to be doing regular iNSIDER assignments to stay connected with our customers. In the Lab we had 5 customer use cases that we should solve as small teams by using the available service and help functions. It was difficult and the current customer experience has still room for improvement, still some way to go.

“Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customer. It’s the promise we keep to the customer. It’s how we follow through for the customer. It’s how we make them feel when they do business with us.” — Shep Hyken, taken from 75 customer experience quotes to supercharge your business in 2022



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[12-Jun-23] About adaptability

More or less, when you look at the pictures ...

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” -- George Bernard Shaw

  • Motherhood and Leadership: A Powerful Combination Shaping the Future

  • How to Build a More Equitable Workplace for LGBTQ+ Employees, According to LinkedIn Survey Data

  • 5 Ways You Can Use Mindfulness To Fix Your Brain and Reduce Stress

  • Video: Spend extravagantly & cut mercilessly: I WILL TEACH YOU TO BE RICH by Ramit Sethi | Core Message

Have a great start into your week. Some more details about the 4th workshop that I am supposed to be hosting, will be clarified later this week, we will see.

[11-Jun-23] The week 23-2023 summary

Failure can happen, get up and try again ...

Manchester City did win the Champions League final yesterday. Inter Mailand was good, but not good enough. "So stand up, straighten the crown and try again next time". A lot of different circumstances have to come together at the same time in the right order and never underestimate your opponents, they did spend a lot of time, effort and resources as well to come to this place. A failure is fine, as long as you learn out of it and try again, never give up to easy and early.

Same applied for the 24h Le Mans race in France. The Ferrari team did win for the first time since 1965, a longer learning phase. The IRON DAMES, a women only team, did finish on the overall 30th place and the 4th in their category, after being in the lead for most of the 24 hours. It is not over before it is over and you have seen the Finish flag - easier said than done. And the Hendrick Motorsports NASCAR finished, what was their main goal, on the 39th place of 62 cars, a big success and great marketing with a very special kind of car.

Tomorrow I will be having an alignment meeting with a department that wants me to host a team building session during their offsite meeting. Will be the 4th workshop on my schedule for the coming weeks and month. One this week Thursday, a full day offsite for Team building, another one next week for 3 hours around Motivation and then 2 days planned in August, offsite again with a combination of Team building and business topics. A lot of fun and a great learning experience for me.

Never forget to value your personal time and do not give it away for free. The minimum salary per hour in Germany is 12€ in the moment, but your time should be worth much more. Try to keep this in mind.

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  • Sketchplanations: The ring-segment illusion
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  • Ten visuals on the topic of innovation, illustrated by Roberto Ferraro

“Time is a gift that most of us take for granted. We get so caught up in the busyness of our daily lives that we rarely stop and take a serious look at how we’re spending this gift.” – Cheryl Richardson

"Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.” – Harvey Mackay, both taken from 50 Value Of Time Quotes

  • World Happiness Foundation: How to Create a Well-Being Plan
  • Visualized: The 4 Billion Year Path of Human Evolution

  • What Rotterdam teaches about the power of green roofs

  • The most extensive list of Finance KPIs

Confucius: "He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions"

[10-Jun-23] Some nice stories ...

Sounds like a modern fairy tale?

The one German guy did still organize barbecue events for his best friends 10 years ago to celebrate the UEFA Champions League finals. Tonight he plays for Inter Mailand in exactly this final in Istanbul and did invite his friends to see him playing. 

The other guy is a German born out of a Turkish family. Tonight the

Team captain of Manchester City with the possibility to win the final in the capital of Turkey. Many first time happenings.

Here the comparison of Robin Gosens and Ilkay Gundogan, have a look when you are interested.

Next miracle is the Four Colombian children found alive in jungle weeks after plane crash. Unbelievable story and great education in young years (the oldest kid was 13 years old) by their Indigenous community to survive under these circumstances together with a one year old baby. Respect and well done.

Finally the 100th anniversary of the 24h Le Mans race in France this weekend. Crazy cars, crazy high-speed and weather conditions. A very special car is the Hendrick Motorsports' NASCAR Chevrolet, joining for the 75th NASCAR anniversary. A very fast pit crew, an unusual motor size and sound, and no doors to get in and out of the car, the window is enough.

[09-Jun-23] Try to keep it simple ...

A great analogy for the usage of Story Points

The picture analogy will better work for you, when you know India Jones?

"In the early 1980s, filmmaking legends George Lucas and Steven Speilberg created Hollywood’s seminal action-adventure franchise starring Harrison Ford as a thrill-seeking archeologist and college professor named Indiana Jones. The adventures of Indy have now spanned over four decades, culminating in this year’s final film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny."

And I found a great website for Infographics from CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT TOOLKIT, check out FiveWhys and ParetoAnalysis for example.

“We Don’t Follow Maps To Buried Treasure, And X Never, Ever Marks The Spot.” -- Indiana Jones, taken from 20 Most Entertainment Quotes From The Indiana Jones Movies

  • Comic Agile: #222 – The Dangerous Stakeholders

  • 10 Tips To Become A Better Scrum Master!


"When you wake up every day, you have two choices. You can either be positive or negative; an optimist or a pessimist. I choose to be an optimist. It’s all a matter of perspective.” – Harvey Mackay

[08-Jun-23] More positive thinking ...

65 Positive Thinking Quotes to Inspire You

A quick post on the public holiday today. Most colleagues will take a bridge day tomorrow, to have a really long weekend. I will be working and enjoy the quiet time, to get some stuff done.

[07-Jun-23] Some positive thinking ...

"It is nice to be important, but more important to be nice" -- Scooter

Techno music from Scooter with some surprising text quality, as you can read in the quote.

Less meetings means more time for positive thinking. A Virtual Meeting Planner might be a helpful tool? But saying "NO" more often could be smart as well.

  • Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Another way of positive thinking or advice was the statement of Sascha Lobo about AI at a Digital Conference some weeks ago. "We should not worry too much about the negative possibilities or mis-use of AI, as this will be happening anyway and experts will find ways to handle this. Much higher priority should have the investigation of the positive functionality and opportunities of this technology, the faster the better."

  • Europe wants platforms to label AI-generated content to fight disinformation

  • Google Cloud Skills Boost: Generative AI learning path

  • TED Talk: Are insect brains the secret to great AI?

  • Jeroen Kraaijenbrink: The ROI of Purpose

  • The PDCA cycle in modern product management

  • Best Readability Score To Rank in Google?

  • 5 reasons why empowering women and girls can revolutionise the fight against climate change

  • How to move the needle on innovation

[05-Jun-23] Get up and learn ...

Time for some Dopamine and Serotonin

Learning new stuff can be motivation and a positive DOSE, it is up to you. Here some examples:

  • FREE Google courses you shouldn't miss

  • Video: The Product Owner Decides What, Not How
  • 8 Japanese Techniques to overcome Laziness

  • How To Be Calm Under Pressure

Enough for the moment and fine when you do not take any action. It is your choice anyway. But the FUN happens outside of your Comfort Zone:

  • Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone By Trying 25 New Things This summer

  • 7 Simple Steps to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you." -- Zig Ziglar

  • Nvidia Joins the Trillion Dollar Club

[04-Jun-23] My week 22-2023 highlights

Adjust your mindset and ways-of-working

As mentioned in the Einstein quote, you come to a moment when you have to make a change. Adjust your mindset & ways-of-working, and come up with some new ideas.

Take most of the banks and telecom providers as example. All marketing money goes into the acquisition of new customers - special offers, discounts, services and free migration from the old to the new provider - no money and motivational offers for the existing customers over month and years!! In the worst case you have to cancel your current contract and open a new one, to get a better deal. What a waste of time, money and resources?

In a lot of companies the same applies for employees. More salary and better benefits for new starters coming from the outside, just the standard increase for the existing staff. Or sometimes less salary for new starters, as they have no or less experience than the existing staff, but are younger and state-of-the-art with e.g. technology. Why not think about up- or re-skilling of the already existing staff, they know the company, culture and purpose already?

Sounds crazy, WHY? We have to change our thinking anyway, so start as early as possible and do not waste more time. Let's work on our mindset and ways-of-working NOW.

Tomorrow we have our Sprint-4 demo, coming closer to the end of the current 3-month project phase. First changes and content for the next phase are already clear, more to come and to agree in the next weeks.

On June 15th and 20th I will be hosting two Team Building and Motivation workshops, details about a third one in August will be discussed tomorrow as well. The more workshops I host, the more demand gets created, even outside of my current department. Great stuff and success :-)

One month to go today until 04-Jul-23, the 7th anniversary of starting my BLOG, what an unbelievable journey. I will be thinking about a special by then.

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  • Agile Coaching in a Nutshell
  • Focusing On What You Can Control
  • Indian origin CEOs conquer the world ??

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” – Albert Einstein, taken from 26 Best Albert Einstein Growth Mindset Quotes

[03-Jun-23] Quickly sharing some basics ..

About Goal Setting and Leadership versus Management. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather

[02-Jun-23] About empathy and more ...

Can We Walk in Another Person’s Shoes?

“When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get more creative in solving problems.” -- Stephen Covey

In the last couple of days several issues happened that could have been managed better with a little bit more empathy and imagination to be somebody else - for creative problem solving.

Our current government is a coalition of three parties and all together are lacking a base level of empathy in the meantime. Too much discussion and battling, not really solution oriented and the population started to complain month ago.

At work a decision has been finally taken after a long time of negotiation and now the community is split in two camps. The one is happy that all stays unchanged and we keep going as before. The other camp that was driving for a disruption, something new, scale-able and reliable, will now get a lot of pushback as money, time and resources are limited.

Finally an issue in the project that could have been avoided with a little bit more communication between the team members and a higher level of empathy - walking some time in the shoes of a team member and taking a different perspective. As this did not happen, we had an escalation and did clean up the mess today, could have been avoided. Maybe next time.

Enjoy your weekend and go for a walk.

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  • Video: How Elon Musk Would Run YOUR Business mit Joe Justice — Hands-on Agile EXTRA
  • TheNewHappy: Look within
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  • Olina Glindevi: THE COACH vs THE MENTOR

[30-May-23] Some cartoons to review ...

Check this out, no additional explanation required

[29-May-23] Having good conversations

Had some free time for testing Wordpress today

Once again a great sketchnote from Tanmay Vora today. More details about the Creative Commons license mentioned in the top left of the picture, see at CC BY-NC-ND.

Besides the Website Builder that I am currently using for my BLOG on the new website hosting platform from ONE.com, I could also use Wordpress offered by them as alternative and maybe better to run a BLOG? To be confirmed.

As I do not have enough time right now, to easily switch between the two environments, I started with a test environment some weeks ago. See Wordpress-BLOG-Test. I am still far away from being an expert, but started with some easy and obvious functionality. The long list of available plug-ins is very helpful to come to a pretty professional environment quickly, with respect to security, quality and maintenance.

One of the advantages I see already is that Wordpress offers a unique URL for each BLOG post, similar to the setup of my previous hosting company. Want to give it a try? See [29-May-23] The Six Leadership Styles by Daniel Goleman for example. Thanks in advance for checking, as I did install a visitor counter plug-in today, more traffic might be realized quickly? We will see, looking forward to your interest :-)

  • FREE resources to use, to master AI if you want to succeed in the next years

[28-May-23] The week 21-2023 summary

Two more 4-day-work weeks are coming up

Tomorrow is Whit Monday and on Thursday 08 -Jun-23 we will have Corpus Christi, two more public holidays in Germany and two more 4-day-work weeks.

After 93 years (1930) Germany did play against Canada in the Ice Hockey World Championship final again today. They lost the game 5:2, but did win a medal for the first time after 70 years (1953). Well done and congratulations, a great team effort and success.

I will be enjoying the day off tomorrow.

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  • ABC of a People-First Organizational Culture

  • The world's first ever AI ballet will soon be in theatres

  • How to Learn Anything with the Feynman Technique

"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool." -- Richard P. Feynman, American - Physicist May 11, 1918 - February 15, 1988

[27-May-23] The final was a disaster

German soccer league final was not at all thrilling

The final decision about the champion did happen in the 89th minute of 90 minutes on the last game day of 34 days. Bayern Munich did win the 11th consecutive title today, because Borussia Dortmund was not able to win at home, how painful. In the end it is just a game, who cares?

Maybe for most of the people, but not for the Executive Board of Bayern Munich, the dismissed two of their leading managers directly after the game finished. They just do not know, what deep respect for people means, even when the performance was not as expected. I just stop mentioning it ...

Much better was the German Ice Hockey team in the half-final of the World Championship in Finland against the USA today. 4:3 after overtime for Germany, now we play in the final tomorrow afternoon. A great success, respect.

[26-May-23] About gamification ...

How to best train people and teams? 

Due to the latest updates of our Agile SAFe framework - SAFe 6.0 is a comprehensive update from version 5.1 and includes many new and advanced practices alongside a new Big Picture (BP) and terminology updates - some training might be useful?

"The gamification theory in education is that learners learn best when they are also having fun. Not only this – they also learn best when they have goals, targets and achievements to reach for, of course in a way the learner still perceives as fun."

Our idea was to combine a necessary refresh of the agile roles, what was required anyway as the proper common understanding of roles & responsibilities is key for success, with an introduction to the latest changes in SAFe. We approached it top down, starting with the management team and later on with all Scrum Masters and Product Owners. Every workshop finished with a quiz, just to check how successful the session was for the participants.

Next step is to do a train-the-trainer approach for all our agile teams, hosted by the Product Owner (PO) and/or Scrum Master (SM). My proposal was to use a little bit of gamification at the beginning of the sessions and start with the quiz this time. I think a good idea to check the current level of understanding in the teams and a "smart" way of making knowledge gaps transparent for everybody quickly. When you know, what you do not know it will be much easier to motivate people to learn something new and refresh their existing knowledge base.

I finished a 1st version of the quiz today. Now we will do some testing, adjustments and final approval to go ahead with the PO & SM team. I will keep you posted.

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